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Sep 04 2012

Top Ten: Song Titles That Should Be Movies

This week's top ten list is dedicated to James T,one of my fav readers and twitterers,who asked me some time ago to"pick song titles that you'd have liked to be the titles of movies thatshouldexist."I couldn't resist the odd wildly random challenge and given that I recently hosted a karaoke party (don't ask) I'm in the mood.So here goes...This list was actually hard to make because so many songs -- even great ones -- have totally generic titles.


Next year can we have Fiona Apple title all the movies that come out?

Runners up: ""Extraordinary Machine,Hot Knife"or any of her album titles -Fiona Apple...and can we talk her into trying acting?,"Please Don't Make Me Too Happy"- Christine Lavin,"Backwoods Barbie"- Dolly Parton cuz she loves to write about herself so why not a fun biopic?

10"Do You Wanna Funk"-Sylvester
And can it be a serious yet fun movie about discos and clubbing in the 1970s?54was so lame.

09"Call Me Maybe"-Carly Rae Jepsen
But only if it's a romantic comedy that comes out in 2013 (like,Girls Just Wanna Have Funwould be a stupid title for a movie now but it was just right back in 1985!).And yes I sang this at karaoke.Don't judge.


Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Jun 10 2012

"Witches of Eastwick" Week!

Starts now!Happy 25th Anniversary toTheWitches of Eastwick(1987).Normal blogging will run concurrently but we'll pop on over to that supernatural New England town at least once a day this week.We'll discuss the famous vomiting scene,Michelle Pfeiffer's fruitful loins,Cher's sculptures and more.We'll also look for fun Witches-related articles online this week to share.

But first...FUN FACTS

Title:The Witches of Eastwick(1987)
Director: George Miller ofMad Maxfame.He directed every feature in that franchise and will also direct the rebootMad Max: Fury Roadto star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.
Release Date: June 12th,1987
Based on: the novel of the same name by John Updike.I haven't read it but from my understanding it isn't what you'd call a "faithful"adaptation.
Legacy:The Witches of Eastwickhas since been adapted into a television series a remarkable three times (only one version went to series,though) as well as a stage musical.
Movie's Running Time: 118 Minutes
Star Billing Hierarchy:

  1. Jack Nicholson
  2. Cher
  3. Susan Sarandon
  4. Michelle Pfeiffer
  5. Veronica Cartwright
  6. Richard Jenkins | Keith Jochim [shared title card]
  7. "And Carel Struycken as Fidel"

Switcheroo: Cher's "Alexandra"role was supposed to be Susan Sarandon's and it was given to Cher without Sarandon's knowledge prior to shooting,leaving Sarandon with "Jane"instead.Sarandon was initially angry and coverage at the time suggested a very tense set.Yet Sarandon was the onlyEastwickstar to work with Miller again;they reteamed 5 years later forLorenzo's Oilwhich won Susan her third Best Actress Oscar nomination.
Box Office: The tenth highest grossing film of 1987,just ahead ofDirty Dancing(Nobody putsThese witches put Baby in a corner!)  Just belowLethal Weapon.i.e.as popular in its year as,like,ThororRise of the Planet of the Apeslast year.It's the 2nd biggest hit movie about witches ever behind onlyThe Blair Witch Project(1999).
Box Office Rank For Each Star's Whole Career: Jack's tenth biggest hit,Cher's second biggest hit (Moonstruckin the same year being #1),Sarandon & Pfeiffer's 5th biggest hit.

Are you ready,ladies?"

Oscar attention: 2 nominations for Score (John Williams) and Sound.Cher won the Oscar forMoonstruckreleased six months later and this movie couldn't have hurt;it wasHer Yearas they say (two #1 movies and a new platinum comeback album inbetween them titled simply "Cher")
Oscar-less: Only LaPfeiffer is Oscar-less now of the principal quartet.
Acting Kudos: Jack Nicholson took home Best Actor from the twin towers of critics awards: LAFCA and NYFCC (shared withIronweedfor which he was Oscar nominated).Nicholson,Sarandon and Cartwright all won Saturn Award nominations,too.Oddly there was zero attention from the Golden Globes despite the film being a hit prestige all star Comedy aimed at adult audiences.

Name your favoritepersonal"fact"about this movie in the comments.When did you first see it?

