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May 13 2019

Doris Day (1922-2019)

by Nathaniel R

"Legend"and "Icon"and "Classic"are all overused words in showbiz prose,and we're as guilty of anyone at letting those words fly out with abandon.But they're nothing like overstatements when it comes to the career of Doris Day,one of the 20th Century's most beloved and successful stars.She began her career as a teenage big band singer and nine years later debuted on the big screen in her most regular genre,the romantic comedy (with or without songs) via Busby Berkeley'sRomance on the High Seas(1948).

She was an instant hit with audiences but it took a few more years for her true classics to emerge...

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Apr 11 2019

Howard Keel Centennial: "Calamity Jane"

We're celebrating musical star Howard Keel's Centennial this week.Here'sTim Brayton...

Presenting a musical in which Howard Keel plays the obnoxious gunslinger love interest to a famous woman from the Wild West.My apologies if you feel a little bit ofdéjà vufrom that logline: Nathaniel did,after all,just write about Keel's breakout performance in 1950'sAnnie Get Your Gun,about which every word of that sentence equally applies.And that's absolutely no accident.Warner Bros.had fought to get the rights to that stage musical as a vehicle for its up-and-coming singing star Doris Day,but lost out to MGM.When that film proved to be a hit,Warner's responded by developing an original Western musical based - oh soveryloosely - on the life of Calamity Jane,famous frontierswoman and scout.

So eager was the studio to recreate thatAnniemagic that they even went to the trouble of borrowing Keel from MGM for the span of this one production.Not that you could tell any of this just by looking at 1953'sCalamity Jane...

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Sep 23 2015

Hot Rumor Alert: The Return of Doris Day?

Doris Day a year ago when she was turning 90Clint Eastwood hassupposedly convinced Doris Day to return to the movies.She hasn't been in one since...(gulp)...the summer of 1968 when the romantic comedyWith Six You Get Eggrollpremiered.It had a plot not entirely unlikeThe Brady Bunchwhich premiered the following year.Day's character even had three sons she was bringing along into the new blended family.

This rumor seems suspect.If they can't convince the legend to spend even one night at an industry event honoring her,which is often the rumor in regards to the sore subject of theannual Honorary Oscar selections-- why would she be willing to spend weeks in front of a movie camera and all the promotion that that would then entail,including surely,moreevents than just one honoring her to promote it when it premiered!

I'm not sure I believe this rumor at all though it's cute to think of Octogenarian Eastwood strolling across the street or the lawn or what have you in Carmel to hand the 91 year old legend a movie script.Does she even remember what they look like?There's no word yet on what the movie or the role is but Clint Eastwood always has a lot of projects simmering so it could be anything.I suddenly pictured her in the cast of that probably aborted Eastwood-helmedA Star is Bornremake with Beyoncé.Heh.

UPDATE:Doris Day has since denied thisbut then she would.

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Jul 29 2014

Curio: Suspect and Fugitive

Alexahere with your weekly arts and crafts.Nathaniel'sbanana Bond boredomfrom last week reminded me of a project that Seattle-based artist Kris Garland/Rakka Deerdid back in 2008.TitledSuspect and Fugitive,the series involved making one item a day from suspect (questionable) and fugitive (non archival) materials.This involved Rakka combining pop culture portraiture with food (and sometimes other materials) in new and clever ways every day for one year.

Like this pancake Cate Blanchett...

Pancake Blanchett

Maybe Nathaniel should try this.Favorite actresses and foodstuffs maybe?In any case,here is some more inspiration courtesy of Rakka from Donnie Darko to Doris Dayafter the jump

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Jul 02 2013

Team Top Ten: Women Who Deserve An Honorary Oscar

Amirhere,to bring you this month's Team Top Ten on a topic that remains one of our biggest collective pet peeves here at The Film Experience.亚博主页

Every year when the Academy announces the list of recipients of the Honorary Oscar,we can expect only one thing: they will all be men.Sure,the odd woman wins the award here and there,but consider this: between 1993,when the honor was bestowed upon Deborah Kerr,until 2009,when Lauren Bacall shared the award with two men,not a single woman was deemed worthy of the biggest honor AMPAS has to offer.Apologists can point to the fact that men have run the industry at large since its inception.They would be right;the industry as a whole is equally at fault,if not more,but take a look at the list of women still awaiting their first statue – or *gasp* first nomination – and tell me they don't deserve better than one golden man every sixteen years.If the drought is as depressingly long this time as it was between Kerr and Bacall,it can be 2025 before we see another lady take home an honorary Oscar!

