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Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Jia Zhang-ke(灰是最纯净的白色)


八月 29 2016

The Furniture: Wiener-Dog's Sickly Green Cages


维纳狗is a deceptive movie. It is technically a sequel to Todd Solondz’s cult classicWelcome to the Dollhouse,但仅限于有关其运行时间的四分之一。它实际上是一个文集,围绕一个可爱的,坚忍的腊肠犬的往往是悲惨的生活建成。每站距离最后,每一个新的角色在孤独和痛苦略有不同的即兴完全独立的。


维纳狗makes it out, but the cage lingers...

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七月 06 2016

Interview: That Neon-Loving Demon, Nicolas Winding Refn

尼古拉斯·温丁·雷弗恩。由汤姆篮球摄对于实验室杂志尼古拉斯·温丁·雷弗恩,the Danish auteur whose made a career of candy colored violent films after grimier movies at home, is both exactly what you'd expect and unexpected. The expected: he's a little bit eccentric pacing the room rather than sitting, a little intimidating, and a little impish -- it's difficult to know if he truly means what he says in some instances, or if he has just mastered the art of provocation. The unexpected: he's relatively friendly, surprisingly generous about his collaborators despite the auteur's ego, very tall, thin and surprisingly attractive, something you wouldn't necessarily think since he's so often been photographed with inhuman gods like Ryan Gosling who make everyoneother movie stars look crumpled and basic.



NATHANIEL: Let's talk about your opening scene. It's such a bold tableau. Did you ever worry you were coming on too strong. Like 'how will I top that first image?'

NICOLAS WINDING REFN: I'm setting the stage knowing that, if you look through the film, you'll see the same dynamic in all the other scenes of death and beauty.

NATHANIEL: So you're laying the theme.

NWR:我对上铺设的主题。大多数电影 - 在大众媒体评书 - 启动缓慢,介绍。最终,它会在第一幕某种戏剧性的点。这意味着第二幕是我们如何解决它,第三幕是分辨率。但我并不认为这是正确的顺序...

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22 2016


Just as there are films that shine bright in a star's history, there are also films whose histories are controversial at best.海盗is an odd contradiction of a movie. As one of Judy Garland's most expensive films, it was also her first MGM bust. Released two years after childrearing had put Judy on hiatus, it was nonetheless stuck in preproduction for five years before that. While it landed Judy another hit song, the knockoff written four years later would become a classic. Though海盗was the loudest, brightest movie Judy had made to date, its most interesting sequences were left on the cutting room floor. What to do with海盗

The Movie:海盗(1948, MGM)
The Players:Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, The Nicholas Brothers, directed by Vincente Minnelli

故事:海盗must have seemed cursed from the start. By the time Vincente Minnelli started filming, it had already been stuck in pre-production hell since 1943. This meant that even though Minnelli tried to keep costs down, enough money had already been sunk into it that the budget ballooned to almost $5 million. Judy wasn't helping either - she reported sick to work 99 times. Then there was the issue of reshoots. The song "Voodoo" apparently enraged Mayer so much that he ordered the nitrate negative burned. The ending was a mess and had to be reshot. Thenthatending got the boot in the South because it featured black men tapdancing

All of these production problems took their toll, and the resulting movie is a little bit of a beautiful mess. Nonetheless, there are three reasons to see this movie:

  1. It's the first A Movie appearance of the Nicholas Brothers
  2. Vincente Minnelli makes really beautiful color movies
  3. Judy Garland throws china like a red-haired Bucky Walters

然而,这使电影著名场面“做一个小丑。”正如前面提到的,它会成为一个温和的命中朱迪,但真正打出来四年后,当Judy的朋友唐纳德·奥康纳在唱“制作它们笑”雨中曲。Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed whipped up the song while trying to find a number for O'Connor. Luckily for them, Cole Porter was under MGM contract and wasn't feeling particularly litigious. While Judy would continue to sing the original throughout her career, ultimately雨中曲由弗里德的版本更受欢迎。即使是伟大的天才无法跟上海盗from sinking.

May 23 2016

The Furniture: Black Narcissus's Maddening Matte Paintings

“家具”是我们对产品设计周系列。这里的丹尼尔Walber. .


Black Narcissus是一组谁跋涉在喜马拉雅山一个废弃的宫殿悬崖上建立一个新的修道院修女圣公会的故事。德博拉·克尔,电影最稳定的尼姑,是姐姐Clodagh,年轻的妈妈更胜一筹。她的任务是从一开始就注定了,当然,虽然不一定是因为当地人拒绝他们的存在。相反,它是压垮他们的情绪,并打破了自己的信仰,他们的誓言景观。


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May 09 2016

The Furniture: Joy's Emerald City of Home Shopping

“家具”是我们对产品设计周系列。这里的丹尼尔WalberonJoy,now available on DVD and Bluray

It seems impossible that production designer Judy Becker has only received a single Oscar nomination, if not supremely unfair as well. At the very least, she should have snagged a second nomination forCarol。Her resume includes such diverse triumphs asWe Need to Talk About KevinBrokeback MountainShameandI’m Not There,以及整齐的早信用作为斯派克·李的一套梳妆台马尔科姆X。And so it seems totally appropriate that Becker is the first production designer to merit a repeat appearance in 'The Furniture'.

贝克尔的最富有成效的合作,已经与大卫罗素。她自从上他的特点每个人的工作The Fighter她赢得了她的孤独奥斯卡提名美国骗局。Her sets forJoy,particularly the charismatic QVC studio at the film’s core, are among the best design work of last year. They also make quite a one-two punch withCarol贝克尔表示美国购物的文体基础一个显着的亲和性。[More...]

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