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"Great performances in really incredible films by the great genius, Rainer Werner Fassbinder."戴斯。莱纳姆:

"I find Fassbinder the least accessible by far of all the great filmmakers... Marriage of Maria Braun is his deepest and most devastating film (not just his most 'popular' as it's usually dismissed). "-Vigo


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Jan 04 2012

Beauty Break: Ewan in Blue

GQis selling blue as the color of the moment. I tend to wear purples and greens -- not "The Joker" saturation levels, mind -- and browns but whateverEwan McGregorsells I'm eager to buy so perhaps if I ever go shopping again, it'll beblue blue blue.

Just看着at Ewan McGregor raises my melatonin levels. In 2005 I placed him on a ten favorites of the decade list as my least analytical choice. I just respond to him is all. I wrote...

He rises up jubilantly. I don't care if this sounds cheesy or sentimental but Ewan makes me feel and smile.

有些演员我们与代理身份。We want to be them or see the story through their eyes. In the case of McGregor I find I'm always the other characters. I'm always with him. In the 90s when he first came to fame I was rooming with him in a conspiratorial way, painting words on his body, rocking out like a lustful fanboy at his concerts, or killing time and brain cells with him in illegal ways (just like his co-stars inShallow Grave, Pillowbook, Velvet Goldmine, and Trainspotting)On this last: he's the only actor for whom I would dive into a toilet bowl.

I'm only sharing this to set up the quintessential film in my personal history with Ewan McGregor: Moulin Rouge! The apotheosis for me is probably the "Elephant Love Medley" scene. Like Nicole Kidman's 'Satine' I usually start out trying to resist him (my critical/cynical self usually in control). As he keeps battering away at my defenses with his unique spark, humor, and openheartedness (both as character and actor), I eventually start to cave. I resist, I complain, I explain all the reasons why not. But before long I am totally his.

It still applies.More New Blue Ewan after the jump

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Nov 20 2011

One Hundred Years of Linkitude

24 Framesa glowing profile of Shailene Woodley inThe Descendantswho is looking more and more like a real Supporting Actress contender. Alexander Payne even compares her to a young Debra Winger.
Empirefun investigation of the parallels between Joss Whedon's The Avengers and the Whedonverse itself (Buffy and the like)
Animation Magazinedigs into the Oscar race for Best Animated Film
NY PostApparently Terrence Malick is a comedy loving Ben Stiller fan. Who'da thunk it.
VarietyWeird but true. Scarlett Johansson directing a Truman Capote novella

Rope of Siliconlikes the cinematography ofWe Need To Talk About Kevin, RampartandShame。。。and I come away singing Fiona Apple...

But he's been pretty much yellow
And I've been cryin' blue
Red, red, red, red, red now
What am I to do

Ugh, I miss Fiona Apple so much some times. What happened to her?

Cinema Blend看一个艺术家变换鲁尼玛拉到利斯贝思萨兰德对他的iPad一根手指。
Scene Stealerslists the bestparodies online.
Socialite LifeMila Kunis kept her promise and attended that Marine Corps Ball. Good on her.
Coming Soon更蜘蛛侠一组照片
GothamistEdward Scissorhands on the F train
Tom Shoneturns out not everyone loves Martin Scorsese'sHugo.
GuardianUK readers can seeA Separation现在DVD /蓝光。无论如何,。我爱this quote from the Guardian capsule:

It's not so much world cinema as world class."

Tom Munrocheck out his awesome photoshoot of Madonna and Andrea Riseborough forW。E.

Off Cinema
Salonunveils their People-adjacent list of the year's sexiest men. No movie stars or Bradley Cooper allowed though we're very pleased to see the wonderful director Cary Fukunaga (Jane Eyre)on the list. I was also happy to see Marcus Samuellson, star chef, make the list. He touched our table the very first time we ate at his new restaurant Red Rooster in Harlem. It's delicious and afforable, a combo that you can't beat. Try it if you're ever in NYC.
TowleroadMore divalicious links over there... if you want this link party to keep on rolling...

