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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Apr 29 2018

Infinity Tweet


That's definitely a print lesson lost in the age of online media.After the jump warrior unicorns,aClouds of Sils Maria/ superhero fantasy that made me laugh out loud,Janelle Monae and Tessa Thompson,and various bon mots from twitter in general and film fanaticism in particular...

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Jan 25 2016

Beauty vs Beast: Cloud Actress

Jason fromMNPPhere with your weekly dose of "Beauty vs Beast"-- it's the 61st birthday of the French director (excuse me,they call them "auteurs"over there) Olivier Assayas,who's just come off one of his greatest successes,the role-playing actressy dramaClouds of Sils Maria.I reviewedCloudsway back at the 2014 New York Film Festivalfor TFE and I was bowled over by it then and I remain so today;when it continued getting Oscar talk all the way through this season I was happily surprised to see it even remembered.Of course come nomination morning it wasn't,because them's the breaks.I can easily suss out the names I'd boot in both Actress categories to make room for Binoche and Stewart's lively and lovely performances (Bye J-Law!See ya later,McAdams!) but if we were to face the two off against each other,well,then it gets tougher...

PREVIOUSLYThe Revenantcontinues doing boffo box office and everybody seems to think it's Leo's Oscar to lose,buthere at TFE y'all shoved himface-first in a snow-bank and ran away laughing -- it was a close contest but by a few points you decided that you prefered a murderer by Tom Hardy better.SaidNick T:

"I'm voting Fitzgerald because yes it's Big but Christ at least Hardy offers us a performance that's interesting because of the performance itself instead of how much he's Suffering,and once Glass is on his own Hardy was only thing that got me through the ordeal ofThe Revenant."

Dec 21 2015

Best of '15: Co-Star Chemistry,the Great Intangible

These are the 15 relationships that really crackled for us on screen this year with an electric snap...or familial/platonic warmth...or sexual combustibility...or tense reserve ...or  lived-in authenticity ...or any combo thereof depending on what the relationship called for.Kudos to the actors,directors,screenwriters,and casting directors who all obviously contributed to capture lightning in a bottle.The following examples of screen chemistry told us so much about the characters within the story and sometimes outside of it from long before the events of the movie or projecting out after the narrative.Do I find it troubling that theSAGandBFCAnominations for Best Ensemble avoided ALL of these films saveSpotlight?Why,yes --- yes I do!Thanks for asking.

Note: I opted not to includeCarolin the list primarily because the obsession is too strong and every single relationship in the movie is fascinating (yes even Therese & Richard's!Even Harge & Abby who only get one scene together) and it wouldn't be fair to the other pictures with its web of relationships,new,old,soured,fresh,complicated and all superbly rendered.Joy,which is better than the initial response suggests,also has fine pockets of chemistry within a bustling cast (something David O.Russell excels at) but I couldn't settle on any one relationship.

The list is presented without commentary...but for what you have to say in the comments.

15 Sylvester Stallone & Michael B Jordan inCreed(trainer/trainee and surrogate something)

14 more couplings after the jump...

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Sep 06 2015

Biggest Foreign and Documentary Hits of the Year (Thus Far)

Since Labor Day Weekend is historically a lame box office weekend,it affords us a fine opportunity to look back at the year thus far rather than wait for box office results.Especially in terms of films that aren't usually spoken of in terms of box office.So let's look at two sets of baker's dozens: 2015'S FOREIGN LANGUAGE and DOCUMENTARY HITS.

*second* biggest-hits in Foreign & Documentary: "Baahubali: The Beginning"and "Amy"

How many have you seen?

Top Dozen of 2015 thus far
01Bajrangi Bhaijaan(India)$8+
02Baahubali: The Beginning(India)$6+
03A La Mala(Mexico)$3+
04Wild Tales(Argentina)$3+Review
05Dil Dhadakne Do(India)$3+
06Tanu Weds Manu Returns(India)$3+
07Clouds of Sils Maria*(France)$1+Various Sils Maria Articles
09Assassination(South Korea)$1+
10Phoenix(Germany)$1+Nina Hoss Interview
12Timbuktu(Mauritania)$1+Review,César Winners
13Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem(Israel)$.9+Review,Second Opinion

