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"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Feb 24 2014

Interview: Matthew McConaughey and the Body

McConaughey and those haunted eyes in True DetectiveIt's hard to get a moment with a major movie star.They're tightly scheduled and you have to go from 0 to 60 once you're in front of them,recorder on.Nevertheless the stars themselves usually seem relaxed enough through their long promotional efforts for Oscar films as the world's slowest seated wedding line commences with one journalist after another sitting down with them one by one for a quick conversation.I'm sure our faces all blur together forming one lumpy mecha-journalist for the star.Their faces,on the other hand,remain individualized and imprinted in each of ours from frequent exposure and mythology.

The first thing I notice about Matthew McConaughey in person,apart from the inevitable "how much weight has he gained back?"instant check,is his eyes.They're blue,sure,but the darkest blue I've seen up close and more than a little intense.They're so inky blue,in fact that they look dangerous and unfamiliar despite years of movie appearances.(I hadn't yet seenTrue Detectivein which they reappear).The voice counterbalances them surprisingly well,instantly familiar and Texas friendly.

I sat down with McConaughey last year as his Oscar buzz was building forDallas Buyers Club(he was on a weekend break from filmingInterstellarwhen we spoke).I was surprised to hear that despite his busy schedule he's been getting the weekends off which he says he needs though he was sacrificing some to support his now Oscar nominated film "Which I am happy to do!"he added,quickly.I had planned to stayoffthe topic of weight loss (he lost 47 lbs for the role),which has been discussed too often for an award-winning performance that is most impressive for its emotional content,but I made the mistake of leading with it.And it's a topic he kept drifting back to.But then,why shouldn't he?His body has hardly been easy to separate from his acting,either,whether he's playing hunky romcom leads,male strippers,pumped up dragon slayers,or,as recently,an emaciated AIDS patient or an eerily stiff and sinewy police detective.

Our interview after the jump

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Feb 23 2014

7 Days Til Oscar.Dallas Buyers Club & AIDS Pictures

Unless I've missed a random nomination somewhere -- and you may correct me gently in the comments if I have --  it occurs to me thatDallas Buyers Clubis the seventh non-documentary motion picture with a prominent HIV/AIDS story to receive Oscar nominations.(There have been more films with supporting characters who were living with HIV,but these are the major films that are more focused on it*).

Oscar's history with this feature topic stretches back 23 years through one Best Picture nominee,a pre-McConaughey Best Actor,two foreign films,and 1990'sLongtime Companionafter the jump

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Jan 31 2014

GALECA & GLAAD: Gay 'Best of the Year' Honors

Though I complain about the proliferation of awards groups some of them serve more of a purpose than others,even if they're also lining up to honor the same things as every other group.Like AIDS related Best Picture nomineeDallas Buyers Clubtwhich some gay critics don't likeat alland on principal but which factors into both of the gay-specific awards recently announced.

Now,the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has madereallysuspect endorsements over the years (Let us not speak ofI Know Pronounce You Chuck & Larry) but they've also highlighted and fought against a very real problem so you have to respect their greasy wheel existence if not always their execution of message.

As per usual,GLAAD will hold a bicoastal bifurcated awards ceremony,first in Los Angeles in April and then in New York in May,long after Oscar season is over.GLAAD's film (and other medium) nominees as well as the nominees and winners of GALECA (the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association) are after the jump with commentaryand in some cases links.It's always bugged me that when magazines,blogs,and web articles are nominated for prizes the nominations list rarely have an easy way to check out the nominees so I figure I'm doing a public service by including them.You're welcome.

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Jan 07 2014

I'm Linking As Fast As I Can

Who can keep up this week?

Vanity FairKatey Rich on the embarassing Armond White display at the New York Film Critics Circle awards ceremony.I seriously don't know why the NYFCC risks their reputation this way each year?
BBCJane Campion will head the Cannes jury this year.Yay!(Although this article weirdly states that Campion is the only female to win the Palme D'Or which is no longer true.Lea Seydoux & Adele Exarchopoulus won with their director forBlue is the Warmest Color
ScriptNoteswith John August and Craig Mason wonder if filmmakers will ever be able to release a surprise feature a la Beyonce's surprise record
Time50 things you didn't know about Nicolas Cage for his 50th birthday
The CarpetbaggerWill Forte on his surprise detour intoNebraska
TowleroadLily Tomlin finally marries longtime partner/collaborator Jane Wagner
THRhilarious interview about the forthcoming Golden Globes with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Cinema BlendLiza Minnelli loves The Dallas Buyers Club,says to McConaughey...

And,honey,if you don't win the Academy Award,I'm giving you mine."

Next time I hear "Mein Herr"I'll think,however briefly,of McConaughey.But I hear Mein Herr so often so it won't ruin it for me (what?You watchCabaretmonthly,too,right?).In fact,I'm okay with this regifting if:

1) Matthew can do the entire choreography of Mein Herr flawlessly
2) Matthew gives Liza a supporting role inMagic Mike 2

Jan 06 2014

Oscar Symposium: The Fifth Spot (Part One)

In which a new Film Experience tradition begins.A pre-nomination mini-symposium about fifth spot battles...

NATHANIEL R: Things that are awesome that come in sets of five: fingers,boy bands,the filmography of John Cazale,golden rings to be used for Olympics or in song,toes,Oscar nominees...It always comes back to the Oscars here at The Film Experience,亚博主页don't you know?

I never thought of myself as any more averse to change than the average person but when the Academy changed theBest Picturesystem in 2009 and 2010 to a top ten and then to anything between 5 and 10,the magic number suddenly becoming 9 in both 2011 and 2012,it felt like a direct attack on my sanity.But Oscar categories come in fives!!!I've never stopped internally protesting and whenever anyone suggests that the acting categories should widen as well,a little part of me dies inside or reaches for smelling salts.I've taken solace in recent rule changes that bringOriginal SongandVisual Effectsto a clean five-wide system as well and I pray thatHair and Makeupeventually goes there,too.Ineedthe clarity of that organizing number.

This year we're starting a new mini-symposium tradition at the Film Experience in which we gather to discuss the fifth spot.亚博主页There's no point in debating the locks but usually at least one spot is up for grabs.Please welcome our panel of five:Kurt Osenlund(The House Next Door),Nathaniel R(亚博主页,c'est moi),Christopher Rosen(Huffington Post),Sasha Stone(Awards Daily) andYou(in the comments).These "what ifs"we're discussing become moot on January 16th when the nominations are announced but they're fun while they last (10 more days!).Eventually each year's acting shortlists take on a feeling of inevitability in retrospect...even the "surprise"nominees that didn't have much support in the precursors.

Are any of you feeling bullish about a surprise nominee that you think will seem inevitable once their name is read on Nomination Morning?[Supporting Categories after the jump...]

Chris,Kurt,Nathaniel,Sasha and You

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Jan 03 2014

WGA Prefers 'Buyers Club' To Llewyn Davis Inside Greenwich Clubs

The Writers Guild of America has spoken,choosing their favorite scripts of the year in film and television.They repeat an interesting move from yesterday's Producers Guild Awards in that they've (somewhat) unexpectedly acknowledgedDallas Buyers Club,which few people thought was a strong contender outside of the male acting categories,while skipping the Coen BrosInside Llewyn Davisfor honors.

The nominations with commentary are after the jump...

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