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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Nov 08 2015

Jessica & Madge

Remember that very first timewe interviewed Jessica Chastainwhen we were just getting to know her name and she told usshe was starstruck in the presence of Madonna?What a difference a few years makes.She got on stage in Prague with the Queen last night.They both shared the moment on Instagram

The moment right before @madonna handed me a banana.The fkn QUEEN.#rebelheart #unapologeticbitch

A photo posted by Jessica Chastain (@chastainiac) on

May 26 2015

Laura Benanti Predicting "Supergirl"in 2013

We're celebrating1979this month so let's talk about one of its most underused / overtalented showbiz babies:LAURA BENANTI.

She's a Tony Winner (Gypsy) with great pipes,Broadway's Queen of Twitter (giving her 71 thousand followers more joy with hilarity than you can fathom if you don't follow her),and this decade she's been making inroads to television stardom with recurring characters on several shows including "Nurse Jackie"and "Nashville"but she's still without a big leading role which she more than obviously deserves!

She'll next be seen as Supergirl's birthmother in the pilot of "Supergirl"(2015) - currently having pirating problems -- so add psychic to her many gifts.See,In 2013 she stripped down into Supergirl costume at a Skivvies* concert!See the video after the jump...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Feb 28 2014

My Link Will Go On

Baz Bamigboyetalks to an acting coach about the lead acting nominations
Washington PostNick Davis dispels five Oscar myths
BuzzfeedJennifer Lawrence and the types of Cool Girls
In Contentionon the first Oscars concert.亚博主页Sounds like it needs to become a tradition!
New York Theateron that West Side Story screening with Rita Moreno last week (I so wish all these things weren't happening DURING Oscar season.I have no time.Sad face.)

BDCWireYou know the McConaissance has gone over big when Matthew McConaughey starts winning comparisons to Brando and de Niro
VFlive blogs the 1993 Oscars - twenty years ago looked suspiciously like now with Leonardo,亚博主页an AIDS drama and more...
MNPPa review ofEnemywhich has been intermittently flashing into my brain since Toronto
Carpetbaggeron the pundit confusion and predictions for the big night
Salona reminder: Jennifer Lawrence doesn't want a second Oscar right now
We Recycle Moviescharts some Oscar stats involving Best Picture and the original vs adapted situation

Fun Interactives
Slate is really killing it this year and I'm not saying that because they did such a great job with my acceptance speech piece.This "name that screenplay"quiz is super weird/hard/gripping...I didn't do as well as I was expecting (I did getBraveheart,Crash,Schindler's ListandChicagoon their first word clues but the rest were much harder for me)  but it was exciting to play.They've also got a tool where you can adjust percentages of what will win Best Picturebased solely on math of which "lower"categories mean the most to a Best Picture win.It's worth noting that before you even begin they haveGravityas the projected winner with 37.5% to 12 Years' 35.1% andAmerican Hustle's 27.4% so that's their baseline.The percentages adjust as you click on winners.But usuallyGravitycomes out on top.(sigh)

Today's Must See
People magazinedid a little photoshop wonder pairing the nominees (and Tom Hanks?) with their younger selves with conversations.It's super cute/cheesy but somehow kind of wistful at the same time - neat trick.

Are you afraid of me?That's all right – I'm afraid of me,too."

Jun 08 2012

That's a Link Breaker, Ladies

Letters of Note"I feel every cut"an intimate glimpse back at Terry Gilliam'sBrazilmadness
Self Styled Sirena happy ending for For the Love of Film Blogathon III.The money raised towards film preservation (a digitial copy of a super early piece of the Hitchcock puzzle) will result in free streaming of the surviving reels this November.Well done,all!
24 FramesBroadway star Kelli O'Hara will star in not one but two new fillm drama to stage musical adaptations:Far From Heaven(previously discussed) and...The Bridges of Madison County?
The Daily Notebook1948 was a good year for mermaids: Glynis Johns & Ann Blyth

Rope of Siliconnew character photos fromAnna Kareninaincluding Keira Knightley,veiled
Pajibasays goodbye to sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury (RIP)
Antagony & Ecstacy"in space no one can hear you yawn"...onAlien Ressurection.Or is itAlien: Ressurection?
Slate"Woman: The Other Alien inAlien"Tom Shone investigates Academia and the Alien franchise...with a Ripley focus of course
Ultra Culture"fixes"the teaser poster for Robert Zemeckis'Flightstarring Denzel Washington

