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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Mar 22 2019

Review: Hotel Mumbai

byJason Adams

What scares us -- the communal us -- shifts through time.The 70s gave us Vietnam allegories likeThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre,while in the 80s Slasher Movies were all the rage as divorce numbers went up and women asserted their rights.Then there was so-called Torture Porn,which was all the rage while Bush & Cheney were throwing their waterboarding parties.So what now?It's hard not to see Grief as the theme of our current moment -- the great horror films of our age,films likeThe BabadookandHereditary,are profound ruminations on a world that's already slipped through our fingers -- a madness so close its breath is hot on your throat,and a knowledge that its our own failures,our own shortcomings,that brought this all down upon us.

Hotel Mumbaiis technically not a horror movie (look to Jordan Peele'sUs,whichChris just reviewed,for this weekend's official entry in that genre) but it sure operates like one...

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Feb 28 2017

Red Carpet: The 5 Most Handsome Young Men of the Oscars亚博主页

Kim and Sage fromHead Over Feelshere,happy to join the Oscar Coverage on The Film Experience!亚博主页

One of the cornerstones of our website is our AnnualMost Handsome Young Mancontest,where we celebrate our crushes of the year in a reader-voted poll.So,after we attended Nathaniel's Oscar viewing party and he asked us to contribute something for the site,naturally we gravitated towards celebrating the beautiful men of the 2017 Oscars.亚博主页Whose fashion game was next level?Read on to find out!

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Feb 25 2017

1 Day to Oscar: First Time Nominees


With one day to Oscar,let's salute 2016's class of first time nominees in the four acting categories.So many great actors never get nominated,and many just get that one nomination.So it must so exciting for these lucky 7: Isabelle Huppert,Ruth Negga,Naomie Harris,Mahershala Ali,Lucas Hedges,Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield.

They range in age from 20 (Hedges) to 63 (Huppert).As befitting that range there are newcomers,legends and everything in between amongst them...

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Feb 22 2017

Links: Atomic Blonde,Underwater Armageddon,La La Lynch,

Pajibaat what point exactly did Dev Patel get hot?
VarietyBilly Brown,who previously sexed up Viola onHow to Get Away with Murder,will costar with Taraji P Henson in the new thrillerProud Marywhich has nothing to do with Tina Turner
/FilmVan Helsing reboot gets a new writer
Coming SoonCharlize Theron'sColdest Citygets a title change.It's nowAtomic Blonde
NYTWhoa.I thought that little kid (Shailene Woodley's boy) onBig Little Lieslooked familiar.Turns out he's that child theater critic who does all the popular Broadway Youtube reviews

Boy Cultureinterviews old Hollywood actor Carleton Carpenter who talks Debbie Reynolds,Cary Grant and being bisexual in Hollywood in a new memoir called "The Absolute Joy of Work"
The Playlisthas ranked every best picture nominee of the 21st century.Weirdly they made a huge accounting error that keptMoulin Rouge!out of the #1 spot by a truly embarrassing margin
MNPPtheKing Arthurtrailer is obsessed with crotches
InterviewEvanna Lynch,Luna Lovegood fromHarry Potter,is interviewed about her post Potter career by another Potter alum
The New Yorkerlooks at Harry Belafonte's 1956 mega hit "Day-O"and the social power of song
i09a new movie is begin described as "UnderwaterArmageddon."Kristen Stewart is in talks to headline
AV Clubthe law that allowed actors to have their ages hidden from IMDb is probably in danger of being overturned
Comics Alliancethe proposedX-MenTV series has not announced a list of characters yet but Blink will be amoung them.Actress Jamie Chung has been cast in the role
Screen Crushis stating thatLoganhas a post-credits scene.If there is one it most definitely did not screen for critics as I waited until the lights came up.(I generally stay for credits...and did so before post-credit scenes were a regular thing)
Film School Rejectsthe use of primary color inLa La Land

Video To Go
La La Landas directed by David Lynch (file under: the internet is fun) and a iphone rehearsal forLa La Land's opening number filmed in a  parking lot

Feb 12 2017

BAFTA Winners: La La Land,Daniel Blake,and...Lion's Dev Patel!

Dev Patel struggles to find "words words words"when he wins the BAFTA.

Confession: Despite The Film Experience's devout love of awards season,亚博主页your host does not actually watch the BAFTAs.I gave up years ago when it was clear that they were never going to change their announce-the- winners and then tape-delay-broadcast-highlights-of-show.It's just not pure enough for my spiritual devotion to the holy act of passing out trophies.I can't stomach it.

The winners with commentary (and videos once they're available) follow...

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Feb 11 2017

Interview: The Real Saroo and Sue Brierley on Their Favorite Moments in 'Lion'

ByJose Solís.

David Wenham with the real Saroo and Sue Brierley whose story is told in "Lion"

If I didn't already know Nicole Kidman is a genius,I would've been convinced after meeting Sue Brierley,the real life woman who inspired the character she plays inLion.As I sat down to speak with Mrs.Brierley and her son Saroo (played by Dev Patel in the film),I was first struck by how Nicole perfectly captured her cadence,her soft voice and her piercing look,but then I was completely disarmed by her warmth.Watching her sit next to her son,and look at him with tenderness - she caressed his back,held his hand,and smiled constantly - perfectly encapsulates why the film is so successful.Their story simply needed to be told.

JOSE: Was it surreal to see your story on the big screen?

SAROO BRIERLEY: Yeah definitely,from writing a book,to seeing it turned into a movie,you want to be cautious when it's a personal story.We're humbled and touched by the reaction so far.

Read the rest of the interview after the jump...

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