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Mar 22 2018

Film Bitch Awards Finale - The Medal Ceremony

by Nathaniel R

Cue trumpets and confetti!The 18th annual Film Bitch Awards have finally reached their conclusion with the "best scene"page fully up and complete with nominations and medals for BEST KISS,BEST ACTION SCENE,and BEST MUSICAL SEQUENCE and the like.

64 movies were honored over our 40 regular categories for the 2017 film year.Lady BirdandGet Outled this past year's crop with 13 nominations each and 10 and 9 medal wins respectively.Other top ten entries that scored multiple medals wereCall Me By Your Name,Baby Driver,andAtomic Blonde.The films that made the strongest showing without scoring in headline categories or the top ten list were:Phantom Thread,The Greatest Showman,andBlade Runner 2049.

Some curiousities:The Florida Projectwon only gold medals,never a silver or bronze.Oscar's best picture winnerThe Shape of Waterwas nominated in six categories but only took home one medal (gold for Production Design).And the film that Oscar completely ignored that performed strongest here was --  no surprise I suppose -- France's Oscar submissionBPMwith 8 nominations,1 gold,1 silver,and 4 bronze medals.

Part 1- Film,Director,Picture
Part 2-Acting Categories
Part 3- Visuals
Part 4- Music and Sound
Part 5- Non-Traditional Acting Categories
Part 6- Character Prizes
Part 7- Best Scene Work

...and in case you missed it,the top ten list write-up.We hope you enjoyedall our 2017 coverage.Now on to 2018 as Spring begins!

Jan 04 2018

A Case for Hong Chau in "Downsizing"

By Spencer Coile

Downsizingtook a quick downward turn during awards season.Premiering at the Venice Film Festival last August,it was met with exceedingly positive notices.This goodwill vanished after its lackluster showing at TIFF and its absence from subsequent awards conversation.And although the film is arguably not very good and looking like a non-entity for any major Oscar consideration,it does still have one strong asset: Hong Chau...

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Nov 22 2017

Nathaniel Gives Thanks

by Nathaniel R

Living through a difficult year gives you more reasons than ever to take every excuse to count your blessings.No matter how bad life is the magic of moving pictures,or storytelling and the craft of acting,are always reliable mood-boosters.They're not just a blessed escape but a companion,through which we can learn about ourselves.But let's not get too fancy about it because we mostly just want to squeal "WHEEEEEE!"when we think of the joy of movies.

I'd like to give thanks for the following in particular this year:

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Oct 08 2017

Podcast: Festival Goodies Opening Very Soon

Nathaniel,Nick,JoeandChris(who all attended TIFF together) discuss highlights from this past month of festivals,some of which are just opening in theaters.

Index (42 minutes)
00:01Florida Project,Professor Marston...
07:00Mudbound,First They Killed...andBPM
14:50 Under the radar beauties likeDisappearanceandA Fantastic Woman(and the joy of festivalling with Nick Davis)
27:00 Hoping to see again:Lady Bird,On Body and Soul,Three Billboards
34:00 We JUST saw:Mr Gay Syria,Spoor,andWonderstruck
41:00 Byeeee

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

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Three Billboards(Chris's review)
Downsizing(Nathaniel's first impression)
First They Killed My Father(Joe's review)

Festival Fun.Coming Soon

Sep 13 2017

TIFF: Notes on Oscar hopefuls "Darkest Hour"and "Downsizing"

Detroitmay have bombed but the letter "D"could still reign come Oscar time withDunkirk,Darkest Hour,andDownsizingall potential Best Picture players.Though it can sometimes feel gross to discuss rich movies from an Oscar perspective before they've even been considered as films,it happens to us all this time of year and the films invite it with their slow rollouts from festival reviews that result in months of discussion and speculation before the public can buy tickets.In other words: Look what they mademeus do!

After 'miniature masterpiece' style reviews at Venice the critics got considerably chillier with Alexander Payne's latest once it hit Telluride.Now the film is playing in Toronto and the reviews continue to be mixed.This could spell trouble for the film,but be patient.Initial reviews are only part of the Oscar equation...

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Aug 31 2017

Final Pre-Festival Oscar Charts

All Oscar chartshave been updated.It's mostly huge gains for Alexander Payne'sDownsizingand Guillermo Del Toro'sThe Shape of Water(both premiering hot with "masterpiece!"reviews at the Venice Film Festival) but there are also a few other nips and tucks on each chart given buzz shifting,release date movies (goodbyeMary Magdalene),probably category hijinx (Last Flag Flying,Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool,etcetera),and lack of distribution news for certain pictures.

Check out the charts and report back,won'cha?