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Jul 11 2018

Fantasia,Straight Ahead

byJason Adams

Tomorrow marks the opening of the 22nd annualFantasia Film Festivalin Montreal,which runs all the way to August 2nd - the fest focuses in on genre films from around the world,with titles ranging from Indonesian Cowboy Epics to Christmas Zombie Musicals to Nicolas Cage.It's got everything a growing nerd might want...and then some things you might not think you want but you'll try them anyway and oh look you've got a new kink now,thanks Fantasia.

I'll be covering the fest both here at TFE andover at MNPP(we covered the festthere last year) over the next couple of weeks.There are some big titles screening likeMandy,the by-all-accounts insane bloodbath starring the aforementioned Cage alongside Andrea Riseborough of all people,andUnder the Silver Lake,It Follows' director David Robert Mitchell's (recently delayed) flick with Andrew Garfield.

After the jump six smaller yet delicious-looking highlights from the fest's epic programming slate that we're hoping to get our beady little eyes on...

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Sep 18 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Two Princes

Jason fromMNPPhere,wishing a happy 44th birthday to the perennially underrated James Marsden today!He's not so underrated that he's ever really gone without work at least (and he's currently riding the zeigeist a bit with the success ofWestworld,although I don't know if his moon-eyed compoke Teddy is really what's keeping anybody coming back to that show week after week) but underrated he still somehow seems.That's an impressive impression to give for someone as breathtakingly gorgeous as him!No small feat.

I suppose it's the "Nice Guy Loser"role he's been called on to play time and again - we've watched him watch The Girl go off with the right Mr.Right so many times we've built a stockpile of empathy for him.Speaking of,for today's for "Beauty vs Beast"let's hit up just one of those roles,the 2007 hit filmEnchanted(which insanely is turning 10 in November,can you believe it)...

PREVIOUSLYLast week'sIt Comes at Nightcontestbetween Joel Edgerton & Christopher Abbott's survivalist characters was a tight race for a bit but the latter pulled out in front eventually taking 62% of your vote - saidNick T:

"Their scenes together were my favorite parts of the film,their beards my favorite characters."

Sep 11 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Woods, Men

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"-- I usually try to choose older movies for this series because it's more likely y'all have seen them and have an opinion.That is unless we're talking about great big cultural juggernauts - those are usually safe.It Comes at Nightisn't an old movie,and it wasn't so much a cultural juggernaut either,but here we are anyway.The film had a stellar ad campaign (thanks to A24,the king of stellar ad campaigns these days) so it did get some chatter at the time of its release,but it ultimately only made just under 20 million bucks.This is noAvatar.

And yet here on the eve of its release on blu-ray tomorrow I still want to highlight the movie,and I have faith that a good portion of the TFE audience,who already knew Trey Edward Shults' amazingKrisha,was the audience that sought the movie out.For good (I loved it) or for ill (I know a lot of people felt cheated by the ad campaign which baited and switched a supernatural horror film for a tense chamber piece).And you'll maybe have an opinion on who was in the right - Joel Edgerton's homeowner Paul or Christopher Abbott's encroacher Will.

PREVIOUSLYFor no reason in particular we hit up Halle Berry'sCatwomanfor last week's contestbut it was her nemesis,the skin-care supervillain played by Sharon Stone,who slinked away with the 65% win - saidEder Arcas:

"...the WINNER here gotta be SHARON STONE,the woman delivers camp like no one else,she`s elegant and graceful cool,because,well,she's Sharon Stone.You always get the feeling she's just about ready to snap a full on crazy - but that kinda IS what is interesting about Sharon Stone.Sort of a female Jack Nicholson,but hotter in heels and a skirt."

Jun 09 2017

Review: "It Comes at Night"

byChris Feil

After last year'sKrisha,Trey Edward Shults returns to the horror of family dynamics with post-apocalyptic nightmareIt Comes At Night.This time he's equipped with higher production value and more familiar faces than that astute micro-budgeted debut,thoughNightis just as personal.His resulting sophomore feature is part Greek tragedy,part vague social polemic,and one of the most terrifying films in several years.

Set in a remote,wooded mini-mansion,a family has made their home a fortress from some unspecified apocalypse.The elderly father of Sarah (Carmen Ejogo) has fallen "sick",leaving her husband Paul (Joel Edgerton) and son Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) to dispatch of him for their own safety.The desperate invasion of another family (led by Christopher Abbott and Riley Keough) tests both the reclusive family's empathy and rigorously protected lifestyle.Meanwhile,Travis is having increasingly vivid visions of the encroaching malignant threat that test his (and our) sense of reality.

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Apr 27 2017

Tribeca 2017: "Sweet Virginia"

Nathaniel R reporting from the Tribeca Film Festival

Christopher Abbott and Jon Bernthal develop an awkward friendship in "Sweet Virginia"

Sweet Virginiabegins with an unnerving burst of violence in the bar of a small Alaskan town.Initially the carnage and resulting grief feels as senseless as all violence does.What a world.But this being a slow burn neo-noir,we know from rich movie history that the killings won't prove to be random.Caught up in the aftermath of the crime are two newly widowed women (Imogen Poots and Rosemarie DeWitt) who aren't as grief stricken as they should be,the non-local murderer (Christopher Abbott) who decides to hole up in town for a bit,and the owner of the local motel "Sweet Virginia,"a retired rodeo champ (Jon Bernthal) who,as it turns out,has been carrying on an affair with the widow for years prior to the picture...

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