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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Mar 07 2019

Links: Mike & Maleficent & Marvel & The Mother

Spirit Airlinesare decorating their planes to "soar"withDumbo.That seems like a costly promotion,there!
Slantranks all the Marvel films.I found this interesting because it's a) insane and b) the people they've assigned to write up the movies dont necessarily agree with their ranking in the list so it's weirdly schizophrenic
/Filmconfusing and bizarre history ofCaptain Marvelin the comic books
THRIdris Elba in talks to replace Will Smith in theSuicide Squadsequel

After the jumpMaleficent 2's teaser poster,Gregg Araki's new series,Rock Hudson,Magic Mikecasting,and more...

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Dec 15 2018

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Reviewed

Every Saturday this month,Timwill be taking a look at one of the films submitted for theAPP亚博娱乐 .

Fans of Marvel's iconic hero Spider-Man have had a packed 2018,between Tom Holland's third big-screen turn as the character inAvengers: Infinity Warand Tom Hardy's role as the antihero Eddie Brock in the conspicuously Spider-Man-lessVenom.But the best has very much been saved for last,in the form ofSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,a new animated feature that's easily the best Spider-Man movie sinceSpider-Man 2(2004) back in the distant early days of the modern superhero movie boom.

The film is the first big-screen adventure of Miles Morales (Shameik Moore),who first appeared in comic books in 2011 as a new Spider-Man following the temporary death of Peter Parker.He's a Brooklyn teenager,awkwardly fitting into life at an elite boarding school,living in perpetual chagrin at the overbearing authority of his cop dad (Brian Tyree Henry),and expressing himself through graffiti art (one of the things his dad is specifically overbearing about).And if that was all he ever was or did,Into the Spider-Versewould still put up a good argument for itself as a more than worthy movie...

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Jan 20 2018

GLAAD Nominees,Iceman,and Professor Marston

by Nathaniel R

This just in.The GLAAD nominations for portrayals of the LGBT community are out.This is a different group than the critics group that I vote with (the one from lgbt entertainment journalists) and their focus is less on quality -- or it has been in the past -- than on battling homophobia and fighting for inclusion.Their full name gives you their raison d'etre history: the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.They've made significant blunders in their years (supportingI Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larrywould still rankle if anyone still remembered the film) but let's not hold that against them since we love that their purview is so wide (music,comic books,everything) and their purpose admirable.

The film nominees go like so...

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Jul 19 2017

YNMS: Professor Marston & The Wonder Women

by Nathaniel R

Well,the timing couldn't be better.The producers behindProfessor Marston and the Wonder Womenmust be pinching themselves thatWonder Womanhas been such an inarguable smash hit.It might -- though the public is stubborn about trying new movies out that aren't CGI based or sequels -- generate some box office interest in this biopic about the man who created the fictional Amazon princess.Luke Evans plays the Professor and the women (yes,plural) in his life are Bella Heathcote and Rebecca Hall.

Trailer and Yes No Maybe So™ breakdown after the jump...

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Apr 07 2017

Hugo Nominees 2017

Like many awards groups the Hugo Awards (which specialize in sci-fi literature) have been the subject of controversy over the years.That's not just in terms of nominees but the voting process itself.But as window dressing for those of us who like sci-fi but aren't immersed in that world firmly,so to speak,they still make for a handy list of reading suggestions!I'm going to try a couple of these since I needed some new books to read.

They have two screen movie/tv related categories,too,so Arrival has a chance to win something else (crosses fingers)

[Note: If there's a bold link,the nominee is free to enjoy online.Regular links go to Amazon.We're an affiliate so if you purchase anything after clicking over (and some of these are quite inexpensive) The Film Experience gets an eensy-weensy little kickback.]亚博主页

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)

  • Arrival,(21 Laps Entertainment/FilmNation Entertainment/Lava Bear Films)
  • Deadpool(Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Marvel Entertainment/Kinberg Genre/The Donners' Company/TSG Entertainment)
  • Ghostbusters(Columbia Pictures/LStar Capital/Village Roadshow Pictures/Pascal Pictures/Feigco Entertainment/Ghostcorps/The Montecito Picture Company)
  • Hidden Figures(Fox 2000 Pictures/Chernin Entertainment/Levantine Films/TSG Entertainment)
  • Rogue One(Lucasfilm/Allison Shearmur Productions/Black Hangar Studios/Stereo D/Walt Disney Pictures)
  • Stranger Things,Season One,(21 Laps Entertainment/Monkey Massacre)

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