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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Mar 05 2019

Links: Lansbury,Midsommar,Olivier Awards,and "Shallow"at #1

We haven't done a link roundup in too long.Not all of these are "new"but they might be to you:

Vanity FairEdge of Tomorrow(2014) may finally get that sequel that's been hoped for by fans
Billboard"Shallow"has gone to #1 following that Oscar performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.It had previously peaked at #5 on the Hot 100 and it's Gaga's first number one in 8 years!
Peopleformer teen idol and currentRiverdaleco-star Luke Perry has died at 52
AV ClubDirector Joe Wright and star Tom Hanks going back to World War II with a new filmIn the Garden of the Beasts...

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May 07 2017

Link Blog Repeat and Repeat

The Museanother movie that believes shark lives are worth less than dumb humans endangering themselves
Coming SoonThe Glass Castlesets a release date for August.YAY.We love a counterprogrammed adult drama in the summer
Film School Rejectson the proliferation of streaming services.A bursting bubble?
GothamistRooftop Films in NYC announces their summer lineup which includes buzzy titles likeBeach Rats,Menashe,andThe Big Sick
MNPPWho wore it best?Darren Criss or Max Greenfield
EWFirst images of Naomi Watts in the Netflix seriesGypsy

Film School Rejectson highlights fromthe Godfather45th anniversary reunion -the original cast showed up!
/FilmEdge of Tomorrowis getting a sequel (with both Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise returning) and its riffing on the original film's tagline for its title:Live Die Repeat and Repeat
Colliderwhy Rian Johnson asked JJ Abrams to make a small switch to the ending ofThe Force Awakensto help outThe Last Jedi
The New YorkerAnthony Lane reviewsGuardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.This tossed off line about Kurt Russell's character honestly made me LOL but I think it's only funny if you're old enough to know Yes albums.

Ego has built his own planet,apparently after consulting the covers of Yes albums.

Off Screen
AV ClubPepe the Frog dies,killed by his cartoonist creator who was upset that his initially harmless creation had been turned into a symbol of hate by Neo Nazis
EWNicki Minaj went on a spending spree for fans for an hour on twitter,paying their student loans and tuition
Boy Culturecongrats to Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley who reportedly married
Towleroada rave review of the London production ofAngels in America
Jezebelleaked tracklist for a deluxe reissue of Prince's masterpiecePurple Rain

Exit Video
I almost never post SNL videos because frankly I never understand why people think that show is funny.It's always such a long slog with just a couple of laughs.Chris Pine hosted and didan opening number about how he's not Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt but Chris Pine.It included one little similarity I hadnt even though of: Evans and Pine both play guys named Steve in superhero pictures that also double as World War period pieces.But this Chris Pine's guested skit aboutRuPaul's Drag Raceis sneaky funny and super up-to-the-minute.

Oct 28 2016

Posterized: Emily Blunt

Is Emily Blunt an A List Movie Star or still perpetually "on the verge"?The box office returns for her current thrillerGirl on the Train,promoted largely on her name and face alone,suggest the former but bestsellers do come with their own pull.

This perpetual question is aggravating to anyone who has fallen in love with Blunt over the years in any number of movies.Those who have appear to be legion because what's not to love?She can nail drama and she's funny in comedies.She's totally convincing as an action heroine and she's also adept at the movie musical.We've yet to see a genre she can't do.

Let's take a look at Blunt's movies thus far in this week's Posterized.How many have you seen and which are your favorites?

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Jan 04 2016

A Bigger Link

/Filmthe first footage from Disney'sMoana
PlaybillRapper Daveed Diggs on getting his shot on Broadway's smash hitHamiltonexpanding the world.(I hope to one day see this show.C'mon lottery gods!)
Gizmodoan exo suit from Edge of Tomorrow constructed from junk!
MNPPpic of the day Matthias Schoenaerts inA Bigger Splash

