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Feb 15 2019

Review: Birds of Passage

by Abe Fried-Tanzer

Modernity is rarely a welcome concept for those rooted in tradition.What many see as progress is often decried as the destruction of long-held values and an attempt to push out members of the old guard who still adhere to customs they do not believe to be outdated.Every community must adapt to technological progress in some way or remain isolated from the rest of the world,a strategy that can't last forever.

In Colombia'sBirds of Passage,which made the nine-wide finalist list for foreign film but missed the nomination,the setting is the 1960s and the disruptive influence is the drug trade.Rapayet (José Acosta) becomes engaged to Zaida (Natalia Reyes),and,according to the customs of their indigenous Wayúu community,must present her family with a substantial dowry.Motivated by pride more than anything,Rapayet sees a business opportunity to provide Americans from the Peace Corps with marijuana...

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Aug 29 2018

Four More Foreign Film Oscar Submissions

by Nathaniel R

Four more official entries to the Foreign Language Film Oscar race.

  • Birds of Passage-Colombia
    This is from the director Ciro Guerra (who has a co-director this time) the man behind Colombia's only Oscar nominee and TFE favoriteEmbrace of the Serpent.The new film is a crime/family drama.
    Opening in the US in February.Orchard distributing
  • Border-Sweden
    Un Certain Regard winner at Cannes this year.It's based on a novella by the author ofLet the Right One In(!) and is a reportedly strange tale of a woman with the ability to sense and smell how people feel.
    Opening in the US October 26th.Neon distributing.
  • Donbass-Ukraine
    From the acclaimed Sergey Loznitsa (My Joy,A Gentle Creature).This one is a cheerful tale (he said sarcastically given Loznitsa's filmography) about the degradation of Ukranian society in our post-truth world
  • La Familia-Venezuela
    A father son drama about a violent neighborhood.
    Played in the US earlier this month.Film Movement distributing.


  • Never Look Away-Germany
    From Florian Henckel von Donnersmarch (The Lives of Others) comes this story of a romance between two art students (Tom Schilling and Paula Beer) and her father (Sebastian Koch) who fights against the relationship
  • Ghost Hunting-Palestine
    A documentary about a former interrogation center in which the inmates reenact their interrogations inside a replica of the center built to scale

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Jun 27 2016

The Furniture: The Venomous and Fanatical 'Embrace of the Serpent'

"The Furniture"is our weekly series on Production Design.Here'sDaniel Walber...

Embrace of the Serpent,Colombia's first-ever nominee forBest Foreign Language Film,contains multitudes.Ciro Guerra filters the Amazon Basin into a tremendous cinematic document,a rich cornucopia of unexpected tableaux.The choice to confine this colorful landscape to black and white would be uncanny enough on its own,but the narrative is also unmoored by transitions between the two timelines.Long before the final hallucination,our perceptions are overwhelmed by the range of complex images.

And,of course,the work of production designer Angelica Perea,art director Ramses Benjumea and set decorator Alejandro Franco is an essential component.The best example of their work comes right at the film's midpoint,with a pair of profoundly unsettling episodes that interrogate the role of Catholic missionaries in Colombia's colonial history. [More...]

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Feb 21 2016

Interview: Ciro Guerra on the Must-See Oscar Nominee "Embrace of the Serpent"

Embrace of the Serpent,Colombia's greatForeign Language Film Oscar nomineetook so long to arrive in theaters it may have well have arrived by rickety wooden boat after its grueling journey on the Amazon.But it's finally in theaters in select cities and just in time for the Oscars.亚博主页Do NOT miss it.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the directorCiro Guerraabout this cinematic triumph ...which I'm guessing was harder to make thanThe Revenant.

NATHANIEL: This is an extremely ambitious effort for a filmmaker as new as yourself.It's only your third film.How long have you been working on this?

CIRO GUERRA: I worked on it for about four years before we started shooting.I had done just two very personal films that were close to my experience,and my past,and my culture.So I wanted to go the opposite way,and take a journey into the unknown.

NATHANIEL: You did.It's hypnotically strange.

CIRO GUERRA: For us Colombians,the Amazon is the most unknown thing.It's half of the country,but clearly we don't know much about it.So,I had always been intrigued and fascinated and it had been a lifelong dream to do a film in the Amazon,and you know,these are the kind of films you can only do while you're young.[More...]

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