Nov 12 2011

Review: "J. Edgar"

Disclaimer #1: This reviews briefly talks about the ending but... duh. It's history.
Disclaimer #2: Everyone has biases and the only people who tend to get in trouble about them are the ones that admit them like me. Generally speaking I think biopics are the dullest of film genres and it takes a strong artistic voice to overcome their persistent nagging limitations. Generally speaking I do not love the work of Clint Eastwood. Though many critics feel duty bound to praise even his most obvious misfires, I've been accused of the exact opposite approach though I liked all four of his modern Best Picture grabs... (just not in the way Oscar did.)
Disclaimer #3:Clint Eastwood makes me sad because --though this isnothis fault-- he has ruined many famous film critics for me. My favorite living filmmaker is Pedro Almodóvar but I didn't try to pretend thatBroken Embraces, Live Flesh,orThe Skin I Live Inwere masterpieces. I don't trust anyone who can't see Eastwood's weaknesses as a filmmaker, his inability to vary up his visual ideas, the uneven "we did it in one take!" acting (it shows), and so on...

If you've already tuned out I understand and forgive you. That's too many disclaimers but one must approach the ceaselessly idolized Clint Eastwood with caution. Extreme caution is also recommended when approaching J. Edgar Hoover, the infamous half century FBI overlord and mean SOB. "J. Edgar" who is played from sixteen (?) to death byL. DiCapriois also, as it turns out, an unreliable narrator.J Edgar(2011)深知何时揭示它这虽然古怪守口如瓶的。而不是鼓励我们来看看男人和他从一开始就临床大眼睛的动作,它鼓励与groaner上的按钮状线的同情“无钦佩的量可以填补其中的爱,应该待的地方。”事实上,它包含的视图标题男人的点,他讲述了整个电影这样的程度 - 的老groaner设备“讲述他的故事留给后人。”他的观点来看唯一的点,这样即使是他长寿的“朋友”克莱德·托尔森(艾米·汉莫)首先仅视为闭门造车来势汹汹的影子,什么见不得人的。二加小时的同情后,听他的行为道歉(but his mommy hated the gays -- naturally he was fucked up!)he is clumsily retrofitted at the tail end as the movie's Keyser Soze of sorts, only less purely evil on account of all the sad little boy business. But yes, he's been lying all along... or fibbing, if you're still feeling sympathetic.

虽然剧本需要另外几易其稿的厉害,因为一些小的演出需要额外的花费,有电影也有可能是短暂的闪烁。查尔斯·林德伯格和约翰·迪林格的故事情节,例如,有足够的自行填补电影。我们知道这一点,因为他们已经为优于电影制作J. Edgar。尽管几十年来这个确凿证据的警告制片人的“一切!”接近,J. Edgarfalls for the typical bio-traps. Movies are shorter than novels and definitely shorter than entire human lives and must thuschoosewhich elements are worth dramatizing. InsteadJ. Edgar,like so many bios before it, crams itself full with cliff notes instead of truly absorbing the text and breathing its ideas.J. Edgarclings tomanyof the famous storylines and its own suppositions about them as desperately as Hoover clings to Tolson. But it's not just their manly love that's unconsummated; this whole movie has blue balls. Just as you become invested in one chapter or detail, you've lept ahead or backwards and on to another. No one involved in the production ever seems to decided what they found interesting about the material other than "ALL OF IT!"

对于他们来说,演员们做什么,他们可以与聚焦材料。莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥,永远喜欢打苦恼的人,给它自己的一切,但没有到达魅力精度或感觉,当材料更侧重于娱乐比严重署理他可以打深度。(简而言之,我们正在失去迪卡普里奥的电影明星迪卡普里奥“主戏剧”,这是一个奇耻大辱。)艾米·汉莫是在梦幻般的常春藤同性恋赶上他在早期的场景扮演,但失去了他的路不止擅长有一次,他在玩角色远远超出了他自己的年龄。他磅和假肢的磅裹着真实(也许他无法看到他的成绩?化妆师为什么认为“老”是指130?为什么他看起来比朱迪·丹奇?以上)娜奥米·沃茨,谁需要什么but但在她的简历多了一个惨淡的电影,是在几乎所有后果。虽然她体现了“忠诚” - 我们知道,因为胡佛传告诉我们只是在不断的旁白 - 你可以离开她的剪刀手的地板,而不是损失多少。最后,虽然她是在它的小,朱迪·丹奇走开整个事情与她有关“水仙花”毁灭性的绝情母亲的儿子闲聊。它是明显的,残忍的代码“不要成为一个仙人!”虽然她知道她的儿子已经是一个。

