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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Directors ofFor Sama

Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Aug 16 2018

Movies to Make You Hot (& Sweaty)

bySeán McGovern

If summer is making you all hot and bothered (and sticky and sweaty),you should crank your movie watching up to your body heat.What are your favourite films set in the long,hot summer?My suggestions after the jump,cool off in the comments...

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Aug 10 2015


BuzzFeedNetflix not legally responsible for your 'viewing history' - it's so funny that people thought they were
The HairpinMission: Impossibly Silly "I Still Don't Understand How Tall Everyone Is"
InterviewDirector Marielle Heller talks about the ratings and sexuality of her daring debutThe Diary of a Teenage Girl

TowleroadGeorge Takei once asked Gene Roddenberry about including gay characters onStar Trek.Interesting historical response but what's their excuse now since that franchise is still alive?
IndieWireHow to apply for a Women of Color directors and screenwriters 10 day retreat
This is Not PornCute.Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg take a break duringIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Tim is the Best
Antagony & EcstasyrevisitsDog Day Afternoon...(great films often generate great writing about film)
Antagony & Ecstasyalso revisits the very first unreleasedFantastic Four(1994) and claims its still the best adaptation of Marvel's first family (bad films often generate great writing about film)
....moral of combining them: Timothy Brayton often generates great writing about film.

Off Cinema
Laughing Squida feline feeding machine to let your cat be more self-actualized indoors
Gothamistsad news: Annie Lennox's daughter's boyfriend has gone missing after a tandem kayak accident

"Clobberin' Time"
There's a lot of handwringing going round about what exactly happenedbetween Josh Trank and the studio and the source material to makeFantastic Four so bad.Film School Rejects even felt it neededa six-year timeline.But there's also post-mortems about the opening weekend which are lower than usual for superheroes.Varietyargues that audiences are getting wise to money grabs (with tanking reboots likeFFand diminished returns forSpider-Man) and studios need to think harder about repackaging known brands.But I personally don't know if that's the case -- I mean audiences are still putting up with needlessly padded "part 1 and part 2"finales whicheveryoneknows are not artistically motivated decisions aimed at providing them with the best possible movie.So until audiences start bailing on those,I'm not eager to give them too much credit for protecting their wallets against Hollywood's 'screw-quality / make another billion quick' tactics.

Oct 06 2013

NYFF: A Dog Day of a Documentary in 'The Dog'

NYFFmoves into its final week Here'sGlennonThe Dog.

Whether you watchedDog Day Afternoonfor the first time or the tenth when The Film Experience's亚博主页"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"series featured it one year ago,you can surely attest to it being one helluva movie.I recently caught it on the big screen and,boy,does it slay audiences.It's always refreshing to see a film go over so well from a genre that looks comparatively tame compared to modern day equivalents.Shots remain unedited for minutes and yet the action and the tension are palpable.

Now,even if you've never seen Sidney Lumet's 1975 masterpiece then it's still hard to deny that the true life story was seemingly made for movies...

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Dec 26 2012

RIP Charles Durning (1923-2012)

2012 has been,so definitively,the year for huge teeming male casts (Argo,Lincoln,Zero Dark,Magic Mike) of stars and character actors playing anxious determined men that I felt an extra pang of sadness to hear about the passing of Charles Durning on Christmas Eve.He was 89 years-old.

Charles Durning at the SAG ceremony in 2008 accepting his lifetime achievement award

Had any of those movies (well,not,Magic Mike) been made in the 1980s,he would with certainty have popped up --  100% -- growling great lines in a suit or stove pipe hat.

Since the seeds of my movie mania were planted in the early 1980s, Charles Durning was one of the very first actors that embodied and defined the term "Character Actor"for me.I absolutely loved him inTootsie(1982),one of the all time great movie comedies,as Jessica Lange's widower dad who took an unfortunate shine to Dorothy (Dustin Hoffman in drag).I remember experiencing early onset Oscar confusion when I realized (a couple of years after the fact) that he had been nominated for an extended cameo inThe Best Little Whorehouse in Texasinstead.So I rented that one in 1985 of 1986,I think,on the sly -- my parents did not approve of "raunchy movies"-- and just delighted in his "little sidestep ♫ "

