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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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May 20 2018

Deadpool 2 Opens Big,Book Club Counterprograms.

Weekend Box Office (May 18th-20th)
800+ screens
excluding prev.wide
Deadpool 2 Disobedience
1.Deadpool 2$125*NEW*
1.RBG$1.2 on 375 screens (cum.$3.8)REVIEW
2.Avengers Infinity War$28.6 (cum.$595)REVIEW 2.Disobedience$498k on 247 screens (cum.$1.8)REVIEW
3.Book Club$12.5*NEW*REVIEW
3.Pope Francis - A Man of His Word$480k on 346 screens *NEW*
4.Life of the Party$7.7 (cum.$31)
4.2001: A Space Odyssey$200k on 4 screens RE-RELEASE
5.Breaking In$6.4 (cum.$28.7)REVIEW
5.The Rider$169 on 90 screens (cum.$1.1)REVIEW

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Apr 13 2017

Josh Brolin Nicks Role of Cable in "Deadpool 2"

by Daniel Crooke

After ages of anticipation,Marvel Cinematic Universe fans' long international nightmare is over:Deadpool 2has finally cast the coveted role of Cable,the central villain for the sequel.

In one of the more noteworthy examples of franchise double duty since Swedish soap star Maud Adams seduced audiences in two separate James Bond outings (OctopussyandLive and Let Die,for those keeping score at home) Josh Brolin – Thanos,Destroyer of Realms,himself – has landed his second role as a Marvel baddie in the upcoming sequel to the surprise 2015 superhero hit.Beating out Michael Shannon and David Harbour to clinch the part,Brolin now has the distinction of not only playing the MCU's preeminent bad guy,but the antihero's enemy in theDeadpooloffshoot as well;while they share a foundational mythology,theDeadpoolfilms belong to Marvel Entertainment and not the Disney-owned Marvel Studios.

AsDeadpoolstar Ryan Reynolds put it…

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Mar 06 2017

Mt Linkmore

THRShin Godzillawins really big at the Japanese Oscars while massive anime hit亚博主页Your Nametakes 3 prizes.A film calledHer Love Boils Bathwater(????) took both of the actress awards.Gimme.
TFE...ICYMIShin Godzillacame in at #18 at the US box office in terms of foreign film success last year (just behind critical darlingsThe HandmaidenandElle)
Two Dollar Cinemahad a fun blog-a-thon called 'Mt Rushmore of Movies' in which bloggers could just any fourpart tribute - I only hear about blog-a-thons after the fact but I'm happy some people are still doing 'em.Entries include: four characters with great beards,best movie cameos,movies where romantic leads don't end up together,and more

Much more film & TV news,videos,and linkage as well as Barry Jenkins & Damien Chazelle's friendship after the jump because this is a super long post.It's impossible to keep up as of late!

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Mar 05 2017

Box Office: Wolverine slays while Get Out stays...

I dont know where this photo is from but I love itDespite the R rating,or perhaps because of it,Loganopened much stronger than its 2013 predecessorThe Wolverine(which eventually racked up $414 million globally).Loganwill easily become the highest grossing Wolverine film by the end of its run thanks to what will surely be strong word of mouth...something this particular solo franchise has never experienced.

In other box office news: Jordan Peele's hot button horror filmGet Outheld spectacularly well,dropping only 21%;Best Foreign Language Film winnerThe Salesmanexpanded to over 100 theaters;and most importantly Best Picture winnerMoonlightreturned to wide release in theaters even as it was just released on DVD / BluRay adding another $2.5 million to its gross.This weekend it became A24's second biggest hit in the US by passingThe Witch(still their biggest hit globally though).Moonlightwill end its run as the lowest grosser amongthe 2016 Best Picture nomineesbut $25 million isn't too shabby at all for a serious black gay art film with no bankable stars.In fact it's kind of a miracle.It just needs $60,000 more in ticket sales this week to beatEx Machinaand become A24's biggest US hit.

