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Aug 14 2018

"A busy pedestrian and traffic intersection."

...we could go together."

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Aug 08 2017

YNMS: Mother!

Jason fromMNPPhere with our first look at the trailer for Darren Aronofsky'sMother!,or as it's known around these partsThat New Michelle Pfeiffer Movie!The exclamation point in the actual title definitely stands for "That New Michelle Pfeiffer Movie!"at least.It's been seven full years sinceBlack Swancame out (I am pretendingNoahdidn't happen at this point,but perhaps I'll reassess it in another decade) and this feels,at first glance,like similar territory for the director.Watch:

So Jennifer Lawrence is happily partnered with Javier Bardem until Ed Harris and Michelle show up,at which point the walls begin to crumble and swarms of looky-loos come hustling out of the forest?I mean isn't that what happens whenever Michelle shows up somewhere?Let's "Yes No Maybe So"this sucker (and watch me have trouble coming up with the latter two!) after the break...

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Jun 15 2017

Hello "Goodbye Christopher Robin"

Chrishere,just imagining a Beatles / Winnie the Pooh crossover.You say goodbye,because I say hello to the firstGoodbye Christopher Robintrailer.(Which Beatle matches which Pooh character?Ringo is such a Tigger.)

The film is chasing after our literary nostalgic tears in the vein ofFinding Neverland,following A.A.Milne (played by the ever dashing Domnhall Gleeson) as his son inspires him to create the adventures of Winnie the Pooh during WWI...

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Mar 17 2017

Beauty Break: St Patrick's Day Stars

After the jump a gallery of Irish stars or stars pretending to be Irish for the holiday -Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

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Sep 30 2016

Domhnall Gleeson as the Creator of "Winnie the Pooh"

The biopic genre never dies and one of its favorite subthreads is "famous author".Enter Domhnall Gleeson who will portray A.A.Milne in as yet untitled film about the man behindWinnie the Poohand the Thousand Acre Woods, his wife (Margot Robbie) and their son Christopher Robin (Will Tilston) who would be immortalized in the Winnie the Pooh books.The film just began principal photographer in the UK.

Here's the first photo of the star in character.

More photos,a note from the press release,and comments after the jump...

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Jan 14 2016

New Oscar Records.An Evolving List

Refresh your screen for updates as we add to the list.If you suspect you've seen a statistic worth shouting about,put it in the comments.

Records Broken This Year

Jennifer Jones (Duel in the Sun,age 27) vs Jennifer Lawrence (Joy,age 25)Jennifer Lawrence(who is 25 years old) breaksJennifer Jones's record of quickest actor to 4 nominations.Jones had held that record -- she accomplished 4 nominations by the age of 27 -- since 1947.But no more.And how is this for a freaky detail about this record.As Joe Reid points outboth of these Jennifers had a powerful "David O"in their corner,Russell for Lawrence and Selznick for Jones.

John Williams,the Meryl Streep of Original Scores,broke his tie with the long dead composer Alfred E Newman (1900-1970)  to score a 44th nominations for Original Score.He's won 5 times (not a record).This is his 50th nomination in total since he's also been nominated for Original Song.

Sylvester Stallonehas broken the obscure record of  longest stretch between acting nods for playing the same character forRocky(1976) andCreed(2015).The previous record holder was Paul Newman betweenThe Hustler(1961) andThe Color of Money(1986).Other actors who've done this double whammy character trick are Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth,Bing Crosby for Father O'Malley,Al Pacino for Michael Corleone and Peter O'Toole for Henry II.

• This is reportedly the only time in history that all 5Original Song nomineeshave been their films only nomination.It's also reportedly the most nominations ever amassed by Australians though I don't have confirmation on what the number is.or what the previous record that was broken is.

Carolbecomes the Most Nominated Film in the modern expanded Best Picture field era to not receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.The previous record was a three way tie betweenThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo(2011),Skyfall (2012) andFoxcatcher(2014) which each received 5 nominations but were not included in Best Picture.

[Aside: The all time record holder,from back when there were only 5 Best Picture nominees and more room for this sort of "achievement"in not-quite-making-it,isThey Shoot Horses Don't They(1969) -- which is the most amazing movie you MUST see it --  which received 9 nominations but no Best Picture bid.Of these four other pictures,all butFoxcatcherwon at least one Oscar.So we'll see onCarol.]

2015 Specific Records

Tom HardyandDomnhall Gleesonare the most ubiquitous faces from the Best Picture lineup.Each actor appears in two nominees;Hardy headlinesMad Max: Fury Roadand is nominated as supporting actor inThe Revenant;Gleeson has supporting roles inBrooklynandThe Revenant.TFE crushBilly Magnussenalso appears in two Best Picture nominees (Bridge of SpiesandThe Big Short) albeit in small roles.

Sandy Powell(Costume Design forCarol&Cinderella) andAndy Nelson(Sound Mixing forThe Force AwakensandBridge of Spies) are the only double nominees in a single category this year.Powell and Nelson already have 3 and 2 Oscars respectively.亚博主页

• Four of the five Best Director nominees are enjoying an additional nomination:George MillerandAlejandro G Inarittuare both nominated for producing (Best Picture).Tom McCarthyandAdam McKayare also nominated in Screenplay.

• Most Nominated Person in the running again this year:John Williamson his 50th nomination (he's won five time)

• Most Nominated Person this year who has never won:Thomas Newman(Score) andRoger Deakins(Cinematography).They're both on their unlucky 13th nomination.Newman comes from a big family of musicians and composers.His fatherAlfred Newmanwas nominated 45 times (second only to John Williams for composing) and won 9 Oscars.亚博主页His brotherDavidwas nominated once.His cousinRandy Newmanwas nominated 20 times winning twice (both times in "Original Song"for Pixar movies) His uncleEmilwas nominated once and there are more of them still out there...

Climbing The Ranks

NeitherRussellorInarrituare there yet but they're both quickly climbing the ranks for 'Directors who've had the most Best Picture nominees' and 'Directors who've directed the most nominated performances.' They both have exactly 3 Best Picture nominated films on their resumes now.One more for either of them and they're up there with the likes of Clint Eastwood and Elia Kazan and Alfred Hitchcock (who are all --- with many other men -- tied for 19th place of most Best Picture nominees).It'll be easier for them to climb that chart than it was for others due to the expansion of the Best Picture field.

Steven Spielbergis currently #2 of all time for 'Directors who've had the most Best Picture nominees' Bridge of Spies gives him his 11th Best Picture nominee.Two more and Spielberg will tie the all time leader William Wyler who directed 13 Best Picture nominees in his career.Spielberg isn't a strong factor in the 'Directors who've guided the most Oscar nominated performances' with 11 such examples in his long career but Russell and Inarritu are skyrocketing up that same chart.This year's nominations give Russell his 11th (tied with Spielberg now despite a much shorter career) and Inarritu his 10th.The only two living directors who are in the top ten in that regard are Martin Scorsese (22 performances,3rd place of all time after William Wyler and Elia Kazan),Woody Allen (18 performances,6th place of all time after those three plus George Cukor and Fred Zinneman).


• This one comes from Tim.Star Wars: The Force Awakensis the first film postGone with the Wind(1939) to hold record for highest grossing film in the history of the office that hasnotreceived a Best Picture nomination to go along with its cash haul.The others to hold that status at given points were (though box office statistics pre modern era are always somewhat debatable were)The Ten Commandments,The Sound of Music,Jaws,Star Wars,E.T.The Extra-Terrestrial,Titanic,andAvatar.It's worth noting thatStar Wars: The Force Awakensis the first sequel in that list which could account for it being the first to not win the nomination.