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"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Jun 05 2019

Untitled Woody Allen Picture Shoots This Summer

by Nathaniel R

Chalamet & Fanning and Woody on the set of the ill-fated "A Rainy Day in New York"

For as long as we've been conscious of the movies,there's been a Woody Allen movie released every single year.That clockwork regularity ended withWonder Wheel(2017).Amazon refused to release the completed pictureA Rainy Day in New Yorkwhich was meant for 2018 when the bad press kept mounting and some of that film's cast (Rebecca Hall and Timothée Chalamet,among them) disowned the film due to media pressure from the Farrow family's accusations against the director (unchanged since 1992 -- Woody was never officially charged after two separate investigations -- but revived very publicly/frequently since early 2014).The filmmaker and Amazon Studios are,last we heard,still in a pricey legal battle over their broken contract (even if you dislike Woody,one wonders what argument Amazon Studios could possibly come up with that's a winning one since they went into that contract with full knowledge of the accusations)  but Woody has the greenlight from other sources for his 2020 picture,as yet untitled,which will begin filming in July...

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Feb 24 2017

Double Winners & Chart Updates

No Oscar Trivia today.Unless you count all the stuff that's on the Oscar pages.The major category charts have been updated with our popular "how'd they get nominated?"speculation,chosen preferred Oscar clips,and other sorts of trivia.Every acting chart plus Picture and Director are update!Woooo

Thoughts?Comments?Feelings?Nonsense?Opinions?Do share.(Note: The final predictions full article will go up tomorrow but you can see a sneak peek of the predictions onthe chart index.)

Okay fine,fine.You have to have your daily trivia don't you?As if the charts aren't enough!You're so greedy,sometimes,I swear. After the jump the six double winning actors who are two for two in that they won both times they were nominated,never losing an official Oscar race.(Obviously they lost out on nominations over the years but that's a different thing and everyone does.Even Streep)

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Sep 24 2016

Links: Separating Artists from Art,Studying Jake Gyllenhaal,Letting the Seven Samurai Go

Playliston the complicated issues of "separate the art from the artist"in today's social media court of public opinion and 24/7 news cycles andBirth of a Nation's release
Gold Derbytitles their article "OFFICIAL"and then claims to have inside intel on "hints"thatSilence is actually opening this year despite no poster,trailer,release date,etcetera.This is not what the word "official"means.It will only be official when Paramount makes a statement.I'm hopeful,as the film has been in post forever,but it's definitely not official yet.
MNPPJason offers to teach a course on "The Nudity of Jake Gyllenhaal 101"and we would like to audit the course -- Jake is always having nude breakdowns in showers.

The New Yorkerhas an interesting take onBridget Jones's Baby's refusal to engage with some of the elements of the genre it helped define
VarietyCarey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal will co-star in a movie calledWildlifebased on the novel by Richard Ford about a boy witnessing his parent's marriage falling apart. The fun (?) part is that it's cowritten by real life couple Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano who we hope aren't falling apart.Dano will also direct
AMPASthey've uploaded all the speeches from the 2016 Student Academy Awards if you're interested.Perhaps one day some of these men and women will win normal Oscars?亚博主页Does anyone have any stats on that?
E!Onlinecongratulations to Idina Menzel who is engaged to her boyfriend Aaron Lohr (who had a bit part in the movie Rent)
Interviewtalks to Zachary Quinto aboutSnowdenand more
I Like Things that Look Like MistakesKyle Turner on Sia's new video "The Greatest"
The Stakeon the many remakes ofSeven SamuraiwithThe Magnificent Sevenin theaters
The New Yorkerlooks back at the obsessive photographer behind iconic 50s magazine Physique Pictorial  - was he the early Robert Mapplethorpe or the gay Hugh Hefner?
Boy CultureMadonna reads ageist commenters to filth on her Instagram account.I have loved this woman so much and for so long that I find a kind of regular joy that she's so endlessly superior to all the litte minds that have been trying to bring her down for the past 32 years.But on the other hand,probably best for celebrities not to acknowledge all the people that hate them.Don't give them that power!
MNPPThursdays Ways Not To Die' memorializes generic Christoph Waltz villain inThe Legend of Tarzan

Jul 04 2016

Review: The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

Editor's Note: This review was originally published in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad.Our "Swing Tarzan Swing"column,investigating the shifting portrayals and quality of Tarzan films over pop culture history will resume next weekend.We'll circle back to Skarsgård at the end.

You know that antipiracy text that sometimes appears on movie screens now post-credits?"The making and legal distribution of this film supported over X-many thousands of jobs."This message kept bothering me the day after seeingThe Legend of Tarzan(2016).Yes,piracy is bad but you know what else is terrible?That none of those jobs were for animal trainers!I swear that not a single real animal appears in the new film,which has to be a first for a Tarzan film.And hopefully a last.It's all computer generated imagery for this jungle adventure...

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Nov 10 2015

Review: Spectre

Tim here.Four films in,it feels like it's been enough time for the Daniel Craig era of James Bond films to stop doing the origin story thing,but nope,Spectre– the 24th film in the franchise,and the first in its second half-century of life – once again finds the rebooted series putting a whole movie's worth of energy into establishing something that was covered in,like,one scene back in 1963'sFrom Russia with Love.That being the existence of the titular criminal organization,the Special Executive for Counterintelligence,Terrorism,Revenge,and Extortion.It's not so much frustrating as it is baffling: "learn more about Spectre"is basically the whole of the film's plot,with no real threat that needs to be stopped.There's some weird and unsatisfying business with a multinational agreement to share espionage resources,I guess that's the thing driving the plot.A cache of stolen nukes or an attempt to start World War III,it ain't.

Does any of thatreallymatter?If anything,Spectrereveals the core pleasures of the Bond franchise,by removing even the vestige of an actual narrative.It's an exercise in lifestyle porn globetrotting,with Craig handsomely filling out a whole bunch of Tom Ford suits as director Sam Mendes and cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema take great pains to make a lot of extremely gorgeous locations in Europe and North Africa look,well,gorgeous.At frequent intervals there is an action setpiece,most of which are pretty terrific.[More...]

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Jul 23 2015

Yes No Maybe So: Spectre

Here's new contributor Kyle Turner to talk Bond,James Bond...

Bond hasn't had much of a history the last fifty years or so,and by that I mean Bondthe character.The Bond films,perhaps up until 2006'sCasino Royale,had been content with a more anthological and informal character illustration.But with theNolanizatoin of the Bondfranchise (aka the Daniel Craig era),we've been treated to a revisionist approach to James Bond: history,character,person.That appears to be continuing with the newest filmSPECTRE,fromSkyfallhelmer Sam Mendes,which looks like another pretty,maybe interesting,maybe terrible chapter in 007's origin story.

Let's break down the trailer yes no maybe soafter the jump...

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