Comics Allianceapparently director James Gunn saysCaptain America: Civil Waris awesome and this has excited the internet for some reason.Next time someone OUTSIDE of Marvel's employ enthuses about one of their movies early,get back to us?
The Envelopethinks that Mad Max Fury Road and Carol will lead Oscar nominations (with 9 each).I dare not hope that this is true because that's just so much fabulousness in one Oscar year.
/Filmclaims that the breakout character of Star Wars is TR-8R -- this shows how well we've been following Star Wars stanning because who knew?
Cinema BlendJoss Whedon talks about why he's done with Marvel
Reverse Shota deeply insightful look atStar Wars: The Force Awakens- it's possible that f I've linked to this before but even so,it's a must read.
TowleroadMatt Bomer covers Men's Fitness credits Channing Tatum for his current peak physique

Interviewtalks to Demian Bichir about his first gig with Tarantino.Bichir gave the second best performance in it if you ask me because he realized in the absence of being given a real character to play,play a Real Character.
Slatethe Movie Club is in session and it's hilarious and thoughtful as always.They argue over whetherThe Hateful Rightis "ineffably evil",share the joys ofSpyandCarol,and observe tricky critical duties as withTangerineandThe Danish Girl.Bonus points for the "f*** this thing"cat gif.
Cinematic Corneron her issues with the heroism of rapists and murderers inThe Hateful Eight.

I'm trying to let hate forHateful Eightgo,I really am.But it's like an exorcism.It takes time and I guess I've still got some pea soup to vomit up.I've made no secret that I personally despise this movie -- but I have been reading reviews with kind of a morbid fascination because of how much people try to say it's still somehow a good movie after lining up their lengthy issues with it.I'm not the only one who has noticed this.

It isnota good movie.In fact it's kind of a betrayal of Tarantino by Tarantino because it's him fucking up things he used to do better than anyone.There is zero depth to the characterizations beyond the most simplistic "What a character!"outline,the gore (such as exploding heads) adds nothing other than wank-bank material for sadists,the dialogue is severely lacking in his usual cleverness,and worst of all Tarantino displays none of his usual skill at that constant electric hum of "shit is about to go down!"that powers all of his best films.The only tension in this particular movie is wondering when the shit will finally go down so that it will end.If you think of all of his best films the tension is alive in every scene.The scenes repeatedly feel dangerous as if anything might happen.And something nearly always does.Here we basically have any of those individual scenes only they're now 3 hours long and the tension just goes out of it completely because who cares?

In short,stop justifying this work people;It's okay to think a movie is terrible when it is!Most great auteurs have a dud (or five) somewhere in their filmography.If we try to convince ourselves that every thing a single person makes is masterful,we are denying our own critical faculties and it also makes our love for their true masterpieceshighlysuspect.For instance here are a five filmmakers I regularly cite when people ask me for "all time favorites": Haynes,Almodovar,Cameron,Minnelli,Hitchcock.All of them have made a film or films that were not that great or that I could not personally connect to.That doesnotlessen their genius for me.That just means they're human and it helps me to appreciate their masterworks more because I know the love is true and not me trying to argue myself into fandom.

Try this at home.Realize thatThe Hateful Eightis a shit movie and go back to lovinganyof his much better films.And cry with me whenThe Hateful Eighttakes Oscar nominations from far more deserving players in ten days time.

On to Happier Thoughts...
Anne Hathawayshared a photo of herself on Instagrampregnant in a bikini!

She did this in order to kill off a paparazzi's shot at making a ton of money off of creeping on her at the beach.Smart girl.We don't follow celebrity pregnancies so have no idea when she's due but it looks like soon...CONGRATS TO ANNIE & HUSBAND.

Top Tens:Variety(Guy Lodge),The Telegraph(Robbie Collins);Slate(Dana Stevens);Pop Culture Crazy(Kacey Bange)
Lists Lists Lists:Gothamist(Best Celebrity Subway Sightings);Pajiba(Seriously F*** That Guy - a retrospective of rage);Pajiba(5 Most Intriguing new Netflix Series.They don't mentionDaredevilbecause it's about new series but season 2 kicks off in March,fwiw);Forbes releases their "30 Under 30"List which includes both of The Force Awakens new stars,natch,as well as all threeStraight Outta Comptonleads.

