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Apr 08 2019

April Foolish Predictions #5: Visual Categories

[drumroll]Our annual April Foolish Oscar Predictions continue

"Nomadland"was shot by the cinematographer of "The Rider"

We always mention at the start of all this that we call them April Foolish predictions because it's foolish to assume we know anything at all quite yet.Oscar buzz begins the day of announcement for projects with "pedigree"but the reality of the Oscar race is much more complex than that as the quality of films,size of campaigns,box office results,media pets,and public perception all end up weighing in later in the year.So consider these early bird predictions as "what ifs"...we do not pretend to have the year figured out just yet as we're going on hunches...

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Mar 29 2019

I've been obsessing over this shot in "Us"

by Nathaniel R

Not sure if there's an audience out there for a return of ourHit Me With Your Best Shotseries but Jordan Peele's horror smashUswould certainly be a worthy candidate for the treatment.Lately I've been obsessing over this particular image (above) in which Red (Lupita Nyong'o) has handcuffed Adelaide (Lupita Nyong'o) to her own coffee table.It's not just the slow upsetting crack of the glass,or Lupita's stunning dual performance...

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Feb 14 2019

Open Letter to the Academy -xo

For Valentine's Day we would just like to smooch every prominent artist in Hollywood who signed this letter,quoted here in full:

An Open Letter to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and The Producers of the 91st Annual Academy Awards Broadcast:

On Monday,February 11,2019,John Bailey,President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences,announced that this year's Oscar presentations for Best Cinematography — along with Film Editing,Live Action Short and Makeup and Hairstyling — will not be broadcast live,but rather presented during a commercial break.This decision was made to reduce the length of the show from four hours to three.The vocal response from our peers and the immediate backlash from industry leaders over the Academy's decision makes it clear that it's not too late to have this decision reversed...

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Feb 14 2019

10 Days til Oscar...The Past 10 Years of Stats

Happy Valentine's Day y'all❤️.It's officially 10 days until the Oscars so it's a perfect time to go list crazy and look at the past 10 years of Oscar honors (2008-2017) for multiple top tens,亚博主页don't you think?Not that weneedexcuses to go list-crazy.We make them up when they don't present themselves!How have the past ten years been for you?We hope you'll share in the listing fun.In addition to ranking the Oscar winners we've notated whether the same achievements medalled in our own annual film bitch awards that year.


  1. Moonlight (2017) *silver medal
  2. The Hurt Locker (2009) *gold medal
  3. Birdman (2014) *silver medal...

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Feb 11 2019


This just in.The Academy has announced their plans for which awards aren't going to be shown live this year and it's not actually as bad as we thought it would be in that it is not asMANYas we though it would be.They're leaving four off the air:cinematography,editing,makeup,andAPP亚博娱乐 .Not being as bad as we thought,though,is NOT to say that it is any less horrific.The decision remains as tone deaf in its disrespectful,self-destructive,and against-the-point way as it always was.It's easily in the top two or three most terrible decisions that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has made in its entire 91 years.

Once you start demoting categories to "less important"you're sending a message to the world that the craft of filmmaking doesn'treallymatter;just look at the gowns and sit through the commercials which make us money...

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