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Jul 21 2018

Mamma Mia!Here We Go Again (Review)

by Jorge Molina

Almost ten years ago to the date,Mamma Mia!opened in theaters.The jukebox musical based on the theater phenomenon that at the same time was based on the biggest hits of Europop sensation ABBA went on to gross almost 600 million dollars globally,and became the highest grossing live action musical ever.That movie seems to be divisive among fans of the genre because of the fluffy,silly and often nonsensical joy that poured out of the screens (you can read about the emotional connection I personally have with the moviehere).

Ten years and a Cher later,Donna and her Dynamos make a return to the island of Kalokairi with a sequel that doubles down on everything that made adamant fans of the first one fell in love with it,and made the skeptics roll their eyes...

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Jul 20 2018

Knowing ABBA,Knowing Cher

ByGlenn Dunks

This week is the opening weekend ofMamma Mia!Here We Go Again,almost exactly ten years to the date of the original 2008 adaptation of the ever-popular West End/Broadway musical that was the highest grossing live-action musical of all time untilBeauty and the Beastcame along.Coming on the heels of equally feel-goodThe Greatest Showmanand ahead ofMary Poppins Returns,2018 is proving to be a very cheesy good time at the movies if you're a fan of these old fashioned singfests.

I adored the movie,writing inmy review:

While it is very easy to dismiss,Mamma Mia!Here We Go Againshifts from strange and award to daggy and deliriously dumb so easily that I didn't even notice I had found myself smiling along to every goofy moment.

It will come as no surprise that the one and only Cher is a blast in her glorified cameo singing ABBA classic "Fernando"to Andy Garcia,which I think means he was a soldier in some war in Mexico?Who cares?It's amazing!She shares an ability with ABBA themselves for wringing every ounce of drama and pathos out of lyrics that many would (incorrectly) label as frothy or silly or melodramatic.ABBA's music can be all of these things,of course,but never without a wink to let us know they're aware of it.Cher sounds natural singing these songs,her voice slotting in perfectly having gained plenty of experience with disco and pop at the same time that ABBA reigned over the music charts (fun fact: more Australians watched the group sing "Fernando"live on national television than they did the moon landing,how about that!).

And to top it all off,we just learnt that Cher will be releasingan entire album of ABBA covers!There's been no word yet on when it will come out but,she has teased that her renditions have been done "in a different way".Beginning now withMamma Mia!– her first on-screen role sinceBurlesqueand just her second film musical – Cher will be everywhere over the next twelve months with this new album,a new tour and her own jukebox musical,The Cher Show,on the way.Her "Fernando"has evencharted with Billboard.

Which ABBA hits do you want Queen Cher to perform on her new album?

While it is very easy to dismiss, Mamma Mia!Here We Go Again shifts from strange and awkward to daggy and deliriously dumb so easily that I didn't even notice I had found myself smiling along to every goofy moment.There's Lily James cartwheeling through an orchard for some reason,and wow suddenly there is a flotilla of Greeks sailing across the Mediterranean to the beat of Dancing Queen.Donna very inappropriately sings I Kissed the Teacher with a useless microphone at her Oxford College graduation.Seyfreid wears an ugly poncho for half the movie and Colin Firth wears satin pants so tight you can see what got him into this whole mystery pregnancy fiasco in the first place.Christine Baranski is still a lush and Julie Walters still can't dance.It's a hoot.
Jul 14 2018

Tweetweek: GLOW's hair,Beatty's prophecy,Mission's stunt

Some tweets we enjoyed too much recently not to share!

More after the jump including Riverdale,Mamma Mia!,Mission Impossible Makeouts,Sandra Oh,Cher's vote for Best Actor and a few others...

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May 23 2018

Soundtracking: "Burlesque"

byChris Feil

Much as we love it,isn'tBurlesqueone of our least distinct recent original musicals?The genre is no stranger to borrowing tropes that have worked in the past and Burlesque is no exception - dreams of stardom,vague romance,putting on a show to save the barn.The real culprit here the film's mishmash assemblage of tunes,populated with high peaks and easily ignored plains.

But I should shut up because really: who cares?It's Cher,bitch!

And oft repeated quotables aside,the presence of a singing and dancing Cher on screen is a now rare delight that shouldn't be taken for granted (soak up thoseMamma Mia!2rays of sunshine this July,kids).Some are quick to forget that Cher is always in on the joke,or that her lack of pretension makes opulence where more self-serious performers would be trapped in chintziness...

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May 13 2018

"Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical"

by Nathaniel R

S10E8Well,sothatwas a perfect episode.Not at allSuspect.Sorry for the Cher pun but Season 10 has been on fire with smart casting,great episodes,rainbow colored madness,inspired mini-challenges,and memorable runway themes.The writers and editors aren't sleeping through it either.Note how well Monét's silly RuPaul mimicry (pictured above) kicked off the episode with bad celebrity impersonation and Ru's campy-funny "slap out of it"mini-challenge both dovetailed so neatly into the CHER homage maxi-challenge...

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May 08 2018

Why aren't poster photos taken on set?The eternal mystery.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Againhas a new eye sore poster.Every single cast member has been photographed separately and then composited together like some Ensemble Frankenstein Monster.The poor beast is then tasked with imitating pure joy before it has learned to control its facial muscles.

It's easy to imagine some photoshop artist creating their own mini-narratives to keep them interested while hunched over their computer jamming all the stars together.Do I spot a romantic comedy between Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgård whose eyelines are matching up?

Why does this type of poster keeps happening?Why aren't poster images and promotional photoshoots done on sets on the days when busy actors are already all assembled together?If you want to see the full poster just click on Cher's sassiness to your left.I didn't want to sully up the front page.

Oh and go ahead and tag yourself in the comments.I am Lily James' left foot that's eager to jump into the water.

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