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Apr 05 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: "Easter Parade"

If you have yet to join in the"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"series we urge you to participate next week on April 11th when we look at a movie you've surely seen:Snow White and the Seven Dwarves(1937).Last time we did an animated film we had a super turnout.All you have to do is 1) choose your favorite shot 2) post it on your blog,tumblr,site or pinterest page before next Wednesday night and 3)let me know.Presto,The Film Experience links up.亚博主页The first step,choosing your best shot,is the only hard part.

This week's film isEASTER PARADE(1948).

I love a perfect title.Easter Paradepromises exactly what it delivers.The Judy Garland / Fred Astaire musical features two actual easter parades which form a through line on which the film can hang its gowns and musical numbers.In the first Nadine (Ann Miller),Don Hewes' (Fred Astaire) ex-girlfriend and ex-dance partner,stops traffic with a smashing gown and the chic accessories that are her show dogs.Hewes,still hurt over the breakup promises his new partner Hannah (the immortal Judy Garland) that a year from thenshe'llbe the one that no one can take their eyes off of.But the title offers more than just these two holidays.The movie is an easter parade all by itself.The whole movie doubles as one big lavish procession of color.It's got all the yellows,greens,whites,blues,pinks and purples you could possibly expect from an easter movie and every other color in the rainbow,too.Like many real parades it's alternately amazing and garish but there's always something to gawk at for better and worse.

The "worse"would be a hateful brown and pink gown (gag) that may well be the ugliest thing I've ever seen on Judy Garland.The "best"might be the white into hot pink gown that Nadine just floats in near the climax when she attempts to take Don back from Hannah.

The two shots that thrilled me the most both exploded by focusing on only one particularly saturated color.The first of these was Ann Miller's bright yellow gloves and bright yellow tear away skirt in her jaw-dropping toe-tapping solo "Shakin' the Blues Away".

Keep dancing (and reading)

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Mar 23 2012

Don't Mess With Saoirse's Baby Blues!

The teaser trailer forThe Host,another dread Stephenie Meyers (Twilight) adaptation...

It begins by visually equating a possible apocalyptic danger to the earth with blue eyes and it ends with a series of eyes,all computer or contact enhanced toward possessed creepiness.

If you ask me it's entirely regrettable to fuck with Saoirse Ronan's unforgettable blues because they need no computer enhancement to spook and thrill.

I saw him.I saw him with my own eyes."

Jan 31 2012

What do the Oscar gowns of the past 22 years tell us?

It's something like an urban legend that actresses only wear gold to the Oscar ceremony if they think they are going to win.But check outthis frankly amazing infographic from US Dishfor lots of other interesting statistics regarding our favorite public thing (Oscars) and one of our secret favorite things: colorology.亚博主页

What pleasurable research hours they must have put in! They've broken down Supporting Actress and Actress gowns from 1990-2011 ceremonies to determine the top trends for the nominees based on designer,color,dress style,and hairdo.And they've crunched those numbers further to show which elements are most likely to appear with winners and losers.So,for instance,if you really really really want to win you should be wearing gold with your hair up in a floor length gown designed by Gautier.Or at the very least updo,floor-length,brown Randolph Duke!


It won't surprise you to hear that of the 200+ dresses of the nominees,black was worn most often (28% of the time) but I was mildly surprised to see that red was down in 4th place (8%).

I only wish they would have had a Streep Sidebar,since she's there the most frequently and it's actually really hard to find EVERY Oscar dress worn by one specific actress over the years.Not that I've tried b...okay,I've tried.Don't judge.

Jan 26 2012

The Art Direction I Live In

I always try to finish the "Oscar Categories"of my ownFilm Bitch Awardsbefore theOscar nominations.I was racing to the deadline,panting heavily,sweating profusely and then I collapsed.I am now crawling towards the finish line.If anything can revive me it's eye candy!Sohere are my nominees for Art Direction and Cinematography.I would post Costumes too but I'm still arguing with myself over 8 films.(So many worthy efforts!)

But while I have your eyeballs,I want to talk about one film in particular.Film is a visual medium so you'd think it would be a given that filmmakers would convey their themes and moods and characters visually.But many of them don't,relying on dialogue as exposition or voiceover profundities or leaning heavily on the gifts of their actors to get themes and nuances across.In other words,we have too few Pedro Almodóvars behind the camera.

In the two stills above fromThe Skin I Live In(which went without any Oscar nominations and was not submitted by Spain forBest Foreign Film) you can see how visually rich and how carefully planned every beat in an Almodóvar film is [MORE AFTER THE JUMP]

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Jan 20 2012

Review: "Haywire"

If you've ever wanted to see Ewan McGregor,Michael Fassbender or Channing Tatum punched in the face repeatedly,HAYWIREis your movie.At one time or another,the actors take quite a believable pummelling from rogue CIA agent Mallory (Gina Carano) in Steven Soderbergh's experimental action picture.Soderbergh first spotted his new muse,a real life mixed martial arts champ,while channel-surfing and was so transfixed he ended up building a feature around her.'Why can't there be a female James Bond?' went his reasoning.He must have meant it in a loose sense for Mallory is no Bond.She's not super verbal,isn't at all comfortable at elegant black tie events,and has no discernible signature catchphrase.She orders no martinis,neither shaken nor stirred.

Carano's lack of acting experience shows when she's not fighting but thankfully that isn't often.Soderbergh,ever a resourceful director,keeps forcing her to dodge bullets,fists,and sharp objects...

Read the rest at Towleroad

P.S.What movies will you be catching up with this weekend?Have you ever wanted to punch Ewan,Channing or Fassy in the face?