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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Nov 12 2017

72 days until Oscar nominations.Let's talk '72

What's your favorite movie of 1972?My top ten goes like so...

01Cabaret(Bob Fosse)
Come to the cabaret

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Feb 20 2015

John Boorman on His Oscar Experience

Josehere.Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down with legendary director John Boorman (Deliverance,Point Blank,The Tailor of Panama) in order to talk abouthis new filmQueen and Countrya sequel to his Oscar nominatedHope and Glory.Besides being a notoriously versatile director Mr.Boorman is also quite the cinephile,with a profound knowledge of silent cinema and obscure noirs,this led our conversation to stray into the topic of the Academy Awards...

John Boorman directs 'Deliverance' (L) 'Hope and Glory' (R)

You've been nominated for Best Director twice forDeliveranceandHope and Glory,can you share some of your memories about going to the Oscars?亚博主页

First of all,it's incredibly boring,because you leave the hotel at 2 in the afternoon and the show goes on until 11 at night,and you sit in the audience more often than not watching the commercials,or at least the gaps the commercials create.It's very wearing!(laughs) I didn't go when I was nominated forDeliverance,I went when I was nominated forHope & Glory,I'd been nominated as producer,director and screenwriter.I was delighted that the film was nominated,but I didn't win in any of the categories,and it makes you feel like such a failure (laughs).

You keep yourself active as an Academy member?

Yes,I see them all and vote,but the ones I vote for never win (laughs).

What were some of your favorites in the Oscar race this year?

In the Oscars this year,亚博主页in the Foreign Language category,there are three filmsLeviathan,IdaandTimbuktu,and there are no three films in any other category that match up to these at all.I saw them recently and felt so proud to be a filmmaker!But what does their quality say about the other films?Quite good films even,likeThe Theory of EverythingandBirdmanand so on?There's something calculating about these films,it's a calculation that somehow the system brings up because of the way films are made.Scripts are supervised by studios and you feel these films have been overcooked,there's something slightly contrived about them.They're looking over their shoulder a little bit.

Queen and Country,Boorman's final film,is now playing in select theaters.

Mar 24 2014

Monologue: Sterling Archer,Burt Reynolds & Dead Bodies

Have you ever watchedArcher?I had tuned in here or there but hadn't ever committed.This weekend I binge watched about 10 episodes and now I'm madly in love.I'm beginning to think it's one ofthegreat sitcoms,each character is so fully defined and there are jokes of so many varieties,not just verbal but visual and physical and recurring and always true to character.One of my favorite recurring gags is Archer's obsession with Burt Reynolds.In the Season 2 episode "Pipeline Fever"he keeps talking aboutGator(1976) since he and his ex-girlfriend/coworker are going to the swamp.They're arguing about the element of surprise when Archer gets distracted.

Which is why mobility is key.And how will we achieve mobility,huh?An airboat,Lana.Just like Burt Reynolds in White Lightning.Not to mention Gator!Which...even though it's a sequel I think it's the stronger of the two films.

Remember Jerry Reed's character in Gator?McCall?No?Well,whatever.Check this out,I stol--borrowed it from Woodhouse?RIGHT!It's just like in Gator.

Archer has blown their cover by pulling a gun and an air marshall is now pointing a gun at them.Later in the episode he shows up in an outfit that read suspiciously like Burt's insanely memorable rubber vest fromDeliverance(1972) though it's not remarked upon.

Which brings us to a Burt Reynolds speech from that great 70s picture

What to do with a dead body...what to do?That's always a (movie) question.Fifty-three minutes into the classicDeliverance(1972),the shit has hit the fan or,rather,the men have already squealed like pigs.Four increasingly unhinged friends are now freaking out over the fresh corpse in their midst.Drew (Ronny Cox) in particular wants to be done with their time in the woods and turn things over to the law.Burt Reynoldshas the answer in his greatest pre-Boogie Nights role (the one he was famously Oscar snubbed for).

You let me worry about that,Drew.You let me take care of that.You know what's going to be here, right here?A Lake!Far as you can see.Hundreds of feet deep.Hundreds of feet deep!

Did you ever look out over a lake?Think about something buried underneath it.Buried underneath it!

Man,that's about as buried as you can get.

It must have been tempting to film Burt's take-charge moment entirely in tight sweaty closeup.That's exactly what a modern filmmaker would do,beholden as they now all are to constant closeups and the TV-centric emphasis on the dead center of each frame,as if stardom can't be grasped if more than one person inhabits any frame.Thankfully,director John Boorman,his Oscar nominated editorTom Priestleyand the great cinematographerVilmos Zsigmondtrust that alpha male star Burt Reynolds doesn't need any help in seizing a scene.

Instead we get a riveting and creepy mix of longshots,closeups,and slow pans whichneverlet's us forget any of the players,their specific relationships to one another ...and especially the unsettling constant presence of that intruding dead body,draped inelegantly across a tree branch.

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Sep 04 2012

V/H/S,or The Concept of a Woman

Hi,loves!Beau here,having just caught the new horror compilationV/H/SonVOD,and spent the night ruminating on a few different elements that the film(s) brought to light for me.

V/H/Sis a horror film that for me,is a game changer.And not in a good way.Were you to pull a gun to my head and ask me what genre captures my heart and my imagination more than any other,I'd say horror.It's my Achilles heel,bloody and severed.The pulse quickens and the imagination runs rampant.You're not limited to set tonal shifts but atypical ones.You can go anywhere in horror.And whatV/H/Sleft me with is the sense that if we're willing to venture into this stylized vein of storytelling,why aren't we taking more risks inside of it?Pandora's box is a large one,loves.She likes it that way.A girl needs a big purse.

I'll sum it up briefly

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