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Oct 12 2016

The definitely incomplete history of Janis Joplin biopics

by Josh Forward

There have been so many rumoured,green lit and delayed productions of a Janis Joplin biopic,it's nearly impossible to keep track.But we're here to try!Janis was a 60's superstar,with an iconic voice and an image that was reflective of the counter culture of the times.She also sadly joined the 27 club by a drug overdose.

Her incredible life and talent has been promised on the big screen for decades and the latest announcement has Michelle Williams as Joplin under the direction of Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene).This will be based on Laura Joplin's book "Love,Janis"made up of real letters from Joplin.This is not to be confused with the delayed version starring Amy Adams directed by Jean-Marc Vallee,halted by legal trouble which was tentatively calledGet it While You Can.

But these two productions have actually been competing since the 1990's.And before them there were other failed attempts.Let's look back...

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Jun 11 2015

Lost in La Linka

Recommended Randomness
Movie City Newsthere's been a lot of talk of the sexism of Hollywood hiring in terms of the directors chair.David Poland decided to investigate (albeited in a limited sample way) which studio jobs since 1999 went to previously indie directors.He's since added2000and2001.
VF HollywoodCourtney Love interview excerpts - good stuff on her small role inEmpirewhich she hopes to return to for Season 2
Deviant ArtAwesome Seussified illustrations via Dr FaustusAU:Mad Max,Alien,The Exorcistand more
TimeOut NYtalks to Patti Lupone.Did you guys see her onPenny Dreadful.She was surprisingly effective in straight horror drama,no comedy or singing necessary

MNPPhonors the awesomeness that is Simon Russell Beale onPenny Dreadful(I also totally love that performance - S2 is just running circles around S1)
"New York is Dead"My pocketbook can take no more Kickstarter but I would love to see theGaybystars (besties Matthew Wilkas and Jenn Harris) in this comic series.Sounds morbidly perfect for them
Gene Kelly's Buttis my new favorite tumblr.How come noone told me about this one before?It's a cheeky wonder
VultureAmy Schumer photobombs a random couples engagement photo in Central Park - lucky guys!

News Catch Up
Varietyin news that will surprise no one Hungary has selected Son of Saul as their Oscar entry this year.It's our first "official"player
THREmmy Nominations will be announced at 11:30 AM EST instead of the customary morning show frenzy.Will this set off a chain reaction?(I always love the early morning thing myself)
VarietyJaden Smith is joining Baz Luhrmann's Netflix series (ugh) as a graffiti artist
Pajibathe actresses who've admitted they want to play Captain Marvel from twins Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard and onward
MTVJoseph Gordon Levitt promises that theSandmanmovie will be faithful - i.e.not an "action flick"like other comic book movies
EmpireDanger Danger.Terry Gilliam finally has funding forDon Quixote.Do we really need this?I once read a very convincing argument (I forget which critic -sorry) during the release of that 2002 documentary about his spectacular failure to get that made that his entire career was already Quixote myths so it was for the best that he didn't go for the redundancy

Must Read
"AS IF..."you haven't already read this.But just in case you missed it.Vanity Fair has excerpts froman upcoming book on the Oral History of Cluelessthat seminal teen flick which is now (gulp) 20 years old.Somehow Paul Rudd still looks basically the same but the rest of us who loved it and everyone else involved have aged.I love that one of Amy Heckerling's inspirations for it was the positivity ofGentlemen Prefer Blondes.

For about a hot minute yesterday I thought "ooh,we should do a 'top ten lines from Clueless' article"but by the end of the hot minute I had thought of 50 with no end in sight so perhaps we'll have to wait until its 25th to come up with that.Daunting...as perfection tends to be.

Apr 02 2014

Link of All Media

big screen
TowleroadJames Franco to plan an ex-gay activist in a new Gus Van Sant film
GuardianRussell Crowe meets with the Archbishop of Canterbury forNoah.The things people will do for movie promotion,I tell you
EmpireCake,a Jennifer Aniston movie about a pain support group,lines up a huge cast of acclaimed actors including Anna Kendrick (highly in demand lately...so many new projects)
AV Clubtalks to former child star Haley Joel Osment who is apparently in the next Kevin Smith picture

