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Nov 27 2018

NBR Loves "A Star is Born"and "Beale Street"but names "Green Book"Best of the Year

by Nathaniel R

Mahershala and Viggo are all dolled up and ready for awards shows

The National Board of Review announced its winners today for their January 8th gala at Cipriani 42nd Street.While NBR no longer signifies the kick-off to precursor season (with the Gotham and Spirit Awards announcing so early each year) they're still a significant bellwether or rather they're a bell ringing,alerting everyone that you can't hide from awards season;it is upon us!This yearGreen Book,A Star is Born,andIf Beale Street Could Talkwere their three obvious favorites,the only films to take multiple prizes.


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Nov 21 2018

Watch at Home: Crazy Rich Asians,We the Animals,and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

What's newly available for home viewing this week?

Blindspotting-Just discussed.
Crazy Rich Asians-Currently the 12th biggest hit of the year,and hopefully the film that changes everything for Asian-American actors.We should probably watch and discuss again.Do you think it will be up for the Golden Globe Comedy or Musical Best Picture prize or SAG's Best Ensemble prize?I wonder.
Kin- A sci-fi film about a weapon of unknown origin and two brothers in trouble.
Skate Kitchen-a drama about skateboarding girls in Manhattan.Nominated for Breakthrough Director at the Gotham Awards.
We The Animals- The nomination leader atthe Spirit Awardsthis year.We've interviewed the directorandwe just love the filmhere at TFE.You really should see it and the book is a swift gorgeous read...the two experiences go well together but are also their own things,perfectly tailored to each medium.

New iTunes 99¢ Deals
A Quiet Place- The Emily Blunt monster movie smash (and longshot Oscar hopeful) is this week's highlighted deal
My Cousin Vinny- Revisit Marisa Tomei's hilarious Oscar-winning breakout
Under the Skin-My personal #1 of 2014,the sensationally unsettling sci-fi masterwork from Jonathan Glazer and Scarlett Johannson in that brief run when Scarjo was experimenting with every movie and knocking it out of the park each time.

ALICE: Two people have asked me about President Pierce...well,complained.
GILBERT: About what?
ALICE: The barking.
GILBERT: Well,I don't know what to say.President Pierce is a nervous creature and excited by animals larger than himself.
ALICE: Almost all animals are larger than President Pierce.

Brand New Streaming
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs(Netflix) - The Coen Bros originally planned this as a TV series.It became a standalone anthology movie.Add "President Pierce"to 2018's long list of memorable dogs onscreen.If you've watched it already which of the six stories is your favorite?
Loving Pablo(Prime) -Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem reunited onscreen but the movie didn't make any waves
McQueen(Prime) -Our review.This highly praised doc about the fasion designer Alexander McQueen iseligible for the Documentary Feature Oscar.

Nov 20 2018

Lynn Gives Thanks

Team Experience members were invited to give thanks this week so you'll be hearing from a few of us.Here's Lynn Lee..

In many ways,2018 – like the two preceding years,only even more so – has felt like a nauseating carnival ride that I,for one,would like to stop and get off.  But the one welcome constant was always having something genuinely engaging to watch and,in the best cases,elevate my feelings on the state of the world and humanity.

In that spirit,here are some of the many things I'm thankful for:

• The electrifying last 15 minutes ofNanette,wherein Hannah Gadsby turned stand-up comedy into something else altogether – and left our collective jaw on the floor.

• Daveed Diggs – so good inHamilton,even better in the riveting and underratedBlindspotting.

• The shimmer in Natalie Portman's and Oscar Isaac's eyes at the end ofAnnihilation,one of the most bonkers and most unexpectedly rewarding films of 2018...

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Oct 12 2018

With A Star is Born going 'Drama' where does that leave the 'Musical/Comedy' race at the Golden Globes?

by Nathaniel R

Perhaps you've heard that bothA Star is BornandBohemian Rhapsodywill being competing as Dramas rather than Musicals at the Globes.That's a fairly shocking move since dramatic biopics about musicians generally campaign as "Musical or Comedy"-- thinkWalk the Line,Ray,Beyond the Sea,Coal Miner's Daughter.Presumably Warner Bros has bought into the stigma that "Comedy or Musical"is the lesser category which is really unfortunate because it's one of the best things about the Globes.The Comedy or Musical prizes are filled with great stuff that Oscar SHOULD have recognized throughout the years.

The Globes really ought to have consistency with who they allow to compete where but since they don't,it's a savvy move on Warner Bros part especially in the field of 'Best Actress,Drama' where Glenn Close's campaign probably felt that the win was all but locked up until Lady Gaga (already a Globe favorite) muscled in.Glenn Close has won two Globes herself so it's not like the Globes don't like herbutit's worrying that the Globes have only given her prizes for her TV work.Like Oscar they went in other directions every time she was up for movie roles during her highly popular 1980s run.As forBohemian Rhapsodyit's a strange choice since Rami Malek will probably have a tougher time breaking into Best Actor,Drama...

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Oct 11 2018

Blueprints: "Crazy Rich Asians"

I'm back.Thanks everyone for bearing with the small hiatus that the column took for the past few weeks.Who knew being overworked and sick wasn't a good time?For our return,let's take a look at the biggest movie of the summer,and how a pivotal scene operates in many emotional levels.-Jorge

Warning!Crazy Rich Spoilers ahead!

There are many things to admire inCrazy Rich Asians.Consider theway it reinvents a rom-com formula that seemed to have gotten stale.Or its historic all-Asian cast,something that hadn't happened in an American movie in over two decades.Big themes of family,legacy,tradition and culture running through its veins.And Michele Yeoh's stare.One scene in the movie encompasses all of these traits.

The mahjong game,the final confrontation between Rachel (Constance Wu) and Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh) was not in the original novel;it was written specifically for the film.It's one of the most emotionally powerful moments of the movie,where Rachel finally gives up the fight and backs away from her fiancée and his family that clearly doesn't want her there.But in the scene,Rachel reclaims power and control in many levels at the same time.Let's take a look at the script to see how the most tense movie moment of the summer was crafted.Sorry,Mission Impossible...

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