"Is that legal?"最后,虽然,什么电影负担为重的极端假肢必须打压锤和迪卡普里奥是其绝对的joylessness。再次克林特·伊斯特伍德迟钝plinks外出在关键时刻的钢琴,而不是雇用谁能够提升这部电影的东西更强大和充满感情深浅不同的作曲家。由汤姆·斯特恩低迷的摄影,也同样单调的,除了感觉到是一个实用的单色。另一个伊斯特伍德图片都失去了颜色。黑白电影中做过,所以如果你想使黑白电影中最美丽的电影,有它;完善的恋情!但是,没有这个的“颜色太花哨!”商业。

Even the early most playful scenes wherein J. Edgar and Clyde are becoming intertwined lack the spark that you can only see in Armie Hammer's eyes. You could stretch and say that the film's entirely bleak aesthetic is meant to represent the joylessness of Hoover's life only if you've never seen a recent Clint Eastwood. That's just how they always look. The movie is an über-drag, long before J Edgar is softly whimpering in his mamma's dress.d +

Nov 07 2011

Thoughts I Had While Reading Harry Potter's "CONSIDER..."

ThisHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2"Consider..."FYC booklet arrived in the mail a couple of days ago so I thought I'd read it with you. Aren't I considerate?! I can't scan it in as it's too heavy and bound tight to open flat. Expensive paper but then with those billion grosses they've got plenty of money to burn on a campaign.

So here we go...

I wish that you could see Melissa Leo in a fur coat reflected in his lenses!

okay, let's write this thing up.点击继续,如果你想陪读 it's long and photoriffic.

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九月 20 2011

Links: 2011 Lists, Avatar Rides, W.E. Edits, Drive Colors,

The Wraphave you heard this big news? Florida is getting anAvatar主题公园。佛罗里达只是充斥着主题公园,是吗?他们怎么能在发性事的工作?
In ContentionNow officially moved to the HitFix family. Check it out.
Movie|Linethe movie Brad Pitt wants to be remembered for is... ??? Really? A personal pick I see.
Fuck Yeah DementiaI loled at this reworked moment from闪灵。[通过]
超文化onCrazy, Stupid, Love。没关系希望到f ***瑞恩·高斯林。社会是这么说的!

My New Plaid Pantsdiscovers the Evil Gay (Rob James Collier) in the Emmy winningDowton修道院。And loves him.
Han Cinema我们一直在想,如果我们想看到奥斯卡的动画弱池资格任何外国动画片今年呢?不知道这可能是一个King of Pigsfrom South Korea.
The AV ClubandPopWatchboth wonder if it isn't time that we all let go ofStar Wars.As someone who grew up with them, seeing them in first release, I understand this issue too well.
Low Resolution,taking尼克的弗里克精选cue, is making a best of the first 50 he saw this year. Interesting and fine choices for acting honors including myHigher Groundgals (看到以前的采访
Some Came Runningon Cronenberg'sA Dangerous Methodand the notion of what's cinematic. Interesting read for sure though I quit halfway through as it'll be better once i've seen the movie in question. My online reading is increasingly developing this pattern so my link lists are becoming cataloguing lists given that bloggers tend to write about movies so far in advance of your ability to actually see them.

Finally...since we're obsessed withDrivethis week

Her breasts aren't real! Just sayin'.

扫描仪I was just about to post this very framegrab from theDrive预告片。我没有注意到它,直到我无意中在这一刻有一天,看着一切的模糊乳房冻结框。大声笑。这是在电影(我最喜欢的一个场景非常breasty SETPIECE;喜欢表演脱衣舞集体僵尸是perfection)但这里揭开序幕观察主机约的调色板Drive:蒂尔,粉红,橙色和器官smic but nonsexual relationship with red.

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