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Jul 08 2019

Showbiz History: Battleship Potemkin,Fantastic Four,and Kevin's Bacon

Ten random things that happened on this day (July 8th) in film history for your edification or amusement

1905 The mutinous soldiers of the Russian battleship Potemkin surrender to Romanian authorities.The event later becomes the subject of one of the most influential films ever made,Sergei Eisentein'sBattleship Potemkin(1925).

1907 Zeigfeld stages the very first "Ziegfeld Follies"on a New York theater roof.The elaborate theatrical revue becomes a showbiz institution and the subject or setting of major movies,most famously the Best Picture winnerThe Great Ziegfeld(1936) and the Best Actress winningFunny Girl(1968)

After the jump Cary Grant,Kevin Bacon,Fantastic Fourand more...

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Jul 04 2019

Yes No Maybe So: Knives Out

by Ben Miller

Director Rian Johnson can do what he wants these days.  After helming aStar Warsmovie,directors have the cache to explore different realms of entertainment.  Johnson decided to go withKnives Out,an original story inspired by Agatha Christie murder mysteries.  Let's break it down with our Yes,No,Maybe So™ system...

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Mar 27 2019

Links: Captain Chris Evans,Fan Bingbing,and Queer-free Freddy

THRA yummy Chris Evans cover story on Trump resistance,Captain America as the key figure that allowed the MCU to flourish,and his superhero-free future.He really wants to do a musical!
Oh So Geekyfetishisizes the good captain with millions of gifs in this piece about his arc within the MCU andAvengers Infinity Warin particular.So much Chris Evans this week!
The GuardianFor its Chinese releaseBohemian Rhapsodyhas lost three full minutes (including all queer references,any mention of AIDS,and what sounds like the loss of one entire character - Mercury's boyfriend).The movie has made almost a billion worldwide.Maybe have some respect for Mercury's legacy,Warner Bros,and just not release it in China?

More after the jump including animation lawsuits,what's next for Alex Wolff,the end ofGame of Thrones,and a must-read Fan Bingbing article...

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Feb 27 2019

''Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man'

We'd be remiss not to share photos of the men of the 91st Academy Awards.Who wins your best dressed among the men?Despite Rami's perpetually crooked tie,Christian Bale's typical black on black (we didn't include him -- you've seen it dozens of times over the years),and the weird choice of shoes that did strange things to Stephan James (making him look shorter and more childlike),most of the men really stepped it up on Sunday.Men's fashion has been ever-so-slightly more daring this season...

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Feb 25 2019

And The Oscar For "Best Arm"Goes To...

byDancin' Dan

Ladies and gentlemen,I present to you Chris Evans,First Gentleman of the Oscars...亚博主页

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Jun 13 2018

Beauty Break: To Chris Evans on his 37th Birthday

by Nathaniel R

A very happy 37th birthday today to one of Hollywood's true good guys,Chris Evans.In addition to making the perfect superhero onscreen,he's a progressive feminist and all around role model offscreen.His only sin that we can recall is that one time he threatened to retire from acting when his run as Captain America ends (in 2019 *gulp*).But his recent stint on Broadway inLobby Herosuggests to us that he might not give up on that particular craft so quickly.

He's wonderful and also,obviously,an all-time looker.Much balm for sore eyes after the jump...

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