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Oct 29 2017

1944: The Three Caballeros

byTim Brayton

We're celebrating the cinema 1944 right now at the Film Experience,亚博主页and as the resident animation lover,how could I pass up the chance to take a look at that year's most wonderfully bizarre cartoon?I'm referring to Disney'sThe Three Caballeros,the studio's second feature-length contribution to the United States government's Good Neighbor policy during World War II.That program involved goodwill tours and films tailor-made for Latin American audiences,and in Disney's case,a combination of both: a research trip to South America with Walt Disney and several of his most important artists result in the creation of 1942'sSaludos Amigos,in which international icons Donald Duck and Goofy had fun visiting Brazil and Argentina,respectively,and learning all about the locals.

Saludos Amigosis a charming,slight movie (at 42 minutes,it severely tests the definition of the term "feature film"),and exactly what you'd anticipate from the description "the U.S.government paid Disney to make a film about how great people in South America are,in the fumbling,patronizing manner of 1940s Hollywood".

Its quasi-sequel is not that at all...

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Sep 07 2017

Thor Ragnarok Pride!

You guysThor Ragnarokis celebrating Gay Pride with its new character posters.Thanks,Marvel.It's not quite enough to forgive you for trying to throw us off the Cappy/Bucky romance with that weird kiss your lover's niece thing inCivil Warbut noted and appreciated.

Click on any of them to embiggen.

Okay,okay,nitpickers.This is probably just a celebration of the rainbow bridge to Asgard where Thor and family reside but we'll allow for the double meaning.

P.S.We did have to eject a poster of Anthony Hopkins to make this work but the designers made him so superfluous by repeating Loki's color and Hopkins is already filler inthat Emmy race he's inso he'll sit this one out!

Aug 27 2017

Interview: Grace & Frankie's Emmy-nominated costume designers

by Nathaniel R

One of the most satisfying moments of Emmy nomination morning was the contemporary costume nomination forGrace & Frankie.The Netflix sitcom starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin is hot off its third and best season.The writers and creative team seem to know the characters and their interpersonal dynamics,in and out at this point.That intimacy is abundanctly evidence in the terrific costuming.Until the television Academy split off their costume design category into period and contemporary,their was little opportunity for designers who specialize in contemporary clothing to be honored no matter how strong their work - exceptions likeSex and the Citywere all too rare.

I had the opportunity to discussGrace & Frankie's worthy and vibrant work with its three nominees Allyson B Fanger the costume designer,Heather Pain,her assistant costume designer,and Lori DeLapp the costume supervisor.Their overlapping answers,despite their separate duties,and light ribbing over the abundance of statement piece jewelry worn by Frankie were ample evidence that they're totally in synch.

That's true whether or not their subjects Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) are seeing eye to eye in any given episode...

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Aug 08 2017

"I only need one of you to help me"

...please decide between yourselves."

Jun 11 2017

Q&A: Best Musicals,Pick of Ensemble Litter,Jamie Lee Curtis, Etc...

I promised a round of reader questions a couple of weeks back and here's the first round of answers.Ready?Let's go.

JAMES FROM AMES: Thoughts on the four musicals up for the Tony this year (editors note: TONIGHT)?What's your favorite musical from this century?

Alas,I cannot answer part one of this question as I've only seen one of them (Groundhog Day) which I thought was very well staged with a sensational lead performance by Andy Karl but the best score nomination feels...let's say "generous".But we have reviewed a few of the nominated productionsright here.Funds have been terribly tight this year so not much theater.The other part of the question is (slightly) easier to answer.The best new musicals of the new century...don't make me pick just one.My top 12 in alpha order since I couldn't decide which to jettison.I wish they could all be movies...or most of them,that is.If they already have a film adaptation they're marked with an asterisk.

The list and questions aboutGosford Park,color vs black and white cinema,and more after the jump...

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