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Aug 17 2018

Showbiz History: Wild at Heart,Treasure Island,Superbad, Etc...

A dozen random things that happened on this day (Aug 17th) in showbiz history...

1920Maureen O'Hara born on this day in Dublin.We've written about her frequently.We ♥️.

1934The first (of many) sound film adaptations ofTreasure Islandthe novel opens in movie theaters starring Oscar winners Lionel Barrymore and Wallace Beery,along with child star Jackie Cooper,himself already an Oscar nominee...the youngest Best Actor nominee of all time in point of fact.Cooper and Berry had previously co-starred in the instant classic tearjerkerThe Champ(1931)  so the advertising pushed the reunion hard...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Jun 22 2015

The Many Faces of Ann Dowd ~ 25 Years in Film & TV

As this new week begins,I need to take a moment to express gratitude for what made last week special.Ann Dowdwas gracious with her time and thoughts for a special guest blog day.In case any of you missed it,it was neat to get an insight intoher work onThe Leftovers,hear abouther teenage reaction toRomeo & Juliet, andmore.I particularly enjoyed her comments on falling in love with acting andadvice for young actors.Regarding the latter, I'm not an actor but it resonated with me strongly and I think it's great advice for any career that requires risk,heart,soul,and the ability to handle considerable peaks and valleys.

Which is quite a few careers if you stop to think about it.

Ann Dowd's film and television career began in earnest 25 years ago in 1990 with a role in the Golden Globe Comedy winnerGreen Cardand guest appearances on two different TV seriesThe Days and Nights of Molly DoddandThe Baby-Sitter's Club.

this is just scratching the surface

Her gallery of characters has been growing ever since but with critical raves and a few prizes for her riveting film-carrying work as a duped fast food manager inCompliance(2012) audiences finally starting putting a name to the face.Ever since we've been blessed with more and more of her.The Leftoverswas arguably her greatest showcase yet.If Emmy voters don't notice what casting directors already have,it'll be their loss.

What's your favorite Ann Dowd character and did her Guest Blog Day make you long for more peeks into your favorite character actors?(I'll take suggestions)

Jun 18 2015

Ann Dowd: Quick Notes on Six Roles

The Film Experience is proud to turn today over to the great actress Ann Dowd.亚博主页Enjoy...

The cast of "Garden State"

- by Ann Dowd

Nathaniel tells me these are his favorite characters from my filmography and since I've taken over亚博主页for the day,here are quick notes on each.

"Olivia"inGarden State(2004)
Loved.Zach Braff really had it together- wrote,directed,starred in.He was very clear about what he wanted which is always a pleasure.

"Cookie Kelly"inFreaks and Geeks(2000)
Hysterical.Writers,actors,everybody was talented and young and funny.I love that role - she was delicious and twisted.

"Sister Maureen 'Mo' Brody"inNothing Sacred(1997)
Sister Maureen was a wonderful role,so well written,a lovely cast.I have two aunts who are Catholic Ursuline sisters so I know something about that world – how educated they are,how generous and caring and complicated they are.The way the role was conceived by Bill Cain reflected the truth about that world and it was a pleasure to work on it.

Another beautifully written role.I have tremendous empathy for that character,not having a guidance system of her own.How derailed her life became.Great director Craig Zobel.

"Estabrooks Masters" inMasters of Sex(2013)
Oh my gosh,what I remember most about the first season is just the feeling of hitting that ground running.Michelle Ashford's writing is great.A really terrific cast - Michael Sheen,Lizzy Caplan,Caitlin FitzGerald.The stories were very strong and I love the character of Estabrooks.She's clear and unfaltering and also able to admit her mistakes,apologize and then move forward.Loved her.

"Patti"inThe Leftovers(2014)
We already spoke at length about this rolebut there was a lot of camarederie on set with Amy,Liv,and Justin.The atmosphere was so surreal -- keep in mind that sometimes we were shooting in the middle of the night in the cul-de-sac somewhere 45 minutes out of the city -- no sense of time or space.On one of the first days of shooting the first A.D.Vebe Borgedidn't speak in solidary with the Guilty Remnant.How's that for commitment?

