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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jan 30 2019

All 95 Foreign Film Nominees This Century.Oscar & Box Office Trivia!

by Nathaniel R

Roma's great competition: Shoplifters,Never Look Away,Cold War,and Capernaum

Dear readers,I've been filled with existential despair this week.I'm not sure how to continue covering the Oscars next year if the Oscars are going to drain all the art out of it by denying all the categories that make cinema,亚博主页cinema,and announcing them off air.I haven't quite formed my thoughts on this (I expect this upcoming Oscar night to be disastrous) for a complete post but while we still have the more movie-fan friendly categories to look forward to let's continue to talk about them!  We've done some research on how the foreign film category tends to fare in the US marketplace that we wanted to share.In addition to being a super high quality roster,this year's Foreign Film list has done well with audiences,too.

Both Poland'sCold Warand Japan'sShopliftershave become genuine hits and will certainly outgross the long runs of the last few years worth of most talked about foreign flicks whether or not they were Oscar nominated likeThe Square,A Fantastic Woman,Elle,The Salesman,andThe Handmaiden.In fact,in any year withoutRomaor each other in it,wouldn'tCold WarorShopliftersbe winning this category with ease ?!?

After the jump,let's take a look back atall95 nominees this century and how well they fared at the box office.Plus lots of trivia just because trivia is fun and will ward off the despair...

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Sep 17 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Video Nasties

Hey everybody it's Jason fromMNPPhere poking my head out from in between NYFF screenings to entertain us with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"real quick - this weekend Jacques Audiard'sThe Sisters Brothersis hitting theaters,but as I am sure you are each and all aware it's not the first time we have been gifted the sight of Jake Gyllenhaal & Riz Ahmed on-screen together.Nope four years ago they gave us the wonder that was Dan Gilroy'sNightcrawler,in which the self-determined (ha,understatement) Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal) took the slightly less determined Rick (Ahmed) under his wing.And what a scratchy wing that was.

PREVIOUSLYAlthough her fate was a downer inCrouching Tigerwe can now these many years later finallygive a round of applauseto Michelle Yeoh's character of Yu Shu Lien,who roundly trounced Zhang Ziyi's Jen Yu,taking 73% of your vote.I'm sure it's little comfort given what she lost,but hey,whatcha gonna do.SaidAni di:

"Not fair,this is like a gay sophie's choice.Torture."

Sep 10 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Tiger vs Dragon

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere,hoping against hope that Michelle Yeoh's name doesn't get lost among all the brand new Oscar contenders currently dominating our thoughts thanks to the ongoing Toronto Film Festival;they might be fresh playthings butCrazy Rich Asiansas Nathaniel just reported is still dominating the box office,so let's keep Yeoh's heat going.

And what better way than to use this week's "Beauty vs Beast"glance back at her previous greatest role,that of the love-stricken bad-ass Yu Shu Lien in Ang Lee'sCrouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon.She faced down an ignorant but loveable upstart that time around to,with Zhang Ziyi embodying all fiery desire as the thief and shit-kicker Jen Yu.

PREVIOUSLYOurHammer vs Cavill battlekept itself pretty tight but Armie came out on top (I hear he's into that) with 52% of your vote - saidMatt:

"Well,Armie Hammer wants to wrestle.So....yeah."

Aug 17 2018

Posterized: Michelle Yeoh

by Nathaniel R

It's a new season of our seriesPosterizedin which we look back at the entire careers of various actors and directors.Last weekSpike Lee joints.Today,Malaysia's finest:Michelle Yeoh.The fifty-six year old Asian superstar is currently grande dame'ing it through the romantic comedyCrazy Rich Asians,giving the movie nearly all of its dramatic bite through her excellent nuanced underplaying of the intimidating and at times outright cruel potential mother-in-law.

Yeoh's career is harder to track here in the US since not all of her films are released here.Nevertheless,let's do our posterized retrospective.We've pruned just a bit for lack of quality posters or obscurity but this is nearly everything starting with her first leading role in 1985 inYes,Madam!(which has apparently been retitledPolice Assassins),a dual-lead action vehicle with American actress Cynthia Rothrock (of late 80s B movie fame).Anyway...on to the pictorial survey.

How many of these 34 Michelle Yeoh projects have you seen?Was it more than you expected?The posters are after the jump...

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Jul 08 2015

Best Shot Visual Index: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2000)

I was so certain that I ownedCrouching Tiger Hidden Dragonthat I didn't bother to rent it at all for this week's Hit Me With Your Best Shot episode.Come Tuesday night I discover that my dvd had vanished into the clouds after apparently leaping from its perch near the top of the dvd shelf.Worse still it's not available for rental on iTunes or Amazon but only for purchase and if I'm going to purchase something I still want the physical object.Old school!Which means that I will be late yet again with my own entry as the host which is all but inexcusable but par for the course this week (experiencing meltdowns backstage- this too shall pass?).But an unexpected development,just this week the sequel -- the reason we were doing this,was moved back to 2016 from its expected August bow.

But please do visit these articles elsewhere on Ang Lee's much Oscar nominated,much earning,much ripped off classic.I know I will.The film won 4 Oscars including cinematography for Peter Pau and probably just missed the Best Director win too since Ang Lee took the Globe,亚博主页DGA and BAFTA that year.Imagine if he'd taken the Oscar that year.He'd have 3 wins by now.

