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Jun 19 2019

"Get Into It...Queen"

This week we had the good fortune to be a Club Cumming (Alan Cumming's bar here in Manhattan) whenMiss Natalie(formerly of Broadway'sKinky Boots) performed.She's an incredibly dynamic live performer,with a huge voice and screen-ready comic timing.I expect big things.After an amazing 80s medley,she performed this hilarious original which might well be our choice for 'Song of the Summer' or,at the very veryveryleast,an essential song for everyone's Pride playlists.

Get into it,queens!

[YouTube|Spotify|Apple Music]

May 13 2019

Bentonville: Geena Davis,Jamie Brewer,and the Fabulous Freddie Mercury

Part 1 of 3 by Nathaniel R

"Include,"was scrawled across every sign at the 5th annualBentonville Film Festivalwhich just wrapped up.As part of the logo,it was hard to miss.More noteworthy is the fact that you would have been able to hear that message loud and clear at any of the screenings and events even if you'd never seen the logo.Oscar winner Geena Davis launched the festival five years ago.It's a smart offshoot of the actresses work atthe Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media...and that advocacy reaches beyond gender to include film industry representation for multiple minorities: queer people,people of color,and disabled people,too.

Bentonville,sight unseen at least,is an odd locale for a film festival.That is until you see how much money that corporate sponsor WalMart,headquartered right there,has poured into the festival.The Film Experience has had the pleasure of attending several regional festivals across the years and Bentonville is definitely among the most well-funded / well-run.亚博主页The attending filmmakers even got a mini-retreat before the festival began for industry networking opportunities.The town itself is a little slice of Americana with little shops,cute restaurants,a charming town square,and a lux gorgeous museum named Crystal Bridges.

Geena Davis in the house!

Crystal Bridges is where the trademark opening event "Geena and Friends"is held...

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Mar 14 2019

SLO Film Fest: Katharine Ross and Hollywood Dynasties

by Nathaniel R

The opening night event about to begin

Film Festivals are a joy so we rarely pass up the opportunity to discover a new one.We're here in sunny but brisk San Luis Obispo (it's March in California) for the 25th annual edition of their film festival.San Luis Obispo was once named "the Happiest Place in America,"by Oprah Winfrey,and at least four locals (kid you not!) tell us this within hours of our arrival!Does it live up to the title?It's hard to say but we did meet a gorgeous super nice 30something couple (hi Connie & Michael) who invited us to sit at their table at the opening night party and they seemed pretty happy to be there.Everyone else did,too.The fairly universal thing about film festival gathering is that everyone seems happy to be right there.Films were meant to be seen in groups,something we hope we don't lose with  'watch it on your phone / at home' ease of streaming.  It's the primal sitting 'round the fire' to listen to stories instinct.

Speaking of old forms of storytelling,the opening night festivities went way back,pairing spoken word with music...

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Nov 03 2018

Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

The review was originally published in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad

‘C'mon Gay Shame!' That's what we imagine the movies are shouting at us right now,spirits ablaze and fingers snapping.Though it's surely a coincidence,theFreddie MercurybiopicBohemian Rhapsody(‘yaaas,Queen'?) and the gay conversion therapy dramaBoy Erasedhave arrived simultaneously.This accidental double feature is a double closeted whammy.

It'd be wonderful to report that they're both worth seeing,but only one might rock you.And it isn't the one with the famous "we will we will rock you"chorus.But more onBoy Erasedlater since it's just beginning a platform run on 5 screens and will be expanding as awards season heats up.Bohemian Rhapsody,on the other hand,is opening wide on 4,000 screens and hoping to fill them like Queen filled stadiums…

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Oct 22 2018

Middleburg Celebrates Diane Warren with the "Impact Award"

by Nathaniel R

Each year at the Middleburg Film Festival,TFE's favorite event is a live concert honoring a film composer.This yearSheila C Johnson,the co-founder of BET who created the Middleburg Festival opted to do things a bit differently.Though there was a composer honored at a smaller event (29 year-old rising talentKris Bowerswho scored both the likely Oscar smashGreen Bookand the critically acclaimed indieMonsters and Menthis year) the main concert and "Impact Award"was reserved for hit-machine songwriter Diane Warren.

This year Warren co-wrote the much memed "Why'd You Do That?"fromA Star is Bornbut her Oscar bid for 2018 will surely be the theme song from the documentary hitRBG,"I'll Fight"

More after the jump including a couple of song snippets...

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