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"Chalamet's gray...whatever that is...Is absolutely fantastic.It's always wonderful to see guys in anything but a penguin suit."-Manny

"Scarlett Johansson in pants is everything!Louis Garrel veux-tu m'épouser?Damn,he's getting more and more handsome the older he gets!"-French Toast

"That last Timmy outfit is iconic." -Andrew

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Dec 21 2018

Would you rather?

Time for our ever silly celebrity watching Instagram game.We do so enjoy your comments on these posts,so revealing of priority and fixation.Haha.So answer it!

Would you rather...

...dress up for a xmas party with Mindy Kaling?
...take a swim with Naomie Harris in Anguilla?
...go boating in Thailand with Lewis Tan?
...dance with Kate Beckinsale?
...have a sunday roast with Martha Plimpton?
...pull a prank on Ryan Reynolds?
...book club-it on the beach with Emma Roberts?
...visit Santa and the Mrs.with Isla Fisher?
...see the Fushimi Inari Shrine with Ryan Phillipe?
...or choose an outfit with Diane Keaton?

As ever the photos are after the jump to help you decide...

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Oct 23 2014

AHS: Freakshow "Edward Mordrake Pt. 1"

AHS rips its own plotlines off for this new episode (guest starring Wes Bentley)How do you make an episode in which almost nothing happens almost half-again as long as episodes wherelotsof things happen?I know not but Hollywood is getting very good at it lately what with all their supersized TV episodes and two part movie finales for quadrilogies where a trilogy (or less) would do.

In "honor"of the bloating,we're going svelte with a briefer rundown .

Plot: A con artist and his protege arrive at the freakshow with nefarious plans.Bette and Dot still hate each other.Bearded Lady gets bad news.And,finally,rippingitselfoffcompletelyFreakshowrebootsCoven's Danny Huston plotline about a ghostly mass murderer from the past being unintentionally summoned to visit our makeshift family of weirdos.

Episode MVP: Kathy Bates.Ethel visits a doctor and learns she only has a year to live.Immediately gets hammered and then recalls her tragic story of exploitation.Special shout out toKathy Dietch,the actress playing Ethel's younger self in flashbacks who's done a great if thankless job this season.

Musical Break: Jessica Lange sings after being conned by the newly arrived "spiritualist"Esmeralda (Emma Roberts) into believing there's still a chance for stardom.Lange has now sung twice in a season in which they've hired Patti Labelle and given her zip to do.Now,that'sfreaky.

Body Count
: Unknown.Edward Mordrake (Wes Bentley),a man with two faces,massacres an entire circus freakshow in old timey flashback before hanging himself.And a group of birds are decapitated to piss me off on my couch.Enough with the decapitated birds Miss Julie Ryan Murphy!

Movie Reference
: A visual homage to a classic moment from John Carpenter'sHalloween(1978) via Twisty the Clown.

Episode Grade

That's it for this week but for a NSFW bitafter the jump...

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May 12 2014

Stage Door: An Iliad and (gulp) Troy's 10th Anniversary

If you'll allow me a personal and quite biased recommendation,I'd love to send any Floridians reading to the Orlando Fringe Festival (May 14th-25th) to check out Allen Sermonia orJenn RemkeinAn Iliad.Jenn and Allen are friends of mine and I had the privilege of attending a full rehearsal last week in which Jenn performed the entire show (they're doing it in repertory so Allen gets alternating nights) and apparently she's the first female actor to ever perform it!

I've seen Jenn in a few previous plays so I knew she was talented but holding an entire stage by yourself is a true challenge and I'm happy to report she was riveting.By the time the play sunk its hooks in,I forgot I was watching my friend and was just watching "the poet"working her way through numerous character sketches and a retelling of the specifics of the Trojan War and,by troubling extension,the not-so-specific universality of war.

Even those who don't get a decent education in the classics (in this case Homer's "The Iliad") know the story thanks to the way all hugely influential classics seep into the collective subconscious.I've read the Iliad but I'm embarrassed to report that instead of the poem my brain was doing a majorTroy(2004) sidebar afterwards comparing the play's potent intimacy with the movie's B grade epicness.

It's not that Iwantedto think aboutTroy...


It's just that I am me and Eric Bana and Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger (alllooking beautiful enough to launch thousands of ships to possess) are a kind of draw,no matter how bad the surrounding movie is and however embarrassing that is to admit.

In a stupid coincidenceTroyis celebrating its 10th anniversary just as this performance kicks off.And I am helpless in the face of such calendar markers.I haven't had a desire to revisit the movie but aside from the beauty of its players I remember being  convinced that Orlando Bloom,despite the terrible reviews he won,was actually perfect as Paris.It's just that the character is detestable and not in the type of way that often provokes rabid anti-hero worship.Bana also did fine and hugely charismatic work (I expected him to become a much bigger star but it was sadly not to be) but Garrett Hedlund and Brad Pitt were weirdly weak links despite being well cast.Maybe they didn't have enough to play with as actors?Mostly I didnotappreciate the weirdly deflating rewrite of the Achilles/Patroclus relationship: 'They're just cousins,broseph;No Homo!'

