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Oct 04 2018



#40 —Sister Aloysius Beauvier,一个修女和天主教学校的校长,他和一个可疑的新牧师发生冲突。

JOHN: Arriving at John Patrick Shanley's 2008 film adaptation of his Pulitzer Prize-winning playDoubtfelt like stumbling upon a waterfall in the desert.在以小鱼为特征的休耕期之后,adequate performances in dull-to-dreadful films,Meryl Streep finally inherited a meaty,challenging role in a tony adaptation well worth her time and talent,and alongside fellow acting titans at that.

Doubt,it is 1964,and Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Streep) is the harsh and unforgiving principal of a Catholic school in the Bronx.Feared by most students and routinely respected by her fellow nuns,especially the younger,guileless Sister James (Amy Adams),Sister Aloysius comes to believe that a heinous crime has been perpetrated under her roof...

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Sep 07 2018

Posterized: Movies About Nun

by Nathaniel R

Sally Field as "The Flying Nun"...but that's a TV show虽然我们讨厌每部电影现在都想成为一个“宇宙”,票房专家预测修女-- part of变戏法series -- is going to be huge.而且,地狱,我们有点喜欢修女电影,因为我们不是天主教徒,所以它总是看起来很有趣或很有异国情调otherto us with peculiar hangups and fashion sense.也许天主教徒不太喜欢修女电影,或者带着更复杂的包袱去看?

There are LOTS of B movies about nuns -- particular of the naughty variety (whether that's horror films or sexual films) but we're looking at only the more known titles here.(And surely there are a TON of foreign films about nuns that we're unfamiliar with though we've included a few famous ones in the list below.)

This list is dedicated to Sally FieldThe Flying Nun,and Ann Dowd's nun in the short-lived TV seriesNothing Sacred(both of whom welove)因为这张单子是关于修女电影的。

OK,let's survey the posters.How many of these 39 nun movies have you seen?If we've discussed the movie,it's linked up below...

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Aug 二十七 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Say U.N.C.L.E.

你好,星期一快乐,it's Jason fromMNPPwith our weekly "Beauty vs Beast"经验-明天是阿米·哈默的生日,我不知道你们是否看到了但是我有点像Call Me By Your Name风扇.But don't worry - we're never going to make you choose between Elio and Oliver (especially not for Armie's birthday,since he'd most likely lose that one by a substantial margin).No let's take a look back at Armie's other great gay romance (that's what it was,是的)。Guy Ritchie's underrated 2015 film ofThe Man From U.N.C.L.E.是的,我知道技术上亨利·卡维尔的拿破仑·索洛和阿米的伊利亚·库里亚金是(不情愿的)合作伙伴,but do we really think if I put the film's actual villain played with swan-necked gusto by Elizabeth Debicki anybody would be beating her?I thought not.So let's make this a contest...

PREVIOUSLYSpeaking of contestslast week'sDoubt-match在过去的七天里,每次我检查艾米·亚当斯和梅丽尔·斯特里普的情况时,我都有点糊涂。但后来总是发生的事情——梅丽尔领先并保持领先,最终获得了大约52%的选票。Said Val:

"一旦维奥拉·戴维斯出现,有什么关系吗?establishes her family's heartbreaking stakes,and commits grand theft movie all in under 10 minutes!?If nothing elseDoubtshould be appreciated as a rare moment where Streep seems knocked out by someone else's performance."

Aug 20 2018

Beauty vs Beast: No Doubt

Jason fromMNPP这里准备好给这个地方贴上“艾米·亚当斯体验”的标签。for the day,因为我们不仅是discussing the latest episodesofSharp Objects不过,我们在为她庆祝44岁生日的同时,也祝她生日快乐。Beauty vs Beast."Specifically we're looking back at her Oscar-nominated role as the watchful Sister James opposite her Oscar-nominated co-star some-Meryl-lady in John Patrick Shanley's 2008 filmDoubt.Can you believe this movie's turning 10 in December?似乎不久前,是吗?Does the movie hold up,you think?(我的意思是除了维奥拉·戴维斯,obviously.) But even besides that I need you to,heaven forbid,brush away your doubts long enough to come down with a vote on...