Broadway Blogmy friend Tom makes his educated Tony prediction guesses.Are you watching Sunday night?
The New Yorker's this new true story article "The Yankee Comandante"about an American helping Cuban rebels overthrow their president in 1959 is already on its way to being a movie.George Clooney will direct.
Vulturethe scariest thing ever seen on television viaTwin Peaks.I wholeheartedly agree.I remember actually attempting to move backwards.(Maybe I also whimpered / screamed.Shut up.You had to be there in 1991)

I giggled this morning when readingStranger Than Most's "Jenna tells it like it is"a reminder of one of30 Rock's most hilarious scenes.I'm linking because tonight I'll be at Town Hall enjoying Jane Krakowski in concert,a birthday gift from my besties.Yay.I loved Jane truly madly and deeply even before30 Rockfinally convinced everyone else that she was a comedy genius.Every drink I consume tonight will be (re)named in her honor: Jenna'sSide,The Krakowski,'That'sADealBreakerLadies',Sexual Walkabout,CallFromTheVatican,and MuffinTop.Erm...not that I'm going to drink six drinks.NoLost Weekends for me!

Tell me how much you love Jane Krakowski and how much she deserves the Emmy for this season of30 Rockafter the jump.Don't be anything less than effusive,bitches.

Mar 05 2012

Overheard @ Box Office: "You can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss"

Overheard on Friday:

Woman#1: (Defeated sounding) I have to take my son to seeThe Lorax.
Cheerful Female Friend: Ohhh,you can't go wrong with Dr.Seuss!"

Cheerful Female Friend has clearly not registered the atrocities Hollywood has often made from the good doctor's work.And when one thinks of the colorful wit and profound whimsy of Dr.Seuss surely mainstream heartthrobs like Zac Efron and Taylor Swift pop immediately to mind!What a,uhhhh,perfect vocal match.

But Cheerful Female Friend speaks for all of America.So testifies the box office!

BAKERS DOZEN (Estimates)
01 THE LORAX$70.7new
02 PROJECT X$20.7new
03 ACT OF VALOR$13.7(cum.$45.2)
04 SAFE HOUSE$7.2(cum.$108.2)
05 TYLER PERRY'S GOOD DEEDS$7(cum.$25.7)
07 THE VOW$6.1($111.7)
08 THIS MEANS WAR$5.6(cum.$41.6)
10 THE ARTIST$3.9(cum.$37)

11 WANDERLUST$3.8(cum.$12.4)
12 GONE$3(cum.$8.9)
13 CHRONICLE$1.9(60.8)

Talking Points

Reese,Amanda,and Jen have seen better box office days

• BLONDE BUT BANKABLE?Reese Witherspoon's movies are generally expensive to make but that return on investment these days.Yikes.This Means Waris still a long way from recouping its budget.Jennifer Aniston movies have always had schizophrenic box office performance butWanderlustis definitely on the weak side of her ticket-selling.How on earth was that sperm-switching comedy more attractive to moviegoers than this one?Meanwhile Amanda Seyfried hasn't been able to scare up crowds fromGonewhich is weirder.It's a genre flick and can't those usually open even without a name?$8 million for a serial killer picture after two weeks?Ouch.I'm sure it doesn't help that the ads totally make it seem like something Ashley Judd was making in the early 90s.

• EXCUSE ME,BUT WHO IS PAYING TO SEEGHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE?I mean,besides our masochistic Michael C.It's already made more money than 2011's "Best Picture"...which had a big uptick post Oscar of course (The Artist's co-nominees took falls butHugofell only 14% despite also debuting on DVD so maybe its constant name-checking on Sunday night convinced some holdouts?)

• A SEPARATION more than doubled its screen count and had its first million dollar weekend,bringing its total to $3.7 million at the US box office.That there is a bigbignumber for a non-genre subtitled picture.

What did you see this weekend?Was it worth the money?I was having an offline recuperation weekend so I went to see a Norwegian band at The Bitter End that one of my friends recommended calledMhoo.They're so good.Have a listen!

They told me they're going to SXSW so if you're heading to that festival check them out.

Even when I'm at non-film events I can't stop thinking of movies.While the girls were singing I kept thinking "Kiki Dunst and Leelee Sobieski should play them in a movie!"

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