If you've only ever seenTroyand no other dramatic interpretations of this story,I must suggest this BAFTA Nominated short filmAchilles(1995),narrated by Derek Jacobi,from the Oscar nominated filmmaker Barry Purves which restores the gayness in gorgeous NSFW stop-motion:

Back to the play
Because my attention to the theater world is intermittent at best I had missed the explosion of interest in "An Iliad"over the last couple of years.Denis O'Hare,the ubiquitous character actor of stage,film and recently television (American Horror Story/True Blood) co-wrote it and performed it in repetory with Stephen Spinella (the Tony winning original star ofAngels in America) in 2012 and it has since become a fixture in regional theater partially because it's cheap and easy to produce (no set / one actor),sure,but also because it's just a damn good play: moving,provocative,and angry.

Even if you're not in Florida,see it as soon as some regional theater tackles it near you.

Nov 05 2013

Review: Dallas Buyer's Club

This review was originally published in Nathaniel's columnat Towleroad

"Silence = Death"was a particularly genius political slogan for AIDS activists in the 1980s.Potently succinct,righteously angry,and,best of all,both literally and spiritually true.The conversations it prompted about systemic gay oppression,political complacency,the importance of frank sexual discussion,and gay liberation -- particularly in regards to the fight against HIV and AIDS --  surely saved countless lives.But isn't it a curious thing that HIV/AIDS in the arts and entertainments still remains so tied to gay-only narratives of roughly a ten year window from the early 80s through the early 90s?Time to tell new stories from fresh perspectives?EnterDALLAS BUYERS CLUB,one of the first AIDS dramas (that I can recall at least) that isnotabout the gay community.

Matthew McConaughey stars as Ron Woodroff,a hard-living homophobe electrician.When we first meet him he's having a drug-fueled three way with two women behind the scenes at the rodeo.While we're watching him getting it on,he's watching a man getting gored at the rodeo.This opening sequence arguably shoves the entirely less useful 'Sex = Death' argument in your face,but the film quickly finds its footing as an involving drama about a man who doesn't know what's knocked him out and also is too damn stubborn to stay down.

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Aug 25 2012

Best Moments: "True Blood"Season 5

Josehere.Are you all getting excited about theTrue Bloodseason finale?This season got off to a very slow start but episode after episode it escalated towards the campy,outrageousness we have come to know and love in Alan Ball's show.After seeming like it would deal more with vampire politics and religious fanatics (something that became eerily prescient of what was to come in American politics) the show didn't forget to throw in a couple of truly batshit crazy elements (an ifrit!Salome!Bloody Lilith!) fortunately during the past couple of episodes all the insane peripherical stories have been solved and we come down once again to Sookie being the only one who can fix everyone.To prepare for tonight's episode,let's take a look at some of the best moments of this past season.

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Mar 18 2012


Stale Popcornawww.our friend Glennheld aTitanicOscar.
Guardianfun old interview with Helena Bonham Carter from her first filmTheLady Jane(1986)
The Mary SuenewDr.HorribleSing-Alongfilms this summer?Maybe.
Prometheusthe full second trailer.Not doing a "yes no maybe so"because we already covered this one.
Tom Shoneis not looking forward toPrometheusand here's why.

ioncinemaLaurence Anywaystrailer (in French) and posters.I love Xavier Dolan so I'm excited for this on principle if not quite in actuality.
TelegraphTim Robey on George Clooney's arrest.
Movie|Linetakes a different approach with the 9 most handsomely stoic photos of Clooney from the Sudan event.
In ContentionChristopher Plummer inBarrymore...his stage triumph is going big screen this fall.
Antagony & Ecstacy
is doing a 1930s week with fine pieces on Leo McCarey (Make Way For Tomorrow) and early horror (Island of Lost Souls) with more to come.
DeadlineScorsese & DiCaprio committed to makingThe Wolf of Wall Street.
Immersed in Movieshas a strange bit about Krypton mythology in the upcoming Superman movieMan of Steel...but since it's about costume design we're intrigued.

My New Plaid Pants(NSFW) has been having a ton of fun wrapping up 2011 cinema withthe Golden Trouser awardsincluding "ten great gratuities of 2011 cinema"...Michael Fassbender keeps popping up and also wins Best Actor.
Hollywood Prospectussurveys the week in celebrity gossip.Minimal commentary pointing to the ridiculous.
The Broadway Bloginterviews ubiquitous out actor Denis O'Hare of stage,film and television and grills him cheekily at the end about all the hot men he works with.Who is crush worthy?

Crush-worthy….hmmmmm.I'd have to go with Jamie Bell.Mysterious."

Good choice,O'Hare.

Check out thisSnow White and the Hunstmenfeaturette on Costume Design.We're campaigning for 2012 Oscars so soon?亚博主页

Will the queen's costume's alone win Collen Atwood her 10th nomination -- even before those dual armies?

All in all she's quite the haute couture sort of queen but with an aged rotting edge to her."

We like the sound of those...especially with diva Charlize Theron inside of them.