02Get Out$26.1 (cum.$75.9)Reviewed
03The Shack$16.1NEW
04The Lego Batman Movie$11.6 (cum.$148.6)
05Before I Fall$4.9NEW

01A United Kingdom$625K (cum.$1.8) 271 theaters
02The Salesman$266K (cum.$1.8)Review,Interview115 theaters
03Kedi$234K (cum.$577K)Reviewed13 theaters
04Bitter Harvest$94K (cum.$392K) 75 theaters
05Everybody Loves Somebody$65K (cum.$1.8) 60 theaters

Logandidn't have a post-credit scene due to the nature of its actual content but moviegoers were treated to this amusingDeadpool 2teaser above with a cameo from Stan Lee and a full moon from game Ryan Reynolds,still loving his role as the merc with a mouth

Jan 11 2017

Best Picture - How many and which ones?

Though the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes don't share voters,La La Land's sweep at the latter-- winning the most prizes,literally ever,at the Globes-- suggests the kind of overall crowd-pleasing and respectability strength that means the Best Picture Oscar is already won.The only suspense is how many other statues will be keeping it company on Hollywood's High Holy Night in February.But the race for nominations,which we've always maintained is the most exciting part each year anyway,is still relatively heated.Sothe Best Picture Oscar chart has been updated(more charts to follow over the next couple of days).But in short yours truly in punditry believe that the race currently breaks down like so

Tier 1 - The Locks...La La Land,Moonlight,andManchester by the Sea
Tier 2 - If There Were Still Only 5....ArrivalandHell or High Water?
Tier 3 - Probably Also In (So That Makes 8)...Lion,Hidden Figures,Hacksaw Ridge
Tier 4-It Depends on How Many Nominees?Nocturnal AnimalsorFences
Tier 4.5 - Unless I'm Wrong In Which CaseLoving,Jackie,orSully

Assuming La La Land,Manchester and Moonlight are competing for the would you rank the other Best Pic hopefuls?

That's ten pictures right there which means I have less faith in the rest though there are other films making noise likeSilence(albeit a quiet kind of 'Jesuit priests in Japan but its Scorsese' noise) andDeadpool.I know I know...the PGA nomination...but I frankly can't imagine the latter as a BP nominee and my reasoning is this: it's the kind of picture you'd vote for if you're like "burn this whole place down!Oscars are silly and too elitist"亚博主页-- there are surely some voters like that but in a year with so many richly loved movies I can't imagine this feeling is the dominant one.Also if the high budget superhero universal acclaim ofThe Dark Knightand the High Budget but similar toDeadpool(In Snark and Success) Charm ofGuardians of the Galaxycouldn't do it why would the comparatively lowbudget and lowbrow Ryan Reynolds comedy be able to?And if it were to be nominated wouldn't that be like spitting in Marvel Studios' face?(Yeah,yeah,we know you've worked hard at consistent quality for a decade with barely any nominations to show for it even in tech categories,but whatever)

YOUR TURN.How many nominees do you think we'll get this year and which film is in the so-close but it's not going to happen position?

Jan 10 2017

PGA Nominations: The usual suspects plus "Deadpool"

Did Deadpool just shoot some Oscar dreams in the head?It's fitting that a year such as 2016,which gave us all the middle finger in such a crass broad strokes kind of way with T**** would also prove to be the year ofDeadpooland his tiny baby hand gave the middle finger to superhero blockbusters (albeit a middle finger of love since it's gleefully being everything it's snarky about).I can't imagineDeadpooltransferring from the Producers Guild Nomination to Oscar's Best Picture roster especially since they have yet to nominate 10 movies in their new rules of "5 to 10 nominees"in the years since that ruling but congratulations on making it this far!

While you're perusing the Producers Guild noms keep in mind that this is not necessarily the end of Best Picture dreams for a movie that missed and here's why...

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