Deborah Kerr in 1993 and Lauren Bacall in 2009 and a great chasm between them

We know all too well that complaining about the Academy's decision doesn't get us anywhere,but sincewe found recently that they do have a listening ear,we've decided to do our part and help them correct this injustice.Let's give voters the benefit of the doubt and assume that all they really needed all these years was a list of suggestions.So,here is ours: the top ten women who most deserve an honorary Oscar,under the following three criteria: they need to be alive,above the age of 55 and Oscar-less.


[tie] 10.Marni Nixon
You may not know whatMarniNixonlooks like,but I guarantee you know what she sounds like.If you've seenGentlemen Prefer Blondes,The Secret Garden(1949),The King and I,An Affair to Remember,West Side Story,orMy Fair Lady,you have heardNixon's golden voice coming from the mouths of some of Hollywood's most legendary actresses.As if it isn't hard enough work to try to make your voice sound just like someone else's,in some instancesNixonhad to do so in secret,the studios wanting to hide the dubbing from their big stars.Nixon's onscreen credits may number only in the single digits (her role as Sister Sophia inThe Sound of Musicbeing the most famous by far),but had she actually performed the roles she dubbed onscreen,she would have had at least two Oscar nominations by now.She's an indelible part of film history,and she never received any onscreen credit for her most famous work.If that isn't cause to give someone an Honorary Oscar,then I don't know what is.
-Daniel Bayer

10 more legends to honor after the jump!

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Dec 29 2012

Que Sera Sera,Whatever We'll Link,We'll Link

Roger Ebertdelivers his top ten list withArgoup top.Ebert's always been a fairly mainstream Oscar-Friendly voice so it's no surprise to see three of the (presumed) top six Best Picture nominees at the very top.But it's nice to see lesser discussed titles likeEnd of WatchandOslo August 31stgetting their due.
In Contentiondetails a prestigious win that I didn't know about for the French filmFarewell My Queen,one of my favorites
IMDbthe most pirated movie of 2012 was...Project X.Huh.

NPRooh,I missed this interview earlier in the year.Doris Day reflecting on her life and career
The Guardianhere's a fun top ten list if you're feeling that new holiday weight: the best onscreen personal trainers from Mr Miyagi (The Karate Kid) to Pai Mei (Kill Bill)
/FilmTest footage for animation/live action hybrid crimes against my childhood:Hong Kong PhooeyandMarvin the Martian

Les Línkables
VultureKyle and Amanda argue overLes Misérableswith a side of Disneyland
Kelli Marshallpummels considersLes Mizof which she is (previously) a fan
The New Yorkeron the consistent greatness of the property and "a continuity of culture"in which the old stories can still be the best
Guardianlooks back on Tom Hooper's career.I always forget that the much-loathed director (at least on the internet) made so many wildly acclaimed TV films before moving to the big screen
International Business Timesreports that the soundtrack is selling briskly -- I received mine yesterday (thanks Universal peeps!) -- and looks back at the most popular film soundtracks ever.Speaking of which...
Atlantic Wirethe music is stuck in our heads forever...again.

Pretty soon everyone will be humming "One Day More"or "Master of the House"and will not be able to stop,and there will be nowhere to escape it.We will all becomeLes Miszombies like it's the '80s or something.It might be fun for the first few days,communal and all that,but after a couple of weeks,we'll all be wishing for the same sweet sickness that sent Fantine to heaven.

It's true.Just yesterday I sang the most amazing Les Miz MegaMix in the shower.

Click on the photo if you missed my earlier post on Zero Dark's screenplay

Today's Must Read
SalonAndrew O'Hehir has written the piece onZero Dark ThirtyI've been longing to read.This provocative essay looks at all sides of the argument and the confusing evasions of Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow,and doesn't retreat to the frustrating polarized agendas we've been reading like "it's Reifenstahl-level evil and totally pro-torture!"or "people who think so aren't paying any attention"(Subtext: it just can't be pro-torture because I've already expressed my love for it and what does that say about me?!?)