First Oscar Commercial of the New Year
Chris Rock kinda sorta prophesies those annual nasty post-show reviews you read every year.

Aug 12 2015

Little Link on the Bloggie

Today's Must Reads
Cleo Journalhas an excellent piece by Sara Black McCulloch on audience complicity,cat-fights,and star persona inWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
GrantlandMark Harris,typically brilliant,looks at this weird dispirited holding place (2015) before the next wave of superheroes are due to hit the movies for five plus years

VarietyMelissa Gilbert,that little girl from thatLittle House on the Prairiemust have liked her role as SAG President some years ago -- now she's running for Congress in Michigan where she moved in 2013!Michigan politics are SO messy.Perhaps Laura Ingalls can help clean things up!
Gabby Sidibeloves Jussie Smollet cleaning her floors.LOL.Get all of that dirt,papi!
CriterionMeryl Streep and Jeremy Irons look back onThe French Lieutenant's Woman
LA Timestalks to the men behindShaun the Sheep's dialogue free wonders
Rope of SiliconAngelina Jolie'sBy the Seagets a hard "R"from the MPAA

EmpireReese Witherspoon to produce and star in a supernatural thriller calledCold.She stays busy,that one
Defamertalks about the twist in Joel Edgerton'sThe Gift.I can't read this yet because I haven't seen the film but I love Rich Juzwiak's articles
The Hairpin"32 Things That Are All In Your Head"
MNPPGratuitous Miguel Angel Silvestre
The Film StagePT Anderson made a music video again.This time for his Inherent Vice supporting actress Joanna Newsom
Uproxxa sequel to the one-off wonderEdge of Tomorrowis a possibility.Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossble - Rogue Nation) and Tom Cruise maybe thinking about it
Slateargues that the problems with theFantastic Fourmight just be in the source material
AV Clubon the proliferation and pros and cons of the anthology format,postAmerican Horror Story.Interesting but I dearly wish people would stop crediting Ryan Murphy with inventing a genre.Anthologies have existed since the beginning of television.He just popularized them again after a few decades when they went mostly extinct.It's like crediting Baz Luhrmann for inventing musicals or something.

Here atTFEwe recently discussed that recent damning Miles Tellers profile in Esquire and The New York Times has now published"a brief history of the tough celebrity profile"featuring Mira Sorvino,Cara Delevingne,Ernest Hemingway,and more.I thought I'd share it sincewe were just talking about Mira Sorvino at length in Mighty Aphrodite.

Stage Door
Playbillawww.Cyndi Lauper visited the stars ofFun Homebackstage.Incidentally the show has been selling out houses for months now.That Tony win did good for a great musical.I keep wondering if anyone will dare make it into a movie?
CNNBenedict Cumberbatch is on stage in London asHamletbut having trouble with fans who are filming him do it.Jesus,what is wrong with people?Just watch the thing you've paid to see.

Jan 29 2015

What Link Gets Wrong About Blog

AV Clubdeep screen capture to reveal how well constructed shots inDivergentdont make for a good film
BuzzFeedgreat essay on the current relevancy ofBefore Sunrise(1995) and instant nostalgia
Heat VisionTyrese Gibson obsessed with playing Green Lantern in a film that's at least 5 years away based on a character already ruined by the movies
Decider10 essential movies about nuns from our belovedBlack Narcissusto less impressive but famous offerings likeDoubt

HuffPoAdam Scott and Jason Schwarzmann discuss their prosthetic penises inThe Overnight.(Takeaway: no actor will ever truly be naked again onscreen.That's only for actresses)
THRtalks to the director ofBook of Life- though disappointed by the lack of an Oscar nomination,he cherishes stories from fans about how it effected their families
Towleroadarts teacher in Texas does "Uptown Funk"with students.Cute.But I only share it because I love Uptown Funk because you know why (first verse)
PlaylistPaul Thomas Anderson lovesEdge of TomorrowandThe Grand Budapest Hotel
THRWhyMe and Earl and the Dying Girldid not choose the highest bidder at Sundance

This Week's Must Read
You undoubtedly know already that Mark Harris is one of the best