Other roles I have slightly less vivid memories of from that decade were his Oscar nominated turn in Mel Brooks comedyTo Be Or Not To Be(1983) and his monsignor in the gay dramaMass Appeal(1985).The Golden Globes got to him before the Academy -- as they so often do -- nominating him for Best Supporting Actor for his hostage negotiator inDog Day Afternoon(1975)which we recently discussed.Durning won a Tony Award in 1990 for playing "Big Daddy"in a revival ofCat on a Hot Tin Roofopposite Kathleen Turner (who he worked with onscreen immediately thereafter in the failed would be franchise launchVI Warshawski) but sadly he never won any major competitive acting award for his onscreen work despite Globe,Emmy,and Oscar nominations.His most recent Emmy honors were for a stint as Denis Leary's father on "Rescue Me".

What's your favorite Charles Durning role?
Have you ever seen his Oscar nominated roles?

Sep 09 2012

Podcast: Summer (Part 2) and Forward Into Fall

Part 1 -best films,moldy releases,nervous mormons,and summer crushes

For the second half of this Summer Jamboree Joe Reid,Nick Davis,and Nathaniel R (c'est moi) wrap up our summers at the movies and dream of the fall ~ Forward not back!

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Alex Pettyfer inMagic Mike
  • Princess Merida,Hawkeye or Katniss?Choose your favorite archer of 2012
  • Jeremy Renner inThe Avengers
  • Movies We Hated
  • Sleeping throughSnow White and the Huntsmandespite Charlize Theron!
  • AdaptingCosmopolis
  • DidThe Dark Knight Risesget away from Chris Nolan?
  • Movie Characters We'd Like To Introduce
  • Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
  • Nick's newfound love of comedy:Ted,Wanderlust,21 Jump Street
  • Retro Screenings This Summer: Sorcerer,Dog Day Afternoon,andHush Hush Sweet Charlotte
  • Fall Film Madness:Django Unchained,Life of Pi,Zero Dark Thirty,Zero Dark Thirty,Skyfall,The Hobbit,Flight,Amourand More...

You candownload the podcast on iTunesor listen right here.Join the conversation in the comments.What's the best old movie you screened this summer?Which fall film are you most looking forward to and which two movie characters would you like to introduce?

I Know What You Saw...Part 2

Aug 29 2012

Melanie Lynskey: DVDs I Had To Own

[Editor's Note: The Film Experience is very pleased to announce that  the lovely actress Melanie Lynskey is our super extra special duper final guest blogger this week.亚博主页Take it away,Melanie - Nathaniel R]

Hello everyone!

I could not be more honoured that Nathaniel asked me to do this little guest spot on my beloved Film Experience.I read this blog so much and it's always thoughtful,funny,and enlightening.I hope I do a good job guest blogging and I desperately wish I could use a word other than blogging,because ugh it is a horrible word. Okay.Remember,I'm a college dropout,so please forgive bad grammar and clunky sentences. (Dearest Nathaniel I hope you're having a great time with your mom.)

"picture of myself drinking a scotch as I blogged to go with your banner xo"

Somebody wrote to meon twitterand suggested that I write a piece about the movies I consider to be the ten best movies of all time.They said they'd be interested to see how the movies stacked up against the Sight and Sound poll.Well,the truth is,I honestly feel like I haven't seen enough movies to be able to compile a list of The Best Movies.My knowledge of pre-70s cinema is embarrassingly limited.I'm also super indecisive.So,I thought that instead,I could take a picture of a bunch of random DVDs from my collection and give a brief explanation of why I love these particular movies.

I don't buy a lot of DVDs so every one of these picks is because I said to myself"Yes.I must own this.It's important."

in photo order...

1)Terms Of Endearment- I remember one summer this was on TV when we were on a family vacation.I watched it with my mother and my grandmother (!!) I think I was nine or ten.I already knew,at that point,that I loved acting,I loved becoming a different person.But this was the first time I remember thinking,"oh,you can make people cry their eyes out from acting?"I couldn't believe how the performances made me feel,and I understood that even though the story was so moving,the thing that was making my heart ache was what these actors were doing.I knew it was magical.Shirley MacLaine,man.Wow.

2) The Piano- Oh Jane Campion I love you so much.I love the women in her movies.I love the sexuality.I love the light and the composition.I feel like I can smell the earth under the character's feet and feel the air around them watching a Jane Campion movie.

3) Gigli- yes.Gigli.[More Melanie Picks after the jump]

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