PREVIOUSLYMy favorite Fassbinder wasthe subject of last week's polland my favorite Fassbinder performance therein won - Margit Carstensen's TITULAR ROLE in The Bitter Tears of Perta von Kant sashayed off with about 3/4s of the vote over HannaSchygulla'suser-loser Karin.SaidJordan:

"Just caught this film for the first time recently thanks to a mention about it on this site and had one of those WHERE HAS THIS MOVIE BEEN ALL MY LIFE??!!moments.Stunning across the board.What Fassbinder,Ballhaus,这些在单人房里完成的女人真的是电影魔术。"

Aug 11 二千零一十五

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Viola Davis' Birthday

MargaretandAnne Mariehere,with suggestions of how best to rejoice in 50 years of national treasure VIOLA DAVIS...

  1. 用你所测量到的力量点燃某物,penetrating gaze
  2. Look sensational in a jewel-hued gown
  3. 喝一杯tall glass of bubblywhile wearing said gown
  4. Enter a room with unparalleled grace
  5. Have a professional task you feel is beneath you?把它捡起来,从水里吹出来。因为你可以。
  6. Make your coworkers look great
  7. Givesage & loving advice.Or take someone else's
  8. Pull up a dick pic on your phone,and accusingly approach strangers with it

  9. Consider making a donation to theSegue Institute for Learningor the饥饿是campaign,which are two of Viola Davis' preferred charities
  10. Visit Rhode Island
  11. Do a few sets of tricep curls
  12. 写一封感谢信给Shonda Rhimes。
  13. 给你的邻居贴上艾美的广告。
  14. Walk up to the most respected person in your chosen field and gracefully,modestly,完全超过他们。
  15. Outshine some nobodies too,只是为了好玩

    35 more ways to celebrate after the jump!

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Feb 03 2012


Last month we asked readers to rank all of Meryl Streep's Oscar nominated performances...

There were 16 of them when the polling began sinceThe Iron Ladywas still unseen by many and too fresh for retrospective rank as well.Here are the results in ascending order.

为了增加口味,我在选票上加了评论。You'll also find details and guesstimates about that year's Oscar voting though I'm sure you'll "correct"如果你对事情的发展有不同的看法,won't you?

Role & Balloting:斯特里普关于小提琴老师的真实故事艺术友好角色(是的,she learned the difficult instrument) is widely seen as her most obvious "default"nomination and thoughnot everyone同意它在斯特里普佳能的低处,it ended up in last place with Film Experience readers on 30% of the ballots.Quite a feat when you consider that it was also one of the least seen,另外30%的选票缺席。Yikes.

Who Won the Oscar
:希拉里·斯旺克,Boys Don't Cry
其他被提名者按安帕斯之爱的猜测顺序: Annette Bening (美国美人)珍妮特·麦克蒂尔(Tumbleweeds)还有朱丽安·摩尔(The End of the Affair)还有梅丽尔(心灵的音乐)
The Dread Sixth Place Finish?
:  T'was obviously Reese Witherspoon inElection,damnit.Oscar should've picked Flick!

Role & Balloting: Her performance as a severe alcoholic former singer "Helen Archer"was greeted in the 80s as one of her strongest "technical"performances since she's virtually unrecognizable.现在看来,这是斯特里普提名的最不起眼的角色,也是最具分裂性的角色之一,考虑到它在选票上的排名seen it (all over the place).Ironweed got some attention recently whenAnne Hathaway resurrected Streep's "He's Me Pal"for the Kennedy Center Honors.

Who Won the Oscar
Nominees in Guesstimate Order of AMPAS Love:格伦·克洛斯(致命诱惑)霍莉·亨特(广播新闻)Sally Kirkland (Anna)还有梅丽尔(Ironweed)
The Dread Sixth Place Finish?
: I was personally nuts for Emily Lloyd's debut in希望你在这里but she wasn't Globe nominated so maybe she didn't have traction.Any 80s Oscar obsessives have an idea about who finished sixth that year?I don't have a strong sense of who.


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