As we always see in the foreign charts in the past decade or so,Bollywood films continue to be solid imported hits without the benefit of any media attention whatsoever.That's what comes when you have distribution companies that cater to niche audiences and understand/market directly to them.This is surely what China Lion is attempting of late though they have yet to find as much regular support for Chinese language films.Aside from the Hindi language films,the top of the charts also painfully remind us that subtitled films have far teensier grosses even when they get breakout media attention than they once had.Wild Talesfor example surely would have been at least a $13 million rather than a $3 million hit a decade ago.The chart also shows us that Oscar nominations help (see #4 and #12) but aren't necessary (see #10 and #13).2015 hasn't yet had a breakout Oscar-headed hitlikeIdafrom Poland last year(Phoenixwas passed over for Oscar submission last year by Germany so it's been on its own without awards-buzz to find its audience.Happily,it's done just that).Sadly Sweden's sublimeOscar entry for this yearA Pigeon Sat on a Branch...earned only $200,000 at the US box office.MaybeLabyrinth of Lies,Germany's submission,which opens September 25th can fill that semi-annual slot of foreign hit that doesn't wait for its Oscar fate to make a stir.

* I'm fudging to includeClouds of Sils MariaI know.It's surely ineligible for France's Oscar submission as its more than 50% English.If you remove it from the list,the film that enters at the lowest rung isThe 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappearedfrom Swedish director Felix Herngren.It earned nearly a million at the US box office but was ahugehit internationally with an additional $50 million!

Top Ten of 2015 Thus Far
01Monkey Kingdom$16+
03The Salt of the Earth$1+Documentary Nominees Conversation
05The Wolfpack$1+Review
06Dior & I$1+
08Red Army$.6+
09Best of Enemies$.6+Review
10Cartel Land$.6+
11Seymour: An Introduction$.6+Review
12Deli Man$.5+
13The Hunting Ground$.4+

The list includes only one of last year's Oscar nomineesThe Salt of the Earthsince most of them played in their correct calendar year.The big story beyond Disney's nature epic and the Amy Winehouse hit,is the success ofSundance Award WinnerssinceThe Wolfpack,Cartel LandandMeruwereallhits in release.The late Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens) final full documentary featureIrisabout eccentric fashion icon Iris Apfel was also well-received.

From this list we really expectedRed Armyto break out a little further as the Russian Olympic hockey documentary was quite entertaining and benefitted from a highly accessible international-interest storyline.If they hadn't waited for their Oscar nomination -- which they didn't get -- they might have fared better.

Here's a crazy colorful musical number from the year's #1 foreign language hitBajrangi Bhaijaanstarring Salman Khan called "Selfie Le Le Re"

When was the last time you saw a Bollywood film in theaters?Do you seek out the buzz titles from these categories?

Jul 30 2015

Clouds of Sils Maria.Or,How To Act Like a Star.

With Clouds of Sils Maria on DVD now,here's Kyle Stevens on actors playing actors.

If you're a reader of The Film Experience,亚博主页then you're probably no stranger toJuliette Binoche,who arguably has more masterpieces to her name than any other actor in cinema history.Binoche became a bona fide French star with André Téchiné'sRendez-vousin 1985,which was written by the now celebrated director Olivier Assayas.Last year,Binoche asked Assayas to write something for her so that they might again collaborate.He came up with the astoundingClouds of Sils Maria.

Their film follows the great star Maria Enders as she struggles to accept playing Helena inMaloja Snake,a play written by her recently departed friend.The difficulty for Maria is that she first became famous playing the ingénue role,Sigrid,decades earlier,and so,the role of Helena forces her to confront her feelings about aging,feelings compounded by the fact that,within the play,Helena desires and resents Sigrid.To make matters even more baroquely complicated,Helena and Sigrid's relationship mirrors Maria's interactions with Val,her personal assistant,coolly played by Kristin Stewart.(Eventually,Chloe Grace-Moretz appears as a third bone-faced brunette,younger still,to play Sigrid.)

Given the laurels recently heaped upon flamboyantly reflexive turns inBlue JasmineandBlack Swan,is it too much to hope that Binoche will leave the red carpet well-worn come awards season—even if the early release and critical attention for Kristen Stewart make that seem unlikely now?[More...]

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