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Mar 03 2011

Oscar Gown Clearance Sale!

All dresses must go!!Low low prices !!!

Today is the official last day of Oscar 2010 posting (but for the mandatory podcast on Sunday) so to wrap things up, some random comments and some fashion highs and lows and why weHATEthe ubiquitous fashion term "on trend" even when Tim Gunn says it.

But let's start withINDECISION: Sharon Stone, Jennifer Hudson, Marisa Tomei, Mila Kunis... should we love or hate these looks.Help

Crazy Lady. Weight Watchers Success Story. "Sex Angel" and Dangerous Mila

Mila is giving the evil (smoky) eye in this photo. Who or what is she so pissed about? When the reporters asked JHud what color her dress was we wanted to shout out "If that's red I wanna know what's orange" but she answered tangerine orange which seems correct.

Unbest and Bestafter the jump我们已经介绍了提名(SUPPORTINGandLEAD) so they're not included.

Click to read more ...

Jan 18 2011

Red Carpet Globes: Crazy Helena, Peachy Stone, Powerful Fonda

You thought I forgot about the Red Carpet Lineup for the Golden Globes didn't you? No... I'm just moving a bit slowly after thatMarch of the Handsome Penguins。Why do I punish myself to make things pretty? "Do you even care about the pretty?" he screams into the virtual abyss, clawing at the heavy comment door.

Oh... and, uh,Merry Christmas?

CZJ, Sweet Lips, Globe Hopper, "Peggy"

Maybe that's why Tilda wished everyone Happy New Year from the stage. So many holiday gowns staring up at her.

What was with all the green? Is that what they call "on trend"? Green is my favorite color, give or take purple (The Joker is my color wheel) but that's a lot of green even for me. What to make of Elisabeth Moss's sculpted butterfly wing bosom? Meanwhile Angelina Jolie looks veryDynasty(that's a compliment) and Mila "Sweet Lips" Kunis finally steps up the glamour. Here's hoping she really breaks out on Oscar's red carpet,whether or not she's nominated。You know she's the kind of high profile young draw that they'll invite to present if people feel she's been snubbed.

And now we come to a category calledTrying Too Hard

Lea Michele, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Wilde, January JonesLea Micheleis weirdlyexactly likeRachel, herGlee角色,在红地毯上。她显然NEEDS the attention ( I feel you, Lea!) and she is always always "posing" and wearing yards and yards and yards of fabric. In fact, sometimes I wonder if it's elaborate performance art because her poses are exactly like the kind one makes in one's mirror whilst dreaming of becoming a celebrity and walking the red carpet: Here's Sexy, Silly -gotcha! (I'm so versatile), now Sultry and goddess walk... Strut!;Jennifer Lawrenceis going to be an exciting red carpet fixture (if her career goes well) but she seems a bit young for this look -- wouldn't you love to see Julianne Moore in that?;Olivia Wilde(Tron Legacy) was obviously going for the "wow" but there's something about it that's too obvious. And the hair with that dress? Doesn't work; Finally I really admireJanuary Jonesperpetual riskiness on the red carpet but this one is just crazy: boobs in bondage, bold red dress, black shoes, half dress underneath fringe???

But believe it or not I actually mean "trying too hard" as a compliment. At least they're trying! (I'm typing this while wearing purple longjohns, bright blue socks and a burgundy sweater. I look hateful color blind or maybe homeless. But it's laundry day. I never try.)

Do any of you feelHelena Bonham Carterwas trying too hard?

I think she's one of the best dressed personally because it's out there and she kept posing with her feet crossed as to draw attention to her color clash shoes. In this way it's her own swan dress... albeit less avant garde rock genius and more eccentric cat lady down the street.

And now, a category that really requires your input.

The 'I'm Not Sure What To Think Of This' Bunch.

Julianne, Michelle, Natalie and EmmaJulianne Mooreis one of the most beautiful women in the world and as the least color cautious redhead in the world one must always look forward to what she wears. But I thinkthiscolor maybe is an error for her. What say you?; When I first saw this gown onMichelle Williamswhilst live blogging I made a dumb joke about her wearing a shower curtain and then I laughed heartily atWesley Morris's tweet

Michelle Williams is playing Carey Mulligan in 'The Mia Farrow Story'

But the more I look at it the more I am weirdly in love with it. I also hatedNatalie Portman's ensemble at first but aside from the nightmarishly large and way too red applique to end all appliques the color of the gown is beautiful and both hair are makeup is perfect. Maybe it's nitpicky to hate the rose but the rose is really trying to be the whole look;Emma Stone's dress has an insanely beautiful line and it makes her look so serene in her new blazing stardom. But the color with her skintone and her new hair? Not sure.

What's your verdict?

Okay on toUnbest Dressed

don't understand any of these choices.

I complained aboutSandra B's bangs,哈雷's Demi-Moore inspired skirt andMegan Fox's slit up to her crotchduring the live blog。Regarding the latter, this picture is too flattering -- it went way up there. Not classy. It's not like the guys walk around with their shirts open down below their belly button). The color is also all wrong;.Julia Stileslooks like a saloon girl in mourning;Jacki Weaverwho I love love love (don't forget) seems to just be heading out to some special work dinner rather than a glamorous event. Although to be fair I guess this is a special work dinner for celebrities. Maybe if the dress had been longer?

Now there were far worse looks than this but I was trying to restrict myself to movie celebrities.

Here are my choices. I think the key word is "effortless".

Hathaway, Kidman, Jolie, Steinfeld, Fonda

If you've seenLove & Other Drugsor, have eyeballs, you know thatAnne Hathawayhas a killer body. This year, especially, she seems to be loving it. I thought this dress was made of shiny buttons at first and then I heard CDs but even if it's only garden variety sequins supersized, I just love it;Nicole KidmanIS the glamour. The dress is but accessory; BetweenAngelina Jolieand legendaryJane FondaI guess shoulder pads are back. Both of them look like the divas they are but I especially love that Fonda's is a bit sci-fi.Barbarella, bitches. Or as Claire Danes might say "HOLLA" ; And finally, consider me mortified thatHailee Steinfeldis already an old pro at dressing for the red carpet. She has not yet put a foot wrong, nor has she repeated herself. And she's a novice! What the hell is going on?

Agree or Disagree, tell in the comments. Who was your single best and worst dressed?

I know you're wearing your fashion police badge.

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