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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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May 02 2019

Links: Anjelica Huston's Life,Magic Mike's Postponement,Madonna's Holograms

The Week's Must Read
Anjelica Huston interview in Vulture-Many great quotes.So much IDGAF mixing with caring about her career in interesting ways.And her tongue is so sharp and she's so candid I am forced to order her autobiography "Watch Me"

More links after the jump involvingMean Girls,casting news,Avengers Endgame,new series in development,and the Billboard Music Awards...

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Jul 18 2018

Thoughts I Had...Rewatching "The Dark Knight"

by Nathaniel R

Why so serious?Yes,you're 10 years older on this anniversary ofThe Dark Knight's release and probably watching the world burn with significantly less glee than The Joker would but still.Lighten up!At least we have the movies!I was commissioned to writea piece aboutThe Dark Knight's Oscar history elsewherebut I jotted down more film-centric notes during a recent rewatch and will now share them here.

This a chronological skip through the movie.It made such a cultural impact you surely remember its release and maybe even the circumstances in which you saw it.If so,do share in the comments.Ready?Let's press play...

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Aug 04 2016

Born in 1984?Oscar doesn't love you (yet)

Since 1984 is our Year of the Month I was prepping a "vintage"list of the people,places,and things birthed that year and was alarmed to realize that I could findZEROOscar nominees born that year.Not a one.And I've spent all too much time scouring the web for it.

Actors born in 1984are 31 or 32 years of age which is plenty of time to secure an Oscar nomination,at least for women.For comparison sake consider that a very quick glance at 1983,no more than one minute of research,turns up at least 5 nominees one of whom won (Lupita N'yongo).The same speedy glance at 1985 reveals 4 nominees instantly.Even 1986 has one that immediately pops out (Lady Gaga for Original Song) though the more recent years naturally have less as the field of contenders gets younger and younger.Unless I'm missing some fast-rising sound editor or makeup artist or some such,Oscar has yet to loveany1984 babies.Poor Millenial babies.If you were born in 1984 does this make you grumpy?

So who do you think will be first?Some options after the jump as well as the saving grace of Tony,Emmy,and Grammy nominees from that 1984 crop.

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Jul 02 2015

Halfway: Best Leading Performances of 2015 Thus Far

½way mark - part 2 of ?You can't see everything but you should see as much as possible if you're in the awardage business,or business of watching awardage,or business of watching awardage watchers and...well you get the picture.SEE MORE MOVIES.I know I need to and I see plenty.

Let's take stock of what's come out in theaters thus far (Jan 1st - Jul 1st for our purposes here).Even if conversations suggest otherwise in November through January each year we always pray that Academy members are regular moviegoers and don't just wait until their screeners arrive.

10 best lead performances from the year's first half...

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May 17 2015

The Age of Mad Max's Perfect Pitch

"We're Back Pitches!"

ActuallyEVERYONEwas back this weekend in the sequel-saturated landscape.The nice surprise is that it was totally infused with girl power.The real kind,not just the lip service kind with "Strong Female Characters"that the boys then rescue.OK,The Scarlet Witch is rescued by The Vision inAge of Ultron,but she brings it in the power department overall and the film just passed the one billion mark worldwide and became the top grosser of 2015 (in the US).But the top two this week were newer 'old' ones.Anna Kendrick and her harmonizing family The Barden Bellas returned to rescue themselves as they headed toward graduation and the world championships.MeanwhileMad Max: Fury Roadwon the hearts of critics with its surprisingly feminist storyline and ambitous action setpieces.The film essentially has two title characters because the story may start with Mad Max but it's Imperator Furiosa in the driver's seat and she's taking this franchise down roads it's never been down before.Charlize Theron once again reminds the world that she's every bit as strong an action star as any man (and considering that Blunt,Jolie,and Johansson are also aces in this department,there are surely others who could carry an action picture if given the chance these actresses have had).

And "They"say nobody will go see female superheroes.That's what all of these bitches are,you regressive studio execs!WAKE UP.Fund more female-driven movies.

