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MINDHUNTER (s2 episodes 1-2)

"I am also a big fan of this show,because of Fincher and the detective work,even if the show skirts very close sometimes to murderer fetish..."-Jono

"I love this show.I binged 7 of the 9 episodes and could have finished but I wanted to savor it a little longer.It's such an engrossing show and beautifully filmed"-Raul

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Aug 14 2017

Review: The Glass Castle

The Glass Castleflashes back-and-forth between adult Jeanette Walls (Brie Larson),a gossip columnist ashamed of her oft-homeless parents (Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts),and her memories of her difficult nomadic childhood...

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Jul 27 2015

but all I know-oh-oh is down inside i'm lii-iiin-king ♫

Empireexciting project alert!Writer/director Destin Cretton ofShort Term 12fame will guide Michael B Jordan inJust Mercy,a memoir adaptation about a young lawyer who fought for the wrongly convicted
Balder & Dashlooks back on the exciting sci-fi curveballAttack the Block(2011)
VarietyAlan Parker (Midnight Express,Bugsy Malone,Evita) receives BFI Tribute
Kenneth in the (212)is rewatching Woody Allen movies and has time for Diane Keaton singing
Cinematic Cornerreally lovesAnt-Manand since I was kind of hard on it,I figure a more positive review should be shared
NPRtalks about getting the ants right with the help of "myrmecologists"on Ant-Man
Pop Culture CrazyonPaper Towns(2015) and "Manic Pixie Dream Girl nonsense"
Comics AllianceGreen Lantern Corps(2020) may feature Tyrese Gibson as the John Stewart iteration of Green Lantern and yes I feel dirty that I typed a sentence about a movie that's not due for another 5 years and might never even be made.Apologies.We really are living in a sick movie culture at the moment

Karen Carpenter Died For Your Sinsfinds Angie Dickinson in a "white mood"
/FilmJake Gyllenhaal cried when his parents wouldn't let him star inThe Mighty Ducksin 1992.Hee!

Off Cinema (Sort Of)
The Hairpinon kissing and 'disgusting intimacy'.Interesting article but be warned of really gross photos that may or may not be from an X-Files episode that's name dropped.(I lovekissing.I once toyed with starting a series on it withthis classic post on Jake Gyllenhaalbut good god that was a ton of work.)
i09need some reading suggestions?Here are nominees for the British Fantasy Awards
Boy Culture30 minutes (!!!) of unseen outtakes from Madonna's classic "Vogue"video have surfaced.It's so weird to see Madonna at the end of takes all dissatisfied with herself for milliseconds.Don't you miss David Fincher making music videos.He should do that inbetween his films
Playbillcasting complete ono the West End production of "Photograph 51"starring Nicole Kidman.Her first time on the UK stage since "The Blue Room."Performances start in just 2 months.me want!me want!donate to the site (see sidebar) so I have funds to go see her.*sniffle*

Showtune to Go...
Feeling oppressed by superheroes of late,I suddenly remembered one of my very favorite songs fromThe Rocky Horror Picture Show.I seriouslylovethis song (Yeah,I went through aRocky Horrorphase one year as a teenager) and strangely YouTube has very little use for it.Is it because of its lack of fame since it was axed from the original cut of the movie?I found one good clip from a performance in Jacksonville Florida withRoss Frontzand Jessica Alexander doing Brad and Janet...good voices!

Oct 09 2013

Link Flood

SlantGravity,IMAX,and the horrors of front row seating
The GuardianaCarriepromotion stunt here in NYC.Imagine seeing this in real life.
The Vergethe original teaser trailer toStar Warsis curiously light on Han Solo
VarietyDestin Cretton,hot off the empathetic and specialShort Term 12may directGlass Castlebased on the bestseller with Jennifer Lawrence in the starring role
Deejay ItaliaCher on Italian television calls Madonna a "magic bitch"

My New Plaid PantsBubble BoyandPrisoners?Twins!
Boy CultureJosh Hutcherson is "mostly"straight
CHUDundeterred by thosePrometheusreviews,Ridley Scott is moving ahead withBlade Runner 2and may bring Harrison Ford along with him
/FilmDarren Aronofsky promises huge complicated visual effects for his biblical epicNoah...does that mean Matthew Libatique can finally win a cinematography Oscar?(that question is inspired by this recentdivisive post onGravity)
/VarietyToni Collette romantic comedyLucky Themgets a distributor.This is how massive the TIFF selection  is each year.I did not even know that Toni,one of my very favorite actors,even had a movie playing there!

Finally,/Filmshares the shortlists for the newFantastic Fourcast.The weird thing is that though I like nearly every actor and actress mentioned I think most of them are pretty terrible choices for those roles.Except for maybeMargo Robbieas Sue Storm.Interesting that her career is suddenly hot after a failed tv show (Pan Am).It's gotta be buzz about her sexcapades inThe Wolf of Wall Street,right?I think my problem in picturing a successful Fantastic Four movie is that that comic book property has,like Wonder Woman,a retro feel.I don't mean that as a bad thing but Hollywooddefinitelydoes and they're always worry about how to young down that type of property.But that doesn't work.Some things are just "square"you know,to use an antiquated term.They need to think more along the lines of that bang-up job Marvel did interpretingCaptain Americafor the 21st century by rooting him first so boldly in the early 20th century where he feels so natural.

Aug 24 2013

Review: Short Term 12

An abridged version of this review was previously published inmy column at Towleroad

The movies that hit us hardest can be the toughest to talk about.Sometimes that's because they're personal,striking you right where you live. Sometimes it's more intangible than that,showing you something you needed to see about a less familiar world just to the side of your own,while never forgetting to move and entertain you.Short Term 12will surely be one of those movies for many,either way.

This rich drama from the Hawaiian filmmaker Destin Cretton,is based on his short film of the same name and concerns a very private young woman named Grace (Brie Larson) the supervisor at a Foster Care facility.Grace is an expert at navigating the emotional chaos of the kids she watches over but less adept at meeting her own emotional needs or opening up to her friends and co-workers about her own secrets.She's got at least two of them weighing her down.Short Term 12refers to the setting,a temporary shelter for troubled or abandoned kids as they await their next foster home assignment.

I have no personal experience with the foster care system or abusive birth parents or mentoring kids -- Hell,I was never even a babysitter (Youngest Child Escape Clause) -- but within minutes the foreignness of it all slips away.[more...]

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