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Jan 16 2019

VES Nominations & Final Visual Effects Oscar Predictions

by Nathaniel R

on the set of Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Visual Effects Society have released their nominations for the year.Avengers: Infinity War,Incredible 2,andLost in Spacelead the nominations in the movie,animated movie,and television divisions.  The full list of nominations,Oscar predictions,and a few comments follow...

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Aug 05 2018

Tweetweek: Cliff Top Screenings,100 Acre Wood realizations

Have you ever rapelled down a cliff or climbed up one?I've only down the former (so fun) but I applaud anyone who went to this screening..."What a thrill"(said in Marcia Gay Harden Oscar winning voice).Lots more after the jump...

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Aug 02 2018

Review: "Christopher Robin"

byChris Feil

Off in the Hundred Acre Wood,Winnie the Pooh and friends haven't changed all that much over the decades.OurChristopher Robinhowever is all grown up in the real world,having lost his father at a young age before fighting in the war and never returning to visit his childhood daydream oasis.Like the rest of us,he's grown rigid in adulthood while the rest of the beloved characters remain made of plush.

With Ewan McGregor taking on the adult Christopher,his namesake film presents something as soft as his friends in both its demeanor and its substance.Unlike its recent live action Disney brethren,this film follows its own narrative and is free to explore the characters as it sees fit.And yet it chooses the most obvious one,turning Christopher into an overworked businessman devoting more of his energy to his job than his wife and daughter.Send in Pooh's implacable chill to play savior to his once kneesocked companion's soul.

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Jun 01 2018

YNMS x 2: Mowgli and Christopher Robin

by Nathaniel R

grrrr.oink.hsss.squeak.'oh bother'.oohoohahah.and other animal noises.

The multiplex has a serious animal infestations coming up withChristopher Robinand yet another adaptation ofThe Jungle BookcalledMowglicoming up in the next handful of months.Have you caught their trailers?

Let's break them down with our Yes No Maybe So™ practice after the jump...

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Nov 21 2016

Live Action Christopher Robin Flick Coming Your Way

Manuelhere with news of what has to be the curious-est film in Disney's quite crowded animation-to-live-action slate of films.As we await thecarbon-copy versionofBeauty and the Beastand keep worrying that somehow the execs will manage to screw up the upcomingMulanfeature film,news brokelast week that the Mouse House had tapped Marc Forster (World War Z,Quantum of Solace) to directChristopher Robin.

Yes,Winnie the Pooh's Christopher Robin is getting the live-action fantasy film treatment.(This is not to be confused with the current filming A.A.Milne biopic.) Here's the brief description of the project:

The story catches up with Christopher Robin – the character based on author A.A.Milne's son,Christopher Robin Milne – as an adult who has grown out of the joyful imagination he had as a child.Now a businessman,he prioritizes his work life over his wife and daughter,and must find his inner child once again.

I know I'm supposed to getFinding Neverlandvibes (given Forster's involvement) but I also couldn't help think back to this year'sThe Little Princewhich also aimed to reimagine a beloved childhood favorite into a meta-story about finding one's inner child-like wonder.Though,perhaps the most curious thing about the entire project is its screenwriter: Alex Ross Perry.Yes,thatAlex Ross Perry.

Can theQueen of EarthandListen Up Phillipscreenwritermanage to make this cloying-sounding project have the edge it might need to set itself apart?Or is this (yet another) craven cash-grab by a studio intent on pilfering all of its properties?