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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Dec 15 2015

Happy 25th "Mermaids"

Rachel Flax would never approve of anniversary postings..But Rachel Flax,portrayed by Cher at the tail end or her weirdly brief A-list actress run,didn't always know what was best so celebrate we shallafter the jump...

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Aug 22 2015

Peter Bogdanovich Gives Good Quote

on the set of What's Up Doc (1972)Peter Bogdanovich,one of the leading directors of the early Seventies,has finally made another movie at 76 years of age.She's Funny That Way,which stars Jennifer Aniston and opens today,is his first sinceThe Cat's Meow(2001) with Kirsten Dunst.His career has been very quiet since his last true hit (Mask,1985) buthehasn't been.

Bogdanovich's lack of inhibition when talking to the press has surely caused him problems in his career,but it's a source of joy for movie fanatics.It's all too rare to get unmassaged opinions from powerful artists who aren't worried about ruffling the feathers of other artists.

He just gave good quote to the Hollywood Reporteron Barbra Streisand inWhat's Up Doc?(1972) who originally wanted to do a drama with him instead of a comedy,Cher inMask(1985) --  he doesn't exactly flatter her but to say he believes she should have won the Oscar that year,and makingPaper Moon(1973) with the O'Neal's.That's our favorite of his pictures as you probably notedduring the 1973 Smackdownlast year.

But his quote onThe Last Picture Show(1971) is the best:

[The scene in which]Cloris Leachman[who won the best supporting actress Oscar for her role] throws that coffee pot and yells atTimothy Bottoms— Cloris did it brilliantly.She wanted to rehearse it and I kept saying,"I don't want to rehearse it;I want to see it for the first time when we actually roll."I had learned that idea — to not let the actors show you an emotional scene before they shot it — fromJohn FordthroughHenry Fonda.It was Hank Fonda who told me that for the big climactic scene with the mother inThe Grapes of Wrath,[Ford] wouldn't let the actors play it for him — he wanted it to be fresh when they did it and of course he used the first take.

So I said,"Action!"and she was extraordinary.[But] she said,"I can do it better."I said,"No,you can't;you just won the Oscar."And to this day —Jeff Bridgestold me that he [recently] ran into Cloris and that she said,"Oh,I'm so angry at Peter.That was the first take.I could have done it better."And Jeff said: "Oh,Cloris.You won the Oscar!"

Jul 04 2014

Beauty Break: Headdresses

I've been holding on to this picture of Sigourney Weaver as "Tuya"fromExodusfor a couple of days without any idea what to say about it other than 'thank god Sigourney's signature directors still love her'.Between Ridley Scott (Alien) and James Cameron (Aliens),Lt.Ellen Ripley will always find her way back to decent roles on the big screen.

But I don't understand the casting of that movie at all.Everyone is SO white,like pasty white.EspeciallyJoel Edgerton as Ramses.InThe Ten Commandmentsthat role went to Yul Brynner.Though Brynner was also white,a white Russian to be exact though that sounds alcoholic and we're not talking about how drunk looking at Yul makes me,he had that exotic visual flair that had Hollywood casting him in every conceivable ethnicity.Kind of the way Ben Kingsley who is Indian British is used now,only sexier.

Let's stick with the sexy.The Film Experience loves a good headdress on the big screen.亚博主页Here are some of the best.

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Apr 16 2014

Drag Race: The Sounds of My Fury

Here,in picture form,is why I've been unable to function whenever I tried to write about RuPaul's Drag Race

somehow the blurry screenshot seemed appropriate so i didn't try again

Laganja Estranja's bottomless need for attention coupled with her lack of deserving any but mostly her limitless capacity for meaningless affectation completely broke me.As did the epic 3 hours of episode last week -- 3 hours in one single night.Turns out that's enough glitter,saturated color,and aural assault to even give Baz Luhrmann pause.But mostly it was Laganja.If I could describe in writing the clucking,mouth popping,meaningless "words"issuing from her frosted lips I would but judge Michelle Visage summed it up brilliantly in a weirdly accurate gibberish approximation of Laganja's unprocessed non-integrated robotic regurgitation of every drag vocal affectation that the show has ever produced.<-- Good lord that last sentence was a mouthful.I'm gagging on it.

Now that Laganja has sashayed away,the aural nightmare is over (the blazing fury I felt from the sounds a fictional "reality"tv character can make surprised me).And I am free to write about the show again."Halleloo!"(er...speaking of meaningless vocal affectations!) So instead of trying to catch up we'll just proceed from the now for the sake of all of you who are watching.Cher's family members (mother Georgia Holt and son Chaz Bono) guest starred in order to be interviewed by the queens and Courtney Act basically summed of all of their reactions to the camera...

