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May 23 2017

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: "Moonlight"

by Nathaniel R

Little and Juan framed by nature

A truth: No matter how much you love a movie on first viewing,what makes it become a classic,a masterpiece even,is less predictable.That's in how it endures and oft times whether it can keep giving you new information.Aging,even for non-living things like a movie which is already "complete,"before it begins that process,is tricky.But after a handful of screenings ofMoonlightover the past nine months,it's quite obvious that the film (not to mention its surprise Best Picture win) will age spectacularly well.A prediction: We're just barely getting to know its marvel.

TheHit Me With Your Best Shot seriesinitially started as an idea to honor Cinematography but film is so collaborative and complex that that's not how it turned out.It's ended up being more of amise-en-scèneappreciation ...sometimes the images that grab you are lighting based,other times it's the perfect marriage of a sound and picture,and then there are performances so indelible that they even become the primary iconic visual.BecauseMoonlightis rich inallof its moving parts,I opted to just look at the first act (for now).And I did something I never do: I watched it with the sound turned off...

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May 12 2017

Pedro Party: All About My Mother

It's a Pedro Party all week.Here's Lynn Lee on her introduction to Almodóvar...

To all actresses who have played actresses.  To all women who act.  To men who act and become women.  To all the people who want to be mothers.  To my mother."

All About My Motherwas the first Almodovar film I ever saw,and as it happens,I saw it with my own mother.  I don't remember why I picked it for us to see together.  It certainly wasn't because of the title or because I thought it would be something she'd particularly like.  In fact,if I'd thought about it more,I might have been anxious that she would find it too outré.  Or for that matter,thatIwould;as both a movie lover and a young adult,I was just beginning to learn what was out there and how far it stretched beyond my own personal experience.

To our credit,or rather to Almodovar's,there was no reason for such trepidation...

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Mar 27 2017

The Furniture: A Tarot Reading with "The Love Witch"

"The Furniture"is our weekly series on Production Design.You can click on the images to see them in much more magnified detail.Here'sDaniel Walber...

Over the last year,I've written about a fair number films in which the costume design and production design are intimate companions.The Taming of the Shrewis themost recent example,a visual cornucopia that underlines Zeffirelli's tendency to paint people and props with the same brush.Yet that flamboyant director was not actually the credited costume designer or production designer.His style,like that of most filmmakers,was the result of artistic collaboration.

Not so forThe Love Witch,a much more literal "singular vision."Director Anna Biller worked as both production designer and costume designer for her film,as well as art director,set decorator,editor,composer,writer and producer.The film's strikingly unified aesthetic certainly can be attributed to this herculean labor,but that's hardly the only impact.The magic ofThe Love Witchis in its details,the cumulative effect of Biller's meticulous and varied craft.

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Nov 23 2016

Manuel Gives Thanks!

Manuelhere.This is now mythirdyeargiving thanks as part of the TFE team and it really is a gift to be part of such a wonderful group of writers and commenters.One should always give thanks in front of food,so be sure to order some Cuban food from the hot Miami cook in the back.

This year,I'm thankful for...

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Nov 22 2016

Lynn Gives Thanks

Let's face it: this is a difficult year for many of us to be thankful – at least if we're focusing on the news (and how could we not?).  2016 has taken so much and so many from the world,it's hard not to greet Thanksgiving with the kind of benediction Wendy (Christina Ricci) delivered inThe Ice Storm...

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