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May 21 2019

Aladdin Pt 2: Manic Magical Improv,Sight Gags,and "Prince Ali"

InPart 1of our re-watch of Disney'sAladdin(the proper one,from 1992,not the live-action thing coming out this weekend) Ben got us through the introductions to good-hearted "street rat"Aladdin,frustrated princess Jasmine,and up to the mouth of the Cave of Wonders.We enter as Aladdin takes his first step into a whole new world…

Part 2 by Tim Brayton

0:28:04 – Let's take just a minute to appreciate the atmospheric concision of this descent into the cave.First,we had a shot of Aladdin stepping over the tiger-god's teeth,dissolving into this beautiful wide shot of him (below) at the top of an impossible flight of stairs,a tiny bright dot in the overall gloom that shifts from cold blue to hot,threatening red as our eye glides down the lines of the composition.

Then another dissolve takes us to the foot of stairs,with Aladdin about to step into the heart of the cave.It's a swift,visually-driven way of taking us down into… Hell?It's hard to say just yet,but it creates a terrific sense of mystery,both promising and foreboding...

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Feb 11 2019

Red Carpet Lineup: The 20 Best BAFTA Looks

"Great gowns.Beautiful gowns
-Aretha Franklin

Let's talk BAFTA glamour,the last major movie awards show prior to the Oscars.亚博主页Who turned it out?We picked these 20,in roughly ascending order,as the best looks.What'cha think?

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Dec 26 2017

A Slightly Queer Take on "The Last Jedi"

This was originally published in Nathaniel's intermittent column at Towleroad.

There's a bit of a macro and micro thing happening at the movies.I'm not talking about Disney's new merchandising bonanza pairing those miniature "porgs"(think CGI puffins) with towering furry Chewbacca.No we speak of the wide release and limited release divide.Star Wars: The Last Jedihas been filling houses at over 4000 theaters and is obliterating the competition (already number #3 of the year in just 10 days) while a bunch ofOscar contendersare playing,not so quietly,in limited release gigs in their pursuit of golden statues.We'll talk about more of those again soon but first [cue yellow text crawl over space]Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

We now return to The Resistance (aka the proudly defiant "Rebel Scum") who are even easier to relate to know in December 2017 when it feels like the world will be ending any day with each new disastrous move from our own evil empire.(Sigh) If they can just harness the light side of the force,break through that one gerrymandered code,save that one cornered group of people,fetch Luke Skywalker,they might live to see another day...

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Dec 23 2017

Year in Review: 17 Wigs From 2017

Each day a new "year in review"angle.Here'sChris Feil...

Perhaps it's the return of RuPaul's Drag Race next month or the fact that we finally have Greta Gerwig in the Oscar race,but we've got wigs on the brain.While Oscar has nailed down the potentially nominated wiggery for theMakeup and Hairstyling category,it's worth reflecting that this year gave us far more glorious wig moments than can be captured in a single Oscar category.

From Michelle Williams's subtle 70s waves inAll the Money in the World,the white trash extravaganza ofI,Tonya,toThe Greatest Showman's candy confections,the movies had us shouting "WIG!"all year long.

Here are 17 memorable moments in wigs in 2017...

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Oct 29 2017

1944: The Three Caballeros

byTim Brayton

We're celebrating the cinema 1944 right now at the Film Experience,亚博主页and as the resident animation lover,how could I pass up the chance to take a look at that year's most wonderfully bizarre cartoon?I'm referring to Disney'sThe Three Caballeros,the studio's second feature-length contribution to the United States government's Good Neighbor policy during World War II.That program involved goodwill tours and films tailor-made for Latin American audiences,and in Disney's case,a combination of both: a research trip to South America with Walt Disney and several of his most important artists result in the creation of 1942'sSaludos Amigos,in which international icons Donald Duck and Goofy had fun visiting Brazil and Argentina,respectively,and learning all about the locals.

Saludos Amigosis a charming,slight movie (at 42 minutes,it severely tests the definition of the term "feature film"),and exactly what you'd anticipate from the description "the U.S.government paid Disney to make a film about how great people in South America are,in the fumbling,patronizing manner of 1940s Hollywood".

Its quasi-sequel is not that at all...

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Sep 07 2017

Thor Ragnarok Pride!

You guysThor Ragnarokis celebrating Gay Pride with its new character posters.Thanks,Marvel.It's not quite enough to forgive you for trying to throw us off the Cappy/Bucky romance with that weird kiss your lover's niece thing inCivil Warbut noted and appreciated.

Click on any of them to embiggen.

Okay,okay,nitpickers.This is probably just a celebration of the rainbow bridge to Asgard where Thor and family reside but we'll allow for the double meaning.

P.S.We did have to eject a poster of Anthony Hopkins to make this work but the designers made him so superfluous by repeating Loki's color and Hopkins is already filler inthat Emmy race he's inso he'll sit this one out!

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