Not that that excitement helped them focus because for the most part,they were terrible at being talk show hosts.Trinity K Bonet,who sashayed away,was the worst.She kept calling Chaz Bono "Chad"which might have been funny if it were shady but it was just basic incompetence.

Courtney,who didn't suck at TV gabbing at all,won the night with a stunning wing span (the runway theme was animals) and in addition to the feathers (Trinity) and fur (Bianca) and lion-like manes (Adore),Darienne killed it with Elephant tusks,and Ben de la Creme made a fab entrance in a fly costume...even if it tilted more Costume Shop than Cronenberg."Help meeee"

Group Regret: Everyone at my viewing party wished they could have seen whatMilkwould have dressed as in this particular runway challenge.Rawr.She left too soon.

Belated Confession: I really like Joslyn Fox as a person in the workroom (if not as a competitor) so I feel bad for how roundly I was dissing her in the first couple of posts.She's not as dumb as she came off...or at least she's people smart.

You can watch the episode right here if you missed it

Are your favorites still your favorites?Or are your allegiances shifting as we rapidly approach the finale?

Dec 16 2013


PajibaFrozen/Star Warsposter mashup
Total Film
now that the Weinsteins have access to their Miramax back-catalogue expect sequels.Shakespeare in Love2 is coming at you (no,this is not a satirical Onion style post)
VarietyDisney is planning a Jesse Owens biopic centered around the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.Rich subject though it will obviously be easy to slide into pandering "inspirational"
at press conference James Cameron compares hisAvatarsequels toThe Godfathertrilogy.Oh Jimmy.I love you more than just about anyone but less talking (you're no good at it!) and more filmmaking (you're great at it!)
Cinema Blend
first teaser for Gregg Araki'sWhite Bird in a Blizzardwith Eva Green and Shailene Woodley
In ContentionKris Tapley's top ten list featuringMud,All is Lost,The Place Beyond the Pinesand more

small screen and miscellania
Towleroadfirst images from Ryan Murphy's adaptation ofThe Normal Heart
on the big problem withMasters of Sex.I absolutely agree with this but for me the show is great enough to overcome it...which is saying a lot since Bill Masters (Michael Sheen) is the lead
BuzzFeed24 reasons why Cher is the Queen of Twitter

Today's Best Movie Anything!
God blessScreen Dailyfor uncovering this gem...

In a week when American film critics organization have been tripping over each other to bestow awardage which,even when thoughtful can feel totally boring,a Danish Film Critics group have shown the world how it's done.They've mocked themselves up in character posters a la Lars von Trier'sNymphomaniacto promote their awards (on February 1st) - note their outlet instead of character name on the posters.Nymphomaniacwill be eligible for their prizes since it opens for Christmas in Denmark.This makes me want to read every single damn one of these critics weekly so a job well done!

Oct 09 2013

Link Flood

SlantGravity,IMAX,and the horrors of front row seating
The GuardianaCarriepromotion stunt here in NYC.Imagine seeing this in real life.
The Vergethe original teaser trailer toStar Warsis curiously light on Han Solo
VarietyDestin Cretton,hot off the empathetic and specialShort Term 12may directGlass Castlebased on the bestseller with Jennifer Lawrence in the starring role
Deejay ItaliaCher on Italian television calls Madonna a "magic bitch"

My New Plaid PantsBubble BoyandPrisoners?Twins!
Boy CultureJosh Hutcherson is "mostly"straight
CHUDundeterred by thosePrometheusreviews,Ridley Scott is moving ahead withBlade Runner 2and may bring Harrison Ford along with him
/FilmDarren Aronofsky promises huge complicated visual effects for his biblical epicNoah...does that mean Matthew Libatique can finally win a cinematography Oscar?(that question is inspired by this recentdivisive post onGravity)
/VarietyToni Collette romantic comedyLucky Themgets a distributor.This is how massive the TIFF selection  is each year.I did not even know that Toni,one of my very favorite actors,even had a movie playing there!

Finally,/Filmshares the shortlists for the newFantastic Fourcast.The weird thing is that though I like nearly every actor and actress mentioned I think most of them are pretty terrible choices for those roles.Except for maybeMargo Robbieas Sue Storm.Interesting that her career is suddenly hot after a failed tv show (Pan Am).It's gotta be buzz about her sexcapades inThe Wolf of Wall Street,right?I think my problem in picturing a successful Fantastic Four movie is that that comic book property has,like Wonder Woman,a retro feel.I don't mean that as a bad thing but Hollywooddefinitelydoes and they're always worry about how to young down that type of property.But that doesn't work.Some things are just "square"you know,to use an antiquated term.They need to think more along the lines of that bang-up job Marvel did interpretingCaptain Americafor the 21st century by rooting him first so boldly in the early 20th century where he feels so natural.

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