In Contentionvery minor new details emerge on Meryl Streep'sRicki & the Flash(which we were just discussing)
EmpireBrad Pitt is doing yet another World War II movie after that upcoming tank drama.This will be his third in a handful of years.
THRreports on casting forMonster Truck,which is described as having a "TransformersmeetsGremlinsvibe".Yikes.One of those is pleasurable at least
Coming SoonToby Kebbell wins the Doctor Doom role in the upcomingFantastic Four
/bentrumors flying that producers of the upcomingBelushibiopic are panicking about Ellen Page's coming out.Dumb.Seriously people do not care about this.They don't.They only care in a think piece on the internet kind of way which is to say it's not going to affect anyone's ticket purchase.
PajibaandFilm School Rejectsboth have cute articles about body-swapping yesterday (I musta missed the memo that this was a thing connected to April Fools Day?) viaFace/OffandFreaky Fridayand more.Sadly there's no gif for Tom Hanks inBigbut I do still remember his reaction to waking up in an adult body
Forbeson why Warner Bros/DC doesn't need to do like Disney/Marvel does with its superhero universe.This article is 4 times as long as it needs to be since you get literallyallof its points in the first few hundred words (but it's good to fight against common wisdom) but maybe it's actually a satire about the repetitiveness of padded franchise culture?

no screen
SlateI don't know music theory (though,as previously noted,I can play the piano) but I thought this article about Lady Gaga's enduring "Bad Romance"was interesting.
NMECourtney Love thinks a Kurt Cobain Broadway musical is very likely to happen
/FilmYesWickedstill wants to be a movie.Spring Awakening,too.An update.

Towleroadand can I say I'm thrilled that Harvey Milk finally got a stamp."Forever"is right,US Postal Service!The gay rights pioneer and awesome subject of not one but two Oscar-winning films (The Times of Harvey MilkandMilkfrom 1984 and 2008,respectively,was super deserving thanks for asking)

small screen
i09first commercial for Extant,Halle Berry's new TV project
VarietyPeabody Award winners include Scandal,Orphan Black,and House of Cards
Sorta That GuyandThe WireandThe Wrapand seemingly EVERYONE else online on the series finale ofHow I Met Your Mother.A lot more people in the universe seemed interested in that I could have ever imagined.I've seen only 6 or 7 episodes over the years from varying seasons and thoughtnonewere anywhere better than "okay"

Today's Must Love
This one took me a split second to get but it gave me such lol'ing joy.Hat tip toRufus MayhemandHayden Wright...

Aug 08 2013

Stop Trying to Make Link Happen

Next Moviecan you recite all ofMean Girlsin half an hour?This guy in a pink shirt can.
AV ClubNetflix knows you're lying about all those highbrow films you claim you watch!
Pop Mattersthis is a pretty great interview with Courtney Love about her short but fascinating career as an actress withThe People Vs Larry Flyntas its focus
The PlaylistWoody Allen needs the right idea for his eventual "shot in Sweden"film -- he's already done his Bergman riff (Interiors) so what could he do?
Dark Horizonson how they're filming Quicksilver (Evan Peters) super-speed for the new X-Men flick

PlaybillIt looks like Clint Eastwood's A Star is Born has been shoved aside for a different musical he's interested in since he's set to start filming his take onJersey Boyslater this month.Several cast members have been plucked from the stage show including Tony winning John Lloyd Young
Empirea new Legolas still fromThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug(I shudder every time I type that title.Such a horrible title)
EsquireWhat I've Learned: Woody Allen Edition

YouTubeyou've heard that 8 year old Nicki Minaj-addict Sophia Rose Grace got the Little Red Riding Hood role inInto the Woodsright?This furthers my wariness about the movie.That's actually kind of a tricky part which is usually cast older since uh...her whole plot is kind of a sexual metaphor
Coming Soonfilming began today onBlack Sea,the latest from Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) an treasure-hunt thriller starring Jude Law
In Contentionreminds thatThis is Martin Bonnercomes out this week.I thought it was already out but no matter.Go see it.It's good.
MovieWeba television series based onThe Exorcistmay be on the way.No word on what happened to the previous series based onThe Exorcist(fromMartha Marcy May Marlene's Sean Durkin) that was supposed to be heading our way.

Mar 26 2013

Curio: For the Love of Paul (Rudd)

Alexahere.Nathaniel'sPosterizedon Paul Rudd got me thinking about the man and his merits.As many of the comments suggested,I wish he would spend less time with the Apatow crowd and do a little more challenging work: more uncomfortable dramas like Neil LaBute'sThe Shape of Thingsand less sloppy comedies likeI Love You Man.In fact,I seem to recall him expressing some sadness in an interview last year that he wasn't offered more serious roles.Here's hoping that more directors see his dramatic merits in the future.Until then,the closest he'll come is in David Gordon Green's upcoming dramedyPrince Avalanche.But I'll admit I'm looking forward to him returning toAnchormanterritory,if only for the mustache and theSex Panther.

To celebrate this puppy-faced dynamo,here is a Rudd coloring book I may or may not own.[more after the jump...]

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