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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Feb 03 2018

RPDR All Stars 3: E2 - Divas Live!

byChris Feil

After a phenomenal premiere last week,RuPaul's Drag Race All Starsretuned with a nod to it's new VH1 home for a lipsync tribute to VH1 Divas Live.

For the children who may not remember this landmark televised event of living legends sharing a stage and its subsequent installments,this was the thunderdome of vocal runs and balladry.Some helpful context:last weekAja's jawdropping performance snuck up on formiddable competition andCéline-d a stage of Aretha's and Mariah's.Morgan McMichaels was Carole King and didn't stick around.Valentina Whitney Houston-d because everyone wondered why she wasn't there.

Seriously VH1,it's the 20th Anniversary of the first Divas Live.Be good to us and start a revival.And true to Divas Live,this episode delivered as much on personality as it did performance.

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Dec 08 2011

Occupy Q&A!Purposefully Bad Acting & Post-Movie Etiquette

Roughly one hundred years ago on November 18th,2011 I took questions for the nextQ&Aand after what was meant to be a short diversionanswering the oddly abundant small screen questionsI am now answering them.I am many things but I am nothing if not punctual.This is Part one of two as there is much to answer.Tomorrow's edition will actually arrive tomorrow night as it's already written.Yay me!

Just to stretch out the variety a bit I asked y'all to refrain from any questions about legendary actresses this time -- my favorite topic and apparently yours since many of you didn't listen ;) -- so  in this week's column,the men get a little time to shine.Let's go!

ANNIE: What was your favorite experience of seeing a movie with an audience,where the audience's reaction actually enhanced your viewing?

I've had many screenings like this that have enhanced my love of the movie we're all watching together.Which is why I believe so emphatically in the sanctity of moviegoing,and why I wish studios and theaters would lower prices before they price themselves out of populist relevance.TV is free and home theaters are getting larger so the movies really need to understand that they can't be making it so difficult for families to hit the multiplex or who will go?Movie attendance is a fraction of what it once was no matter how big the box office numbers seem and that is sad.

Jack and Leo discussing how awesome Barbra Streisand is in "Funny Girl"In terms of special events almost nothing beatsFunny Girl's revival at the Ziegfeld several years ago here in NYC.It must have been sold out and that theater is HUGE.I saw at least one semi-famous person in the crowd and everyone was obviously there because they loved the movie.Seeing such a legendary star-making performance super-sized in a historic theater that had actual ties to the movie?Bliss.Nobody was raining on anyone's parades in there.It felt like oxygenated euphoria in that house.Also you know what movie was fun to watch with a typical noisy multiplex crowd just a few blocks from there?The Departed!I still relish the audience reaction when you-know-who gets shot so mercilessly without fanfare or warning.It was as if there were tiny rugs under every individual theater seat and diabolical trickster Martin Scorsese had yanked them all at once and allOH.HELL.NObroke loose in there;the most fun you'll ever have watching someone get shot in the head!

How's that for a double feature:Funny GirlandThe Departed?Hee.

JOHN-PAUL: With three summer releases still alive in the Best Picture race (The Help,Midnight in Paris,The Tree of Life) and fall Oscar-bait movies seemingly underwhelming left and right (J.Edgar,The Ides of March,Carnage,A Dangerous Method,etc.),do you think the so-called "Oscar season"will become less relevant in the coming years?

I wish I could say "Yes"but this happens on a fairly regular basis and nothing changes.What's more this year has even more "one week qualifiers"than usual (4 or 5 by my count),so the system is definitely not changing for the better.I hate to be a broken record but I firmly believe that AMPAS should change the rules drastically.I don't think a film should be eligible for the Oscars unless it has allowed regular moviegoers to watch it in at least the top six markets.亚博主页The current system gets called elitist on a regular basis but for stupid reasons ("Hey they didn't vote for that lame-ass blockbuster sequel that audiences flocked to for habitual lemming-like reasons!") and never for the actual elitist problem which is that you can show yourself for seven days in one theater in LA and ignore moviegoers totally and still be eligible for Best Movie prizes.That's all kinds of elitist,suggesting that the only audience a movie need concern itself with is 6000+ voting members of AMPAS.

Mr.W: Any thoughts on Jean-Jacques Beineix' 'Diva'?

Have you ever seen DIVA (1981)?It's quite a time capsule.

Love it.Saw it three times at least in the 80s on VHS.Unfortunately I remember little about it other than its distinctly 80s new wave aesthetic and the fantastic diversity of the cast (black,asian and white characters on equal footing in the narrative?So rare in the 80s!And even now).I also liked that the story was built around something as mundane but unusual as a bootleg concert of an opera singer who refused to be recorded.No one speaks of "bootlegs"anymore -- they were put out of business by illegal downloads and leaking.

JOHN T: Which legendary male actor would you like to pull a Christopher Plummer and make a comeback and get his first nomination-must be 65 or older to enter.

[The answer and more questions after the jump including awesome bad acting,Occupy Wall Street and post-movie etiquette.]

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