May 15-17 Weekend
01Pitch Perfect 2$70.3NEW
02Mad Max: Fury Road$44.4NEWReview
03Avengers: Age of Ultron$38.8 (cum.$372)Review&Marathon&Podcast
04Hot Pursuit$5.7 (cum.$23.5)Review
05Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2$3.6 (cum.$62.9)
06Furious 7$3.6 (cum.$343.8)Review
07Age of Adaline$3.2 (cum.$37)
08Home$2.7 (cum.$165.6)
09Ex Machina$2.1 (cum.$19.5)Review
10Far From the Madding Crowd$1.3 (cum.$2.6)

May 15-17 Weekend
01Where Hope Grows$490,000 (276 Theaters)
02Good Kill$17,000 (2 Theaters)
03I'll See You in My Dreams$16,000 (3 Theaters)
04In the Name of My Daughter$14,000 (3 Theaters)
05Animals$12,000 (10 Theaters)
06The Connection$9,800 (2 Theaters)

In truly perplexing news,who is still buying tickets toPaul Blart Mall Cop2when there are this many good movies in theaters of pretty much all genres !?

In 'Less Likely To Be At a Theater Near You' news,Far From the Madding Crowdhad a great weekend,vaulting into the top ten with an expansion despite still being in a few thousand less theaters than everything else in the top ten.

Kim Shaw and David Dastmalchian in "Animals"

Of the other new releases, we hope y'all will go seeANIMALS.It's true we're biased in favor of the movie since the film's screenwriter/star David Dastmalchianguest blogged here just recentlyand I had the pleasure of moderating their Q&A here in NYC this weekend at the Village East cinema.But you don't have to take my word for it since it was a big hit at SXSW and also hasthe thumbs up from critics.It's currently available for download and playing theatrically in NYC,Atlanta,Kansas City,Detroit,Seattle,Phoenix,Miami,Columbus,and Los Angeles.Next week it adds Chicago,where it was filmed and where many of its actors are from,to the list so if you live in Chicagohead to the Gene Siskel next weekend!I told Dastmalchian that it seems terribly fitting that I went to the movie specifically to see him work a rare leading role and I came out appreciating not just him but actors I wasn't yet familiar with in other much smaller roles,the kind he used to get noticed for.

May 07 2015


May came in with a bang.Our best guess is that you couldn't keep up this first week because we barely did!To insure that you read everything - a requirement by law - here are things you might have missed in this very busy week:The podcast returnedand we learned that Anne Marie has feelings for Michelle Rodriguez's biceps and Joe Reid really loves watching superheroes fight together;The first wave of Oscar predictions finally wrapped withSupporting ActressandLead Actress discussions;Orson Welles turned 100 years old and,aside from the Best Shot Mid-Season Finale,Alexa (of 'Curio' fame) got a collage piece accepted fora centennial show in Illinoiswhich you should check out if you live there!;Mysterious Skinturned 10;Nathaniel attended theMarvel Marathonandreviewed The Age of Ultronand also gawked atPenny Dreadful's NSFWpremiere episode;Posed with Yoda,Manuel did, for a Star Wars Day photoset while Jason asked you tochoose between the Dark Side andthe uh...Skywalker side;Mad Mencontinued knocking it out of the park inits final episodes;David Lynchsold coffee;and The Lovely Laura Linneysold her soulto thedevilTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Oh and we had a very special guest blogger...

Longtime TFE readers surely had already clocked that we enjoyDavid Dastmalchian's work and have been waiting for him to bust out so that people can learn his name.Over the years he earned two nominations in our annual awards ceremony (both in the limited or cameo category) forThe Dark Knight(2008) andPrisoners(2013).We assume he won't be haunting that category much longer as his career expands.He was kind enough to say yes when we asked him to guest blog for what should surely be his breakout summer given that the film he wrote and headlinesAnimals,riding critical darling status out of SXSW,opens on May 15thand two months later he gets to play with Paul Rudd inAnt-Man,joining the Marvel Universe.That's an interesting move,given that he first gained notice for a DC movie,The Dark Knight.ET Online recently asked him about the switcheroo.(Click on that photo if you'd like to see that red carpet moment.It's not embedded here because it's an automatic play):

Here's what he wrote for you:
David What?- His origin story & how to pronounce his name
What I Learned From Paul Rudd- On comic improv with Paul Rudd,Melissa Leo staying in character,and an idol of his Malcolm McDowell
What I Saw / Where I Saw It- four of his formative films growing up
The Making of Animalsthings looked bleak until magically it came together
Soundtrack of My Life- Have you ever imagined your life in movie trailer form?
...You should follow him onTwitter&Instagram!

We sincerely hope the experience was more pleasant for him that that time he met Jake Gyllenhaal...

Are you enjoying May thus far?