Feb 03 2012

Randomness: Who Will Cher Vote For at the Oscars?亚博主页

I'm working on a Madonna piece at the moment but couldn't resist popping in to share tweets from another legendary pop diva we adore who dabbles in the movies: the Oscar winningCher.She regularly responds to fan tweets and this very random question about eating at McDonalds with Britney Spears'would she?'gets a funny response.

She recently answered a question of who she loved with working with"Meryl,Stanly,Kurty,My darling little girls CR&Nonie !!!"Yes,Meryl,who we've just been discussing,was name-checked twice this week.But then there's this...

Cher*just* sawThe Help,one presumes at an AMPAS screening,and it sounds like for the first time.She tweeted that she came out of the theater crying. But if she only just sawThe Helpone has to wonder whose names she scribbled down on the nomination ballots weeks ago.She must be way behind on her screeners.

Silly Comment Game of the Day:Tell us who you think Cher nominated and who she is going to vote for?She lovesThe Help"you brought joy to my heart!"but her dear friend Mary Louise Streep is also in the running.Predicament.

Jan 15 2012

Box Office: Dolly & Queen vs.Cher & Xtina?

I would have been all aboutJoyful Noisethis weekend,had I not been suddenly ill.I even had to miss a bestie's birthday dinner.Boo!I think it's worth noting thatJoyful Noisehad a nearly identical debut toBurlesquein 2010.

Opening Day
Burlesque(11/24/10) |Joyful Noise(01/13/12)
Weekend Gross
Burlesque$11.9 |Joyful Noise$11.3
Weekend Rank
Burlesque #4 |JoyfulNoise #4
Theater Count
Burlesque3,037 |Joyful Noise2,735
Per Screen Average
Burlesque$3,934 |Joyful Noise$4,148

Given thatBurlesqueopened during holiday craziness (lotsa movie-going) andJoyful Noiseopened in January's dumping ground,you might have to hand this battle toJoyful Noise.But will it be able to beatBurlesque's final gross of $39.4 domestic / $89.5 international?I say this with the caveat that I have not seen it yet but from the stills and trailer it certainlylookscheaper than Burlesque production wise so perhaps it'll turn out a much tidier profit.I can't imagine that it'sbetterthanBurlesquethough.But we shall see.Or rather I shall see the second I feel like venturing out into the cold again.

Takeaway: $11.5 million opening weekends are the new decorative fanciful glass ceiling for dueling multi-media singing divas.

BAKERS DOZEN (Estimates)
01 CONTRABAND$24.1new
02 BEAUTY & THE BEAST 3D$18.4rerelease
04 JOYFUL NOISE$11.3new
06 THE DEVIL INSIDE$7.9(cum.$46.2)
09 WAR HORSE$5.6(cum.$65.7)
10 THE IRON LADY$5.3wide(cum.$5.9)
11 WE BOUGHT A ZOO$5.2(cum.$63.6)

Talking Points
Beauty and the Beasthad a successful first weekend but nothing compared toThe Lion King.I hate rooting against such a great movie but the whole 3D craze?Oh,I hate it more and more each month.Do.not.want.I do not want to wear glasses while watching movies.I just don't.It never adds enough to the experience,even in its best moments,to justify changing the whole freaking experience of the movies.GO AWAY.

A Separationcontinues to fill its theaters but it has yet to expand.Are SPC letting their tiny window on this one close?Let's suppose someone watching this week's awards shows (BFCA thursday & GLOBES tonight) wanted to see it after Thursday's win and tonight's possible win?Nope.They're out of luck.Just 6 theaters for this one in its third week.Carnagefinally expanded in its 5th week but interest in it looks to have already crashed.Too bad it didn't open when competition was less severe for all-star adult-oriented films.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadowsjust lept-froggedThe HelpandBridesmaidson 2011's top box office chart.Now,the top dozen have no originals among them - only franchise movies allowed at the top of the charts.This is why we can't have nice things and it's also our fault as audience members.We need to stop chasing old highs at the box office.Seeking out familiar experiences is what television series are for.That's their whole raison d'etre,the same characters each week but with new twists on the same old via new chapters.That's not what movies should be for.Different strengths and different purposes for different mediums.

What did you see this weekend?

