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May 26 2018

Burning Question: Most egregious Weinstein-backed Oscar Nods?

Upon seeing Harvey Weinstein in handcuffsyesterday our friendRob asked a very timely question on Twitterwhich we though we'd share here for rabid discussion purposes.

In the spirit of the day: Which ridiculous Oscar nomination that Harvey Weinstein facilitated was the most infuriatingly egregious?

My personal vote goes to Chocolat's 5 nominations (including Best Picture!!!) in 2000.The fluffy disposable film was nominated over obviously well-liked films likeBilly Elliott,Wonder Boys,andAlmost Famous...and great but divisive films likeDancer in the Darkand.

And though Juliette Binoche is one of the all time great screen actors,there was simply no excuse for that Best Actress nod when Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) and Björk (Dancer in the Dark) were both RIGHT THERE,totally inspired,and more than worthy of nominations.Even further outside the race there were still other leading ladies who were running circles around one of Binoche's least impressive performances including Michelle Pfeiffer's genre transcending inWhat Lies Beneath,Renée Zellweger's comic skill inNurse Betty,and Gillian Anderson,all tragic and ravishing inThe House of Mirth!

But what's your answer to the question?And if you are 2000 focused,please let us know you're ideal Best Picture/Best Actress lineupthat year.

Oct 15 2017

Björk's "Danish Director" Statement

By Nathaniel R

Catherine Deneuve,Björk,and Von Trier at Cannes (2000)

The floodgates have openedpost Weinsteinand now everyone wants to speak out.This morningBjörk issued a statementabout her experience working with "a Danish director,"a hilariously coy non-naming of names since she's only starred in one movie,Lars von Trier'sDancer in the Dark(2000) after which she never appeared in a movie again,unless you count her performance art collaboration with her then-boyfriend Matthew Barney onDrawing Restraint(2009).Which,well,the sexual violence was onscreen in that one with Barney and Björk carving each other up while naked underwater and turning into whales or some such.You know how that happens.

Here is her statement which is worth parsing due to its unexpectedDogvilleallusion...

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Nov 26 2016

Instagram Goodies: Marlon,Natalie,Faye,Dancer in the Dark

Just some yummies spotted on Instagram we thought you might enjoy...

Marlon Brando wardrobe reference for "Mutiny on the Bounty"(1962).

A photo posted by The Academy (@theacademy) on Nov 25,2016 at 12:48pm PST

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Oct 29 2016

Tweetweek: I'm With Carol (Remakes)

In this week's collection of amusing tweets,we gaze at Cate Blanchett,Best Actress shenanigans,Hugh Jackman's veins,Hillary Clinton as musical star,Doctor Strangé(that's what I'm calling it for fun),and more...

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May 28 2014

Top Ten: The Aughts

Last year I was throwin' up quickie top ten lists for each decade for archival and discussion purposes and tonight wI realized that I'd never finished the run skipping the Aughts and the 1920s and the 1910s (the latter two because I'd hoped to see more silent films before top ten'ing it).So herewith a revisit / rework of a "best of the aughts"list originally published in 2010 but many of you have joined us since!.

Care to share yours?

01 Moulin Rouge!dir.Baz Luhrmann (2001)

The party of the decade.The inspired mashup conductor (Baz) and his darling stars (Nicole,Ewan,Jim) put on the messiest craziest livelest funniest tearjerking "Spectacular!Spectacular!"show on earth.I'd never claim it's a perfect movie but flaws are endearing when you love madly and deeply.and Love Is All You Need.

02Brokeback Mountaindir.Ang Lee (2005)
A love story for the ages.And one that quietly enrages.

03Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Minddir.Michel Gondry (2004)
The Eyes: a singularly imaginative visualist in Gondry.The Brain: the twisty intellect of Charlie Kauffman.The Body: a great acting ensemble operating as one powerful machine.The Heart: a comic (Jim Carrey) positively aching with true drama.The Soul: one of the most elemental faces and emotional forces in cinematic history (Kate Winslet);It's the collaborative miracle movie of the decade,all its parts made greater by their interconnectedness.

04Dancer in the Darkdir.Lars von Trier (2000)
The story of the Aughts for this particular moviegoer was the rebirth of the musical.To yank the dead genre from its unfortunate grave,fearless visionary filmmakers and prodigiously gifted musicians were required.The impish deconstructionist (von Trier) provoked such genius from a totally modern composer (Björk) that a decade later you can still be transported with just a bar of "New World"or "I've Seen It All".

05Far From Heavendir.Todd Haynes (2002)
Of all the things we have to thank Todd Haynes for: new ways of looking at Barbie dolls,Bob Dylan splintered,restless experimentation as cinematic life-blood,a mini Douglas Sirk revival,Ewan MacGregor naked and covered in glitter...this is the gift I cherish most: Julianne Moore in a purple scarf,waving love goodbye.

06In the Mood for Lovedir.Wong Kar Wai (2000,released in 2001)
In a perfect world,I would always be fetching noodles or trying on cheomsangs with Maggie Cheung.Either that or writing wuxia and smoking with Tony Leung Chiu Wai.I'd gladly pay the price of heartbreak in the end.

07Talk To Herdir.Pedro Almodovar (2002)
So imaginatively structured,exquisitely controlled,and enigmatically moving that it's nearly impossible to wrap your head around in one go.It's a good thing then that Pedro's movies miraculous improve with repeated viewings...even when they were brilliant to begin with."Cucurrucucú paloma,cucurrucucú no llores."

08Rachel Getting Marrieddir.Jonathan Demme (2008)
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot the fact that so many people don't love this movie.Their loss.I'm ready to dive back into this immersive,noisy,eclectic,spontaneous,superbly acted,wonderfully sustained,bleeding heart of a movie right this very second.Pass me the DVD.

09Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragondir.Ang Lee (2000)
Ang Lee is the only filmmaker with two movies in the top ten.How glorious was/is this utterly transporting adventure?

10A History of Violencedir.David Cronenberg (2005)
In the past I've likened this movie to a machine,it's so finely calibrated and efficient.But that doesn't get at its emotional fire,its guttural poetry,and its savage eroticism.It's more like a cyborg.

ten other beloveds
Requiem for a Dream,Mulholland Dr,There Will Be Blood,The Lord of the Rings,Vera Drake,Y Tu Mama Tambíen,WALL•E,Volver,The Class,The Hurt Locker,andBefore Sunset.

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Sep 22 2013

Podcast: Reader Questions & Short Term 12

For today's super-casz edition of the Podcast it's justNathaniel&Nickgabbing.We argue aboutShort Term 12's schematic screenplay and individual character arcs (Nathaniel loved it all / Nick did not) and how the movie reflects what we look for in movies.After that discussion it's off to reader questions involving directors & their muses,the art of movie titling (not the credit sequences,the actual titles),and opinion-shifting from past Oscar seasons.

You'll have to listen to find out howGravity,American Beauty,Vera Farmiga,and Spike Jonze'sAdaptationfit into it all.You can do so here at the bottom of the postor download it on iTunes.Join in the conversation in the comments once you've listened.

Short Term Podcast