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May 23 2019

#TBT: The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

by new contributor Maggy Torres-Rodriguez

Today's special #TBT goes to the magnificently odd Terry Gilliam pictureThe Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 10 years ago this week.Lush with extravagant dreamscape sets,innovations in CGI,and an all-star cast,it still holds its own today.

Minus that one scene with Verne Troyer in blackface that was meant as a joke,but generated more of an uneasy murmuring of "oh no,baby what is u doin?"from the audience.But...problematic decisions in Hollywood are made on the daily,so everyone kind of just ignored that and focused on the fact that it was Heath Ledger's last film...

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May 20 2019

Beauty vs Beast: Still I Think He's Rather Tasty

Jason Adams fromMNPP,fully ready to admit that if you get me drunk enough and put me in front of a karaoke microphone I could sing to you any one of the songs from1992'sAladdinwithout having to look at the words on the screen once.I don't know if that's what Disney had in mind but it is what it is and it is how I spent a hefty amount of my time,when I should have been studying,in college.I might not remember anything from that Geology class I was forced to take at nine in the morning but get outta the way when "A Whole New World"comes on.Anyway with Guy Ritchie's live-action version out this Friday,and a retrospective from Team Experience beginning tonight,what better time to "Beauty vs Beast"the original -- I'm shocked we haven't done this before honestly,since Aladdin's got one of Disney's greatest villains...

PREVIOUSLYA week ago we wished Sofia Coppola a happy birthday by looking back upon her last filmBeguiled,and today we're minded what a fool's errand it is for us to ever face anybody off with Nicole Kidman -- even Colin Farrell's hotness couldn't muster up more than 29% against the queen Kidman.SaidBen:

"Miss Farnsworth is the only one who thinks primarily with her head instead of her heart.That's why the only logical thing to do was to cut off his leg,then kill him.Makes sense to me!"

May 13 2019

Beauty vs Beast: The Kindness of Strangers

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere,using this week's brand new "Beauty vs Beast"poll to celebrate the 48th birthday of the great Sofia Coppola,which is tomorrow.We are so lucky to have her!Quite honestly I think the world's been under-valuing her directing career,which's given us one great film after another after another.Her last one,2017's remake ofThe Beguiled,is where we're focusing today -- another entirely under-appreciated one if you ask me.While I've long been a fan of Don Siegel's sweaty 1971 version I consider Coppola's an improvement for how it spins itself off into a gothic fable of female empowerment gone to seed.It feels like a sister film to Nicole Kidman's other movie about haunted folks isolated during war-time,The Others-- seriously,go watch them back to back.That'll be an excellent evening at the movies.But until then...

Switching over to the Elder Coppola,it turns out it was too tough for us to vote for a war-mongering maniacwith last week'sApocalypse Nowpoll,even when he's played by Marlon Brando -- Martin Sheen's "Captain Willard"managed to score 57% of your vote instead.

Summed up byTom G:

"Shouldn't we NOT be voting for crazy people with too much power?"

Sep 09 2018

TIFF Review: "Widows"

byChris Feil

If you thought that Steve McQueen'sWidowswould be less of a body blow as his other films simply because the genius director is dipping into the mainstream,guess again.A quaint notion that is thankfully not the case - McQueen hasn't softened a bit,and thank goodness.

Watching the film is like laying on a bed of nails,danger at every turn as you dodge its narrative and formative land mines.McQueen's previous films such as12 Years a SlaveandShamedepicted viscerally physical experiences,making for intense films that can be felt as deeply in the body as well as the soul.ThoughWidowsis less concerned on physical tolls taken on its characters than those efforts,that doesn't mean you don't still feelWidowsdown to your bones.

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Jul 28 2018

Showbiz History: Waterworld,Waterfront,and Wonderland

10 random things that happened on this day in showbiz history

1892Joe E Brown,the comic actor who deliveredSome Like It Hot's immortal closing line,was born in Ohio on this day.

1951Disney'sAlice in Wonderlandhas its NYC premiere two days after its world premiere in London.It was not (initially) a success in theaters,the studio taking a loss.But in the 1970s people became interested in it in a big way prompting its first rerelease in 1974...

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