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Feb 12 2016

Interview: Sandy Powell on Color,Character,Carol,Cinderella,and Cate

Sandy Powell on the set of CinderellaSome people rush to movies if their favorite movie star's face is prominent on the poster.Others swear allegiance to directors.Obsessive cinephiles go for all sorts of reasons.One of ours at The Film Experience is Sandy Powell.亚博主页If she's the costume designer,we're there,no questions asked.We sat throughThe Tempest(2010) just for her and trust me that that's devotion.

Meeting her in person earlier this season to talkCarolandCinderella,which brought her her 11th and 12th Oscar nominations andcould well bring her a 4th Oscar,was a personal joy.I had talked to her once before by phone but in person we were able to look at costume stills together and had a great conversation.This cinematic MVP was a fun,lively,and personable interviewee.I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

NATHANIEL R:  I intervewed you once a long time ago and I was really taken aback by something you said.You implied that you were surprised and amused by analytical readings of your work.

SANDY POWELL: I was talking about that today withJudy Beckerand she said thing "I've learned so much about my work today!".People read things into it that you weren't consciously thinking about.But they're not bad things!You start thinking "maybe subliminally..."You start taking credit for it!

A lot of the time you work so fast that you make snap decisions and you don't know what it's based on.I do work instinctively and intuitively.I don't sit and analyze.I don't think about the significance and "What shall I consciously put on her or him or her to convey that?"I do what feels right.And quite often just by doing that you've got it right,you actually have given something so symbolism.

NATHANIEL R: Do you start thinking of full outfits while you're reading a script?

her answer and much more after the jump...

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Jan 29 2016

Beauty Break: Costume Design (Personal Ballot & Oscar Shortlist)

We're about to wrap up the "traditional"portion of theFilm Bitch Awardswhich are essentially Nathaniel's Oscar ballot were he to have one in every category.(There will be more awards each day until we're finished -- before the Oscars,亚博主页mind you!-- but they're the fun "extras")

Oscar's costume branch and I were fairly sympatico on our shortlists this year differing by only two pictures.Yet citing only 7 pictures (all featured after the jump) feels stingy.Costume heavy period pictures likeMacbeth,Crimson Peak,The AssassinandBrooklyndefinitely had their moments.Two contemporary pictures worth noting for their clever work wereYouthandChi-Raq.And then there are the pictures that have one costume so special it's what you always think of later on when you're picturing the movie: that lime green slit-to-there dress inM:I - Rogue Nation,the perfect action hero simplicity of Chris Pratt's functional but very tight outfits inJurassic World,the barely visible sight of Jennifer Jason Leigh under huge furry everything inThe Hateful Eight,that stylish pilot jacket inStar Wars: The Force Awakensthat traded hands and so on...

In short,if you don't love costumes -- get outta here!Let's celebrate the five Oscar nominees plus two Nathaniel nominated in his own awards after the jump.Crazy gorgeous photos ahead...


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Jan 05 2016

The Confusing Art Directors Guild Nominations.Is "Crimson Peak"Period?Where is "Carol"?

Cocohere,ready to talk about the Art Directors Guild and their wacky nominations.

Usually we reserve the term category fraud for when lead performances are nominated in less competitive supporting categories,but the Art Directors Guild suggests we expand the definition.The Guild divides its film categories into period,fantasy,and contemporary,which makes senses.But this year's nominations suggest the division between the three categories are rather arbitrary.(The Film Experience is on the record saying that categories only matter if you follow the rules,亚博主页so maybe the ADG should read thispieceby our beloved Nathaniel.)

Anyway,here are the nominations:

Production Design (Period Film)
Bridge of Spies- Adam Stockhausen
Crimson Peak- Thomas Sanders
The Danish Girl- Eve Stewart
The Revenant- Jack Fisk
Trumbo- Mark Rickner

Thomas Sanders's gothic sets are gorgeous,butCrimson Peakis a movie about ghosts.The production design is not historically accurate either unless gigantic bleeding houses used to actually exist in the real world.How is this not in "fantasy"?

The question one everyone's mind has to be "Where isCarol?"Judy Becker's designs are not only richly detailed,but they're integral in a film that's all about its precise visuals.It's worth remembering,though painful: Todd Haynes previous 50s masterpiece,Far From Heaven,did not get an Art Direction nomination from this guild or from the Oscars (!!!).亚博主页

Meanwhile,Trumbocontinues its inexplicablelove affairwith awards voters.

More surprises and category confusionsafter the jump.

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Dec 01 2015

John Waters Top 10 List: Fairy Tales,3D Sex,Tasteful Trangression

John Waters with Patty Hearst at the "Carol"premiereAh one of our favoritebad tastegood --no...singulartaste traditions of year-end end look backs has arrived: the annual John Waters Top Ten Listat ArtForum.Though the Baltimore film icon hasn't made a feature film in over ten years he still says active as a celebrity for which we thank him.Try and imagine the world without him;we never want to!

His top ten lists generally contain at least one or two titles we haven't even heard of (rare for us don'cha know) and that's true again with #1 and #9 right here.They're also always a mix of smart,beautiful,queer,and head scratching choices -- I'm sorry butLoveisNOTa good movieeven if it does contain,as John Waters raves,"heterosexual rimming -- in 3D!"

John Waters 2015 Top Ten List
01 HELMUT BERGER,ACTOR (Andreas Horvath)
02CINDERELLA(Kenneth Branagh)

Yes,you heard me,Cinderella.I fucking love this Disney film.

03 THE FORBIDDEN ROOM (Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson)
04TOM AT THE FARM(Xavier Dolan)
05MAD MAX: FURY ROAD(George Miller)
06CAROL(Todd Haynes)

Maybe the only way to be transgressive these days is to be shockingly tasteful.This Lana Turner–meets–Audrey Hepburn lipstick-lesbian melodrama is so old-fashioned I felt like I was one year old after watching it.That's almost reborn.

08TANGERINE(Sean Baker)
10LOVE(Gaspar Noé)

when will Xavier Dolan movies ever get on a respectable US release schedule?Tom at the Farm an excellent 2013 movie was only just released in the states in 2015

His commentary is always great fun -- his take on Xavier Dolan's tense grief thrillerTom at the Farmis especially John Waters but hugely spoiler-filled -- sogo read if it you're so inclined.

Nov 02 2015

Why Isn't 'Cinderella' an Oscar Contender?


You will no doubt have read – or least seen the headlines – that people are saying that Ridley Scott'sThe Martianshould be taken very,very seriously as a Best Picture contender.I've even seen people claiming it couldwin,which seems awfully bullish given its hastily rising status in Oscar circles is due almost entirely to the film's overwhelming success at the box office in the face of a glut of underperforming Oscar players likeSteve Jobs.But amid this new wind of blockbuster excitement and the snickers at (contractually obligated) Oscar campaigns for other big-budget,uber-successful movies,there's one film that has so far gone under the radar in the conversation and ought to be taken far more seriously than it likely will be.

Yes,I meanCinderella...more after the jump

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