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Entries in Crazy Rich Asians (26)

Aug 19 2018

Crazy,Now Richer Asians

by Nathaniel R

The past two years have definitely been a huge wakeup call to Hollywood -- American audiences are demanding more diversity onscreen.It wasn't just the sleeper smash ofGet Out,or the bigger than Batman/Superman numbers forWonder Woman,or the record-breaking figures forBlack Panther.AddCrazy Rich Asiansto the increasingly large stack of hits proving to the powers that be that people value representation onscreen and movies that reflect the ethnic diversity of real lifeandthe fact that the human race is 50% female.

Weekend Box Office Estimates
(August 17-19)

800+ screens
excluding prev.wide
1.CRAZY RICH ASIANS$25.2 (cum.$34) *NEW*Review,Michelle Yeoh
1.THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS$498k on 276 screens (cum.$10.5)Review
2.THE MEG$21.1 (cum.$83.7)Review
2.PUZZLE$217k on 108 screens (cum.$733k)
3.MILE 22$13.6 *NEW*
3.THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST$138k on 72 screens (cum.$404k)Podcast,Interview

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Aug 17 2018

Posterized: Michelle Yeoh

by Nathaniel R

It's a new season of our seriesPosterizedin which we look back at the entire careers of various actors and directors.Last weekSpike Lee joints.Today,Malaysia's finest:Michelle Yeoh.The fifty-six year old Asian superstar is currently grande dame'ing it through the romantic comedyCrazy Rich Asians,giving the movie nearly all of its dramatic bite through her excellent nuanced underplaying of the intimidating and at times outright cruel potential mother-in-law.

Yeoh's career is harder to track here in the US since not all of her films are released here.Nevertheless,let's do our posterized retrospective.We've pruned just a bit for lack of quality posters or obscurity but this is nearly everything starting with her first leading role in 1985 inYes,Madam!(which has apparently been retitledPolice Assassins),a dual-lead action vehicle with American actress Cynthia Rothrock (of late 80s B movie fame).Anyway...on to the pictorial survey.

How many of these 34 Michelle Yeoh projects have you seen?Was it more than you expected?The posters are after the jump...

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Aug 14 2018

Review: "Crazy Rich Asians"

byChris Feil

Crazy Rich Asiansfeels like something sterling from the past,the kind of wholly satisfying and rapturous romantic comedy that we bemoan is missing from the multiplex.Director Jon M.Chu's loving embrace of the genre pulls its influences from across the decades,infusing Doris Day/Rock Hudson rompiness with the cutting character detail ofThe Devil Wears Prada.It's a high mark that the film clears and safely so,sliding with ease onto a shelf next to your rewatchable favorites - and it's been a minute since something new joined the ranks.

The film's massive ensemble is led by Constance Wu as Rachel Chu,a self-made economics professor set for her fated meeting with the overseas family of her charming boyfriend Nick Young,played by a painfully dashing Henry Golding.Unbeknownst to Rachel,this family wedding getaway is about to thrust her center stage in front of one of the wealthiest families in Singapore.And all of the generational expectations and deceptive opulence that entails...

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Aug 01 2018

Beauty Break: "Crazy Rich Asians"Covers THR

Chrishere.While August is usually a slow winding down of the summer movie season into unfortunateness,one of this summer's most anticipated is still to come: hit lit adaptationCrazy Rich Asians!We fans of Kevin Kwan's extended family book series already know why you should beveryexcited about this Jane Austen-esque delight,but allow me to quickly illuminate you what's in store: an ever rare romantic comedy,set in the glamorous and opulent lifestyle of the filthy rich,and most crucially,the first American studio film led by an Asian American cast in decades.

The film is currently sitting poolside onthe cover of The Hollywood Reporter,which gives us a moment to luxuriate in its gloriousness...

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Apr 28 2018

YNMS x 3: Crazy Rich Asians,Venom,and Woman Walks Ahead

So many trailers hitting recently.So little time to Yes No Maybe So them all.So let's catch up with three of the newer ones after the jump:Crazy Rich Asians,Venom,andWoman Walks Ahead...

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