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Feb 18 2012

Interview: Oscar Nominee Arianne Phillips

It's long been my goal to up the visibility of the craft of costume design here at The Film Experience.亚博主页So when was making the press rounds,I jumped at the chance to talk with Arianne Phillips,who has long been a designer I admire both for her technical and visual invention and for her uncanny ability to hit the pop cultural bullseye with instantly memorable looks whether she's designing for musicians (including longtime collaborator Madonna) or for actors.Her film career took off with the one-two comic book punch ofThe Crow(1994) and Tank Girl (1995).And it's continued to fascinate throughHedwig and the Angry Inchand on to her first Oscar nomination forWalk the Line(2005).

Arianne Phillips in front of her W.E.costumes.Photo viaSociety News

She received her second nomination last month forW.E.(2011) which has an absurd amount of use for her skills.In my mind they really ought to have done away with typical star "billing"and listed Arianna Phillips up top.No disrespect intended to Abbie Cornish and Andrea Riseborough,who lead the picture through its double-sided narrative.

Years beforeW.E.materialized Phillips has been living her own double-sided career "by design".Arianne speaks with a mixture of confidence,sincerity and appreciated bluntness: she agrees that costume designers don't get enough credit calling it an "a gorllina in the room.It's such an annoyance"but she corrects my slight misunderstanding about her past collaborations with musicians.She freelances as a stylist and editor for print photography,concerts and music videos.Shedoesn'tdress stars for events.

a recent Madonna/Riseborough photoshoot styled by Arianne

I do videos and album covers,mostly narrative based: fantasy,illusion and character.It's very connected to film.You're creating the fantasy of who that person is.
-Arianne Phillips on her second career as a fashion editor and stylist.

Continue for...Madonna,Larry Flynt,Biopic & Concert Tour Challenges

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Aug 16 2011

Curio: When Madonna Was Breathless

Alexahere.Madonna turns 53 today.Her profile seems relatively low-key lately;sometimes I feel like I'm reading more about Lourdes than her mom.But this bit of kitsch I saw for sale on etsy the other day brought me back to the days of the Madonna media juggernaut.

That's right,aset of Dick Tracy and Breathless Mahoney dollsfrom 1990.Yes,I am old enough to remember seeing this movie in the theater.A month prior to its release I had tickets to Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour and alas,she canceled because of throat issues (later memorably documented inTruth or Dare).At the time,MadonnacalledDick Tracythe "best movie I've ever been in."After lining up to see it opening night I strongly disagreed,and not just because I was still stung by her concert cancellation.This was Warren Beatty telling a tale full of sound and fury,signifying nothing.

Madonna Marble!There are quite a fewDick Tracycurios up for sale now, including an opening nightt-shirt(that acted as your admission ticket for midnight screenings),marbles,and ascarf.

It's hilarious to see this tie-in merchandise so long after a film has come and gone.You can see how strong the studio backing was,how high hopes were for a franchise.And today,I'd probably rather watchFilth and Wisdomthan sit throughDick Tracyagain.

Jun 04 2011

The Hills Are Alive With Her Music.


I couldn't let Nathaniel'sweek ofMoulin Rouge!end without paying tribute to one iconic creature from the film: the Green Fairy.More specifically,to the actress who plays her,the one and only Kylie Minogue.

Kylie might not be too popular in our continent and some might not even know who the hell she is when she pops out in the absinthe induced fantasy sequence...

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Apr 23 2011

50th Anniversary: "Judy Judy Judy"

10|25|50|75|100 -anniversary specials

In the annals of showbiz history few one night events are as seismic as "Judy Judy Judy"the night Judy Garland hit Carnegie Hall,50 years ago at this very moment,for her comeback performance.She was called many things during her legendary career: Hurricane Judy,The World's Greatest Entertainer,Ms.Showbiz and a lot of those titles coincide or funnel right into or through this big night.There's not really any concert footage of this event though it was famously recorded live to fulfill her record contract and eventually became her most important album.

I can't for the life of me remember how that Garland miniseries with Judy Davis covered the event but they must have done so given that it was one of those 'from cradle to grave' bios.Garland died just 8 years after this concert at the age of 47.Do you think the proposed Anne Hathaway as Judy Garland film will stretch this far into Judy's career?Or maybe it will never get made?

Hathaway is 28 years old at the moment,just ten years younger than Judy was on this big night...

Lots more after the jumpincluding four melodic videos because I couldn't help myself.I do get carried away with the mythic actresses,don't I?

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Feb 22 2011

"Baby there's no other superstar you know that I'll be...♫ "

Michelle Pfeiffer sightings are so rare these days that I have to share them every time (the last big day out was the White House Correspondents dinner in May of last year).Here she is at the Lady Gaga concert at Madison Square Garden yesterday.(I'm guessing she was on her way out because she's totally smiling and Gaga concerts are fun.) Which means she was right here in NYC last night.Wheeee.

They filmed that particular concert for HBO.She and David E Kelley were taking their kids Claudia Rose and John Henry who are now 17 and 16 respectively.This is all an effort to make me feel old since I still remember the first photo I ever saw of Claudia Rose,her daughter,(who turns 18 very shortly),which happens to be my favorite paparazzi photo of Michelle  since she looked ridiculously happy.I'm sure she didn't like the intrusion of the cameras though since Pfeiffer is not a Fame Monster.She once told Rolling Stone.

I act for free,but I demand a huge salary as compensation for all the annoyance of being a public personality.In that sense,I earn every dime I make.

What does Pfeiffer make of Lady Gaga and her ilk,the celebrities who LIVE for their own celebrity?Different times.Different breeds of stars.When Lady Gaga was born (1986),Michelle was probably filmingThe Witches of Eastwick!Bye Jack.Now Gaga is the horned one.

What do you suppose La Pfeiff's favorite Gaga song is?

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