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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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May 12 2019

We Need to Talk About Suspiria / Third Tilda's a Charm

Please welcome guest contributor Maggy Torres-Rodriguez

Luca Guadagnino'sSuspiriais now available to stream on Amazon Prime.So if you're looking for a flick to throw on,kick back and re-- really have your stomach churn,this is it.BUT before we get into that,can we first take a moment to talk about Dakota Johnson's Met Gala dress (pictured above)...

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Jan 23 2019

Call Julianne Moore By Her Name

byJason Adams

A couple of weeks agoI told y'all aboutLuca Guadagnino's next film project,a feature based off of Bob Dylan's 1975 albumBlood on the Tracksthat he plans to make with Chloe Grace Moretz.Well Luca,never one to rest on them laurels of his,has sneaked in a totally seperate project while we weren't looking (or rather while we were gaping at the exploding heads of hisSuspiriacoven),much to my thrill.He's gone and directed a 35-minute short film slash "memory piece"for the fashion house Valentino that will star Kyle MacLachlan and Julianne Moore,along with Marthe Keller,KiKi Layne,Mia Goth (aka the secret MVP ofSuspiria),and Alba Rohrwacher.Here's how it's described in Variety:

"Moore plays Francesca,an Italian-American writer who lives in New York and must return to Rome – and,by extension,her childhood – to retrieve her aging mother,a painter played at different ages by Keller and Goth.Layne plays "the spark that triggers the stream of consciousness in Francesca,"said Guadagnino,while Rohrwacher plays "a grande dame at a party."All the male characters – "fathers,lovers,servants,"Guadagnino noted – are played by MacLachlan."

Making a short-film for a fashion house probably isn't the best way for Luca to combatlast week's criticismfrom the originalSuspiria's director Dario Argento that he "makes beautiful tables,beautiful curtains,beautiful dishes,all beautiful…"but Luca gonna Luca (and bless him for it,quite honestly).The short was shot byCall Me By Your NameandSuspiriaDP Sayombhu Mukdeeprom and the soundtrack is from Oscar-winner Ryuichi Sakamoto,and the plan is for it to hit legitimate film fests so stay tuned,fabulousness ahead.

Oct 27 2018

Can You Ever Link Me?

In ContentionAlfonso Cuarón could tie Walt Disney's record this year for most nominations for a single person in one year (six).And he could break the record for most nominations for a single person from a single film (four)
/FilmKatherine Langford (Love Simon,13 Reasons Why) added to the cast ofInfinity War's sequel
VarietyExtremely sad to report that Filmstruck is shutting down next week.It had become the go to streaming place for cinephiles once Netflix started having such crappy movie selections
Next Best Pictureif you're not sick of hearing me rave aboutCan You Ever Forgive Me?yet,I'm the guest on this podcast doing that again.

TFEin case you missed it,our podcast on the same movie
The Daily Beasthateful conservatives now targeting Netflix's brilliantBig Mouthseries which is all the more reason why all of you should watch it.It's awesome.
/Filmthis is kind of non-news given the caginess of the statements but TriStar is still hoping to mount aLabyrinthsequel with Jennifer Connelly reprising her role 30+ years later
MNPP13 moustaches of Halloween - fun series,now with more Sam Elliott and Vincent Price
/Filmto celebrate Dario Argento a ranking of his features.His most famous film,Suspiria,is NOT number one!
Next Best Pictureon recent under 15 minute performances nominated for Oscars with some possibilities this year like Sam Elliott and Daniel Kaluuya亚博主页

Off Screen or Behind the Scenes
Wall Street Journalthinks there is an atmosphere of fear at Netflix with their quick firings
VarietyBoy George interview as Culture Club releases their first album since 1999.It's called "Life"-- ftr I think "Colour By Numbers,"their 1983 album is one of the most perfect albums ever recorded
Playbill10 plays and musicals that only require 2 actors
PlaybillWickedis about to turn 15.Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel are sharing two things they added to the musical that weren't in the original script/score.
Fast Companyexamines the state of Hollywood's middle class.Turns out the proliferation of content isn't good for everyone and the reasons why aren't all that apparent from the outside (shouldn't more content mean more job opportunities?).Note: this website has annoying ads that are confusing to get out of in order to read the article (hint) scroll downwithouthitting that scroll down sign!

May 15 2018

"Suspiria"First Look is Dakota Looking

byChris Feil.

We've steadily been getting tidbits of late for Luca Guadagnino'sSuspiriaremake (or reimagining,as the director would prefer) - stories of the filming sending Dakota Johnson to therapy,Cinema Con attendees losing their lunch over the first body-breaking footage,and a reported sprawling 2.5 hour running time.What once sounded like a potentially dubious project is sounding more and more like something worthy of standing next to Dario Argento's original masterwork...

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