Dec 18 2012

Beasts of the Precursor Wild

New Podcast ~ Part 2 of 2
[Part 1 Here]
When we left off we were talking about the Globe Comedy and SAG Ensemble nods specifically and now the conversation continues.We turn to two films which could receive several nominations or none:The MasterandBeasts of The Southern Wildand explore other Oscar mysteries too.[With Nathaniel,Nick,Katey,and Joe.]

Topics include:

  • The Masterand P.T.Anderson's shift from ensemble to two-man dramas
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild,the outsider film
  • Globe categorizations.Why wasn'tThe Sessionsa comedy?
  • Marion Cotillard issoHollywood
  • Screenplays,Original and Adapted
  • Cinematography is neither Art Direction nor Visual Effects.Discuss
  • Oscar Stats.Will Supporting Actor be the only acting lineup ever that goes in withallprevious winners?
  • Screener piles.Are AMPAS voters more likely to watchThe PaperboyorCompliance?

You candownload the podcast on iTunesor listen right here at the bottom of the post.But,as always,the podcast isn't complete without you.Join in the conversation by commenting!

Beasts of the Precursor Wild

Dec 07 2012

Interview: Ann Dowd on "Compliance"and Oscar Buzz

Ann Dowdloves the word "delicious".She describes her children this way and actors she admires,too ("Annette Bening!She's delicious and such a good actress").And what word could possibly be a better fit to fully convey the joy of this moment in her career?

When the tiny indieCompliancedebuted to surprisingly robust critical conversation this past August,Ann Dowd won the kind of reviews that Oscar dreams are made of...even from critics who didn't like the film.Her superbly layered work as "Sandra",the prickly overwhelmed fast food manager at the center of the ethically disturbing drama lingers in the memory.Proof of that is a recent well deserved nomination atthe Spirit Awards.I spoke to her a few hours after the announcement of her biggest prize yet,The Best Supporting Actress Award from theNational Board of Review.

NATHANIEL: Congratulations on winning the NBR Prize!

ANN DOWD: Thank you so much.I have to say I'm beside myself.Really happy.

Have you seen Ann Dowd's riveting work in Compliance yet?

NATHANIEL: Does all of this attention feel like "It's about time!"?

[Oscar buzz,Freaks and Geeks,and red carpet panicafter the jump...]

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Sep 27 2012

The Linking

GQan oral history of the great sitcomCheers
/Filmfirst looks inside Darren Aronofsky'sNoah's Ark via the great cinematographer Matthew Libatique.They should've filmed this under the pseudonymSnakes on a Boatand surprised us all with a Noah's Ark movie.
Indie Wiretalks to the director ofRoom 237.Is the documentary,a compilation of theories and obsessions surrounding Stanley Kubrick'sThe Shininga celebration or a critique of film critics?I'm dying to see this even though I'm no expert onThe Shining.

NY Postthe Self Styled Siren takes on Brian de Palma'sPassion,a remake of the french thrillerLove Crimeswhich starred Ludivine Sagnier (interviewed).
Oklahomais excited about the stars ofAugust: Osage Countyin their midst (reminder:filming has begun!) There's a few blurry pics of stars (as well as some clear ones) and one of Meryl Streep doesn't look much like her but I'll take their word for it given the blur.
Hollywood.comwonders if audiences want to be challenged at the movies.A question posed through the filmCompliance(which you'll rememberI wasn't crazy aboutthough I do love a good movie challenge.)
Now TorontoRian Johnson talking about his fineLooperstars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis
The Film Doctornotes onThe Master
In Contentionwonders ifSkyfallcould land a best picture nomination
Hollywood ElsewhereGuillermo Del Toro on Ken Russell's great filmThe Devils

Do you all follow theVanity Fair tumblr?It's fun.I love this Bruce Handy quote they recently featured:


and it just begs for a poll...