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Aug 01 2019

"1917" Teases

by Nathaniel R

Sam Mendes burst on to the movie scene 20 years ago with a surprise blockbuster and Best Picture winnerAmerican Beautyas debut.There were diminishing returns thereafter,at least in terms of public opinion.Road to Perdition,Jarhead,Revolutionary Road,andAway We Gofollowed,each grossing less than their predecessor.A two film detour to the 007 franchise (SkyfallandSpectre) rescued him in the eyes of big picture Hollywood,though it should probably be noted that people rarely think of James Bond movies as belonging to their directors.

Can Mendes return to major auteur acclaim with his World War I epic,1917?If this tease is indication he very well might...

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Sep 24 2018

Showbiz History: The Love Boat,The Social Network, Nevermind

10 random things that happened on this day,September 24th,in showbiz history

Alison Pill and Tom Hiddleston as the Fitzgeralds in "Midnight in Paris"

1896F  Scott Fitzgerald born in St Paul Minnesota.Though he only lives 44 years,plagued by alcoholism and ill health,he leaves behind a rich legacy of novels and short stories that other artists have riffed on or adapted ever since,most notablyThe Great Gatsby,The Last Tycoon,andThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button.He's been recently played onscreen by Tom Hiddleston (Midnight in Paris) and David Hoflin (Z: The Beginning of Everything)

1976Oh!Calcutta!opens on Broadway (after a successful run Off Broadway in 1969) becoming a controversial musical hit (with explicit nudity) and eventually the 2nd longest running revival of all time,running for 13 years (Chicagois #1 by a mile,still playing and about to hit its 22nd anniversary)

1965Marriage on the Rocksopens in movie theaters,the last leading men screen pairing of Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin.I have to share this nutso poster for y'all...

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Jul 21 2018

Mamma Mia!Here We Go Again (Review)

by Jorge Molina

Almost ten years ago to the date,Mamma Mia!opened in theaters.The jukebox musical based on the theater phenomenon that at the same time was based on the biggest hits of Europop sensation ABBA went on to gross almost 600 million dollars globally,and became the highest grossing live action musical ever.That movie seems to be divisive among fans of the genre because of the fluffy,silly and often nonsensical joy that poured out of the screens (you can read about the emotional connection I personally have with the moviehere).

Ten years and a Cher later,Donna and her Dynamos make a return to the island of Kalokairi with a sequel that doubles down on everything that made adamant fans of the first one fell in love with it,and made the skeptics roll their eyes...

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Jun 02 2017

Mamma Mia,it's a Sequel!


By now you've probably already heard the news.There's a sequel toMama Mia!(2008) coming our way in July of next year.The release date will be exactly 10 years after the first one.Yes we are that old!It will be unimaginatively titledMama Mia: Here We Go Again,taken right from the chorus of the song.They must've spent all of 2 seconds coming up with that.The original wasn't exactly a good movie,but it was a fun summer time at the movies buoyed along by everyone's familiarity with the ABBA song catalog.More of that is definately not an unappealing prospect.

The studio announced that all cast members are expected to return.However so far only Amanda Seyfried is confirmed.If Meryl Streep does indeed sign on,2018 will mark her first foray into sequels.And of course she's going big with not one but two of them.She will also appear in a supporting part in that other musical sequel;Mary Poppins Returns,albeit her character there is a new one.Frankly this is not the character we would've liked to see her reprise.We are still waiting forThe Further Adventures of Miranda Priestly.

Which ABBA song not in the original would you like to see in the sequel?Our vote goes to Waterloofor reasons totally unrelated to Greek island shenanigans or even the famous 1815 battle.But rather to something that happenedin Waterloo,Iowa!
Dec 21 2016

New on DVD: Bridget Jones's Baby

Davidhere on the return of one of the UK's most memorable heroines...

Bridget Jones's Babyis,as things stand,the highest-grossing film released in the UK this year.Quite the result for the long-delayed comeback of a female romcom heroine whose target audience isn't typically recognised by the movie industry as big ticket buyers.Sure,Bridget's return wasn't as heralded at the US box office,earning a paltry $20 million.But Bridget's peers amongst the UK public are more loyal creatures,and the film's easy rewatchability is apparent in the abundant returns.(Perhaps as a result of the film's longer theatrical lifespan in the UK,the home entertainment release on UK shores isn't until the end of January.)

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