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"I'll be glad when the discourse surrounding this film has died down.I didn't hate it.I just found it flat (in spite of Phoenix's commendable efforts)."-MJ

"Audiences clapping at violence is a societal red flag.I had the same problem with the Tarantino film.This film was violent,depressing and pointless."-TF

"This is the best film I've seen all year.Devastating performance by Phoenix!"-David

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May 01 2017

There's a link in my soup

This is Just My Face is on sale nowNPRGabourey Sidibe has a book out,now "This is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare"(great title).It's about her rise to fame,body image,and being confused with her fame-making character inPreciouswhich she finds both frustrating and powerful
Time Out New Yorkpublishes its own TONY* nominations.Get it,their initials are TONY.Not to be confused with the actual Tony Award nominations which are due tomorrow to honor the best of Broadway.Consider this their "should be nominated"article
The Retro Setlooks at the new documentaryMifune: The Last Samurai,narrated by Keanu Reeves,and now available to stream on Netflix.Can't wait to watch this.

Deadlinerepublished an interesting history of the making ofSilence of the Lambs.I didn't know that the project started with Gene Hackman who was going to directandstar.
Varietyshared a really good interview with Geena Davis.I love what she says about the gender neutral movement with some awards bodies,combining male and female actors into the same category.It's a terrible idea and Geena eloquently explains why
PlaybillChita Rivera flashes back to herWest Side Storyaudition in the 1950s,the show that put her on the map
Awards Dailylooks at the prospects for Limited Series Actor...a far more shallow field than its Actress counterpart this year but at least that means its looking good for Riz Ahmed and Ewan McGregor
PlaybillCome From Away,a new Broadway musical that's expected to do very well in tomorrow's Tony nominations,is getting its own documentary feature calledCome From Away: From Gander to Broadway.It's the true story of a group of strangers diverted into a small town after the 9/11 terrorist attacks grounded airplanes.

Interviewhas Kate Hudson interview her mom Goldie Hawn.It starts enjoyably silly and familial but gets deep into "mindfulness."Goldie is almost back onscreen (Snatched) after a 15 year retirement (that they're somehow calling a "hiatus").Love this bit about how therapy (which she started around the time ofLaugh-In) helped her keep sane despite becoming a household name in her early 20s:

I realized that the way people see me,as a star,has nothing to do with me.It's like a Rorschach test,like I am something they can identify with,learn to love,learn to hate,learn to resent ...but I gave it back to them.So if somebody said to me,"Oh,I love you!"—that makes me happy to see them happy,but I wouldn't take it in as something that builds my ego.And that's how I stabilized myself.

Have a lovely Monday,everyone.How do you plan to "stabilize"yourself this week?

Oct 06 2016

George Sidney Centennial: Bye Bye Birdie

Our Centennial celebration of director George Sidney continues withJoseonBye Bye Birdie

George Sidney's adaptation of the Tony award winning musicalBye Bye Birdiecontinued showing his prowess when it came to making big,bold,Technicolor musicals.The plot imagines the frenzy surrounding the imminent departure of an Elvis-like superstar,who receives his draft notice,but decides to reward one of his biggest fans with one gift before leaving: a televised kiss.Though the plot's depiction of how the media thrives on scandals surrounding celebrities was rather prescient (not to mention how it predicts how love and sex would become "prizes"on reality shows) its gender and racial politics have made it one of the most icky musicals of the era.

Its casting proved significant for two reasons: for the big part of Kim MacAfee,the director chose a complete unknown he discovered dancing in a Las Vegas casino.After being selected out of millions,just like Kim,Ann-Margret would go on to become one of the biggest stars of the decade.

In fact just a year afterBirdie,Sidney cast her opposite the real life Elvis inViva Las Vegas-- perhaps as a tribute to how he discovered her and also toBirdie?...

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