Jul 04 2011

Links: Sand Pitt,Snow Trilogy,Leonardo Faces

<-- Look it's Brad Pitt on the set ofWorld War Zin Malta.Is he trying to keep sand out of his eyes or faking tears?You decide.(I vote for sand since he's quite a good cryer,don't you think?Has anyone read this novel?I tried and admired the structure but couldn't quite get into it.) Speaking of Brad...let's start the links.

Shortlist30 Facts about David Fincher'sSe7en(1995)
Icelandic Cinemaa new website offers on demand Icelandic classics like the Viking epicThe Raven FliesandNoi the Albino.They also have free downloads of short films.
Cinema BlendARGH.The televisionization of the movies continues.Turns out thatSnow White and the Huntsman-- the one with Kristen Stewart and Thor -- now thinks it needs three movies to tell its story.In the past few years I have come to respect television more than I used to but they are two different artforms.Why this constant push to make them the same?It's so disheartening.There is much to be said for stories with beginnings middles and ends which you can absorb in one two hour sitting.
Grant Landinteresting take on the lack of male movie stars and the real and manufactured cases of Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds.Very sports-analogy filled for those of you who are into that.
The Many Faces of...Leonardo DiCaprio "how to freak out and go crazy!"(as Jorge pointed out to me this is kind of a sequel or a spiritual cousin to my "dead wives club"and so I just love it.

IFCmusical sequence fromSucker Punchrestored for its blu-ray release
Your Movie Buddybest of 2011 thus far...in Oscar categories.Definitely some surprising choices and omissions here.Yes,yes,I'll do one soon.
Stale Popcornon the poster for Paddy Considine'sTyrannosaur.It is arresting.
In ContentionKris on his ten year relationship withA.I.Artificial Intelligence(which I just mentioned but alas...my obsession with Gigolo Joedoesn't seem to be shared by many)

Off Cinema
DHARBIN"Some Common Fears"I love this guys comics.I've been so into web comics lately.I appreciate referrals if you know of good ones.
TowleroadCher takes on the Bachmann anti-gay crazy on Twitter.Cher = forever fierce.
Boy CultureMatthew proposes the best callsign for Mr.Bachmann I've yet heard proposed "Lady Bird Bachmann"-- PASS IT ON.
Some Came Runningon the politics of David Mamet now and Demi Moore then

Mar 20 2011

Film Bitch Awards Continue

Our annualawards jamboreewent into an unexpected coma due to Oscar exhaustion but the film bitch awards are back as we try and reallynot just sortawrap up the 2010 film year.So here areBEST POSTER,SEXPOT and DIVA OF THE YEARfeaturing achievements from Cher,Joan Rivers,I Am Love,Fish Tank,Burlesque,Love and Other Drugsand yes evenAlice in Wonderland(among other films).

So that's six pages down.One more to go.Woohoooooo almost finis!(Just in time for the NEWOscar predictions for 2011which always kick off in some form on April 1st ).We'll fill in the BEST SCENES next (final page) but I'm still debating various efforts,like this number below for Best Musical Number in a Non Musical Film.

Since not many of you saw Hrithik Roshan inKiteshere's the film's best scene.Someone told me it was edited out for the US version of the movie (they released three versions I believe) which is in-san-it-y since there's plenty of unnecessary filler elsewhere in the movie (seriously you could lose like 10 minutes simply by shaving of 10 seconds from every scene involving long soulful gazes between Hrithik and Barbara Mori there are so many of them) and this is Hrithik's only musical number.And don't people buy tickets for his moviesbecauseof the dance numbers?

I could watch him dance for hours.So it's kind of annoying that the editing is so hyperactive.I mean his body is all the hyperactivity one needs,always locking,shaking,popping,flipping,swaying,slinking,swerving,slurving (I made that last word up) and busting out all over.  Hrithik just missed the sexpot list.The sexiest people are,generally speaking,the ones who just exude carnality (Mila Kunis inBlack Swanand Tom Hardy inInception,hell-O) without every noticeably forcing the point.But since Hrithik is basically a superhero made flesh,one forgives most of the oversized everything so...almost!Here's hoping he gets another chance headlining an international effort likeKites,just a better one next time.

So,what'cha think of them divas?And I'll gladly take recommendations for the final categories: Action Sequence,Musical Moments,Kiss & Sex Scenes,Opening & Closing Scenes,Credits and just Best Moments in general.

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