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Dec 20 2018

Blueprints: FYC,Adapted Screenplays

In this week's Blueprints,Jorge Molinalooks into five adapted scripts that should be featured n the awards conversation.If you missed the Original Screenplay FYCs,they're here.

While Original Screenplays tends to be where usually the Academy rewards more unconventional stories,the adapted screenplay category carries with it an air of respectability and prestige.Maybe it's because it usually involves translation from a literary medium,respected novels or award winning plays.Maybe it's because adaptations carry a built-in audience,something Hollywood values.Adapted screenplays have the advantage of arriving with an already fully formed and sometimes familiar story.But translating that into a cinematic medium is one of the hardest tasks for a writer: making the verbal into visual,compressing dozens of chapters into a two-hour story,learning what to leave in,what to take out,what to add or change.

Here are five screenplays that each took a previously published piece and turned it into an engaging,engrossing and cinematic experience....

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Dec 12 2018

"Everyone was nominated....except you!"(Our annual SAG outrage)

by Nathaniel R

Pierre Png,who has a lot of scenes in CRAZY RICH ASIANS,was snubbed while his "replacement"for Gemma Chan's affection,who has about 2 seconds of screen time,was nominated!

We'll keep doing these posts each year until the Screen Actors Guild does something about their most unfortunate awards rule.For those who are new to the awards game,please note: If you are a working actor lucky enough to wind up in a film nominated for "Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture,"that doesn't mean you are included in the nomination;you have to have your own title card for that!What this means each year is that actors who aren't really famous yet,or don't have an aggressive agent,wind up left out of the official nomination even if they contributed immeasurably to the success of the film or were highly memorable in some way.

Read on for the specific exclusions this year and the history of most embarrassing omissions from the past due this ruling...

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Dec 11 2018

2018 Review: Top Ten Hits in Nine Categories!

Soon we'll start daily 'year in review' parties,but here's an early one...

It's time for a special box office report AND the kick off to our year in review party.Yes,yes,everyone knows that Disney/Marvel owned the domestic and international box office withBlack PantherandInfinity War,respectively.Yet there is far more to the story of ticket sales than just one studio and superhero films in general.

It'smuchmore interesting to break it down into types of films and see which films most interested the ticket-buying public.We'll have separate reports on foreign films and documentaries but for now nine other categories!

= means that the film is still in release so its place in these rankings is not yet settled.All figures are as of March 24th,2018


01Bohemian Rhapsody(Fox) $215.9 (Nov 2nd)
02A Quiet Place(Paramount) $188 (April 6th)
03The Mule(Warner Bros) $103.8 (Dec 14th)...

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Dec 09 2018

SAG Predictions.Let's Have 'em.

by Nathaniel R

Will Mary Poppins Returns receive both Actress and Cast nominations?

The Screen Actors Guild Award nominations will be announced on Wednesday the 12th and voting wraps up tomorrow on Monday the 10th.So it's time to do predictions as well as possible darkhorse surprise attack theorizing.Let's begin...

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Dec 04 2018

AFI Top Ten plus "Roma"but "Where is Crazy Rich Asians"?

The American Film Institute has announced their top 10 of the year...well top 11 since they did a bit of cheating this year.Well,more than a bit of cheating.Though their raison d'etre is to honor American films (see: their name),they includedThe Favourite,which is clearly a UK/Ireland production with a Greek director (even if some of the money is American).They also felt the need to give Mexico'sRomaa special award.Can you blame them?Otherwise those two movies would have gone without awards this season.[Editor's note: Sarcasm!]

Their top ten is as follows...

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