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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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May 29 2019

Take me to the link

NYTWhich Cannes films and performances will factor into the Oscar race.Kyle Buchanan thinksParasiteandPain & Gloryare the biggest foreign threats butOnce Upon a Time in Hollywoodis the big one.
Hugh Jackmansinging Happy Birthday to Sir Ian McKellen with a whole staidum backing him.Awesome
VarietyOwen Gleiberman surveys his Cannes experience and how well the movies filled the big screen
VarietyChris Hemsworth is the coverboy at the moment so here's the big profile
The Sheila Variationson Joseph Cotten's active listening inGaslight(1944)

Varietyso far Netflix is the only studio to speak out on Georgia's attack on abortion rights which could threaten the massive amount of filmmaking that goes on in that state.
Outfor a blu-ray release ofTo Wong Foo,Thanks for Everything,Julie Newmar,John Leguizamo is talking about his character Chi Chi Rodriguez
Town & Countrywe missed this news during Cannes but congrats to Jennifer Lawrence who is now engaged
IndieWiresurveys critics on the best movies that played at Cannes.Parasitecomes out on top just as it did with the jury,butPortrait of a Lady on Fire(which only took Screenplay at Cannes) was the runner up.
Varietymore Cannes prizes.FIPRESCI choosesThe Lighthouse(from the director ofThe VVitch)
/Filma piece on Quentin Tarantino's female characters  in light of a tense moment at Cannes when he was asked about Margot Robbie's lack of dialogue inOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood

Tony Season
NYTfun piece on "mysteries"of this Broadway season including how tall is the tall man inHadestown,how does Santino Fontana sing like a woman inTootsie,and how does one do partner dances while in a wheelchair?As for that 'tall man' in Hadestown.We first noticed him inFrozenand we ran into him on the subway over the weekend and he was as sweet and gorgeous as can be while towering over us.
• ...Timothy Hughesis his name and you can follow him on Instagram
StagecraftRosemary Harris will get a lifetime achievement at this year's Tony Awards.But her previous Tony has a typo on it!
PlaybillWesley Taylor (Smash)who recently won the Chita Rivera Award for Outstanding Male Dancer is engaged to marry Isaac Powell (last seen inSpongebob Squarepants)
PlaybillFresh out of high school,Renée Rapp,who won this year's Jimmy Award (that's the highest honor for High School students in musical theater) is stepping into the role of Regina George inMean Girlsfor her Broadway debut this summer.

And look here's a video about Dianne Wiest's latest play Off Broadway.It's a monologue play from Samuel Beckett

Oct 20 2018


A collection of random tweets for your (hopeful) amusement...

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Aug 14 2018

Tues Top 10: Oscar's All Time Favorite Supporting Actresses

Let's discuss Oscar hiearchies.This one is ultra specific and could be argued that it doesn't exist since actors can be nominated in leading categories,too.But we love ultra niche rankings and trivial Oscar Trivia,and you do too!So who are Oscar's 10 favorite supporting actresses of all time?We'll work the ranking like so: Supporting nominations count most,and wins act like half a nomination to help determine rank.The tiebreaker is the spread of time of nominations which can denote either long term fandom on the Academy's part or more shortlived enthusiasms.If a final tiebreaker is still required (and it is in the case of the second place ranking on this list),that's the only time activity in the Leading Actress category is factored in.READY?

The Ten Most Oscar-Lauded Supporting Women

AMY ADAMS(4 nominations across a 7 year period)
Her leading miss forArrival(2016) despite its Best Picture nomination could mean her Oscar time is up (it ends for most performers at some point,no matter how beloved they are).On the other hand that might have just been the actors branch bias against science fiction throwing a tight race.If she's nominated for the political dramaBackseatthis year,she might be impossible to beat given the decade plus of momentum.Currently inSharp Objectson HBO.

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Jun 24 2018

Smackdown '94 Companion: "Mrs King"and vague 'Women's Troubles'

Nathaniel RwelcomesErik Anderson,Nick Davis,Itamar Moses,andAlfred Sototo talk 1994 movies

TheSupporting Actress Smackdown of 1994has just gone up and the panelists have gathered for a deeper conversation.

Podcast (42 minutes)
In part one we discuss people we wish had been nominated in the category.We also discuss the comic tone ofThe Madness of King George,and there are split opinions on Helen Mirren's work and whether she's elevating or bringing down the movie.Surprisingly though she won the Smackdown Dianne Wiest's classic performance inBullets Over Broadwayisn't quite as loved as it once was.The panel also discusses Miramax style filmmaking of the 90s and the troubles with the 'approved' nature of literary biopics likeTom & Viv.

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

Smackdown 94 Madness of Viv Over Broadway

Jun 24 2018

Smackdown '94: Uma,Dianne,Jennifer,Helen,and Rosemary

Presenting Oscar's Chosen Supporting Actresses of the Films of 1994.

THE NOMINEES: The Academy wrapped up their love affair with a previous winner (Dianne Wiest) while starting a new one with a future winner (Helen Mirren).Two fresh-faced delights (Uma Thurman,Jennifer Tilly) and an esteemed veteran (Rosemary Harris) were along for the ride.

In a rare turn of events the shortlist leaned far away from tears and dove headfirst into stylized fun or outright belly laughs (Rosemary Harris was the only player in a traditional drama).A quick list of the roles sounds like a joke set-up or at least a wild party: A fertile queen,a pompous diva,a wealthy society matriarch,and not but one buttwotrouble-maker gangster molls who moonlight in acting.


Here to talk about these five nominated turns are,in alpha order:Erik Anderson(Awards Pundit),Nick Davis(Professor),Itamar Moses(Tony-winning Playwright),Alfred Soto(Editor/Critic),and your hostNathaniel Rfrom The Film Experience.亚博主页[Apologies but the sixth announced panelistSheila O'Malley-- who previously provided brilliant insight in our 1984 discussion -- had to attend to a last minute emergency so we'll have to catch up with her again down the road.]

Readers form the collective panelist each month (though there were weirdly fewer votes this round for such a recent year!).Youbroke the panel tie to determine the winner this time around.Now it's time for the main event...


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Jun 04 2018

List-Mania: Who are your all time favorite character actresses?

by Nathaniel R

With the announcement of thelatest panelfor the next celebration of actressing at the edges,how about a related list discussion?Who are you favorite character actresses ever?I've listed 21 of my favorites after the jump from throughout film history.This list was off the top of our heads so there's surely some glaring "how did you forget about ________ ???"examples of missing geniuses...

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