(click on the pics for corresponding articles)

Almost like Cupid's arrow...?
-I Am Derreck

When you look at this image,you could easily mistake the film for a traditional Western...
-Film Actually

ThatCrouching Tiger,Hidden Dragonfocuses on the traditionally Chinese conflict between reason (li) and emotion (qing) is unsurprising,the way the movie expresses the conflict through images,however,is anything but.
-Coco Hits NY

If I made a list of ‘top 10 overrated movies' this would definitely make that list...
-54 Disney Reviews

a portrayal of love as the light in the darkness...
-Antagony & Ecstacy

Lee's romanticism is also utilized simply to make interesting,unexpected choices...
-The Entertainment Junkie

Honestly,it's not a surprise that this is the same director asBrokeback Mountainwhen you come to think of it,since it's clear that the man knows how to make emotional self-imprisonment believable and dangerous...
-Movie Motorbreath

It's all about Zhang Ziyi.For someone so small,she has immense screen presence...
-Sorta That Boy

Where is Michelle Yeoh's international superstardom?
-Paul Outlaw

And finally...

Nathaniel's Placeholder Best Shot
For the record,in closing,this is the single image that my mind races to first when I am reminded of the film.I'm not saying it will be my "best"upon a close rewatch inspection,but I remember the whole scene vividly and fondly and the entire movie felt this way to me the first time I saw it;a magical film transcending the standard laws,balancing delicately and easily in the treetops while breathing rarified instant-classic air.

I'll update this list when more articles come in including my own - you should still join us since the sequel is delayed and we can continue to add articles.Perhaps I'll choose a shot from each half hour as penance?It's been so long since I've seen it and I'm eager to have it memorized again before the possibly ill advised sequel arrives which is no longer next month but early 2016.

Sunset Blvd(1950).But youcan'tchoose the infamous "close-up"for Mr DeMille at film's end so if that's your shot your choice must be "second best shot".I am starting on this one FRIDAY so that there is no way in hell I'll be late for my own event next Wednesday.If you've always wanted to try "best shot,"here's you classic opportunity with a film from Old Hollywood about Even Older Hollywood that nonetheless never gets old.

Oct 03 2014

Linkside Out

All the news stories we didn't get to and/or articles we like with a wee slant toward the stage this morning...itching to see a show again.

Guardianon the homophobic charges against the MPAA.That über obnoxious organization has struck again.Prideis the second gay movie this year without sex scenes or nudity to be slapped with an R rating.
/FilmThe Twilight Sagamay well be back after some short films.When I first heard this news I groaned and rolled my eyes but then I read the plan and it's sort of a support young female filmmakers thing so it sounds kind of cool,actually.Pit that Twilight is so obnoxious
The Playlistranks all 35 of David Fincher's music videos.I used to be so obsessed with him because of Madonna.It's possible that I already linked this?I don't know.But their rankings are fairly good.

Vulturesays it's been an amazing year for animation.We just haven't realized it yet.It's all those hard to find foreign toons,it is
Rope of Siliconis doing a Best Movies series and looks back at David Fincher'sSe7en.That would probably be on my 100 movies list,too
Cinephilia and Beyondlooks at Bob Fosse's masterpiece (one of 'em)All That Jazz
My New Plaid Pantsbookmarked!Jason tells us about a Montgomery Clift documentary that I didn't even know about
VarietyJane Fonda and Viola Davis are charitable people.They look great together at an annual Rape Foundation brunch

Netflix,the Disrupter
New York Timeson theCrouching Tigersequel Netflix / IMAX deal
CHUDNetflix going into the business of Adam Sandler movies
Varietywonders what Netflix's motives our with their recent feature film announcements

Imelda Staunton rehearsing.Photo by Johan PerrsonOn StageandFilm Interest
Broadway WorldImelda Staunton is in theaters now in Pride (and she's delightful in it) but she's also returning to the stage.She's in rehearsals for that mammoth role of Mama Rose in a London production of Gypsy.See photo left.
The Hairpinwonderful personal essay on seeing Lindsay Lohan's stage debut inSpeed the Plow
NYC TheaterInteresting.The Laura Pels Theater on 46th street will be doing a stripped down production of Into the Woods while the movie plays in theaters.December 18th through March 2015
Theater ManiaAudra McDonald might do a film musical!!!She's rumored to be involved in the stage to screen transfer of Michael John Lachiusa'sHello Again.If only someone would push hisWild Partymusical to the screen
PlaybillEwan MacGregor and Maggie Gyllenhaal just made their Broadway debuts inThe Real Thing
VarietyNormally movies that become stage musicals are semi-recent hits.But next Spring Broadway will getDoctor Zhivago,once a super-sized smash movie hit from 1965.The song score combines talent from two fine musicals (The Secret GardenandGrey Gardens) so I'm excited.
Theater ManiaDavid Burtka (NPH's other half) will be doing a cabaret show at my favorite cabaret spot directed by Neil Patrick Harris.I imagine this is the type of thing that people will judge harshly just hearing about it like "connections!"but I've seen Burtka in two stage productions and he's very talented

Three hot & short exit videos to wrap

1.We'll start with the best one.Making a Marie Antoinette style dress out of Sofia Coppolla's Marie Antoinette script.Love this.

2.Here's the first teaser forInside Out,Pixar's 2015 release.And Pixar would like to remind you that they made it and that they made all those other movies you love to.BTW they were made by Pixar and did I mention that Pixar made this?

3.Inherent Vice's trailer which you've probably seen.We would have done aYes No Maybe Soon this one except that theNew York Film Festivalis in full swing which will render it immediately disposable since there'll be a review this weekend.The voiceover in this trailer reminds me of Annaleigh Ashford (fromMasters of Sex) but she's not in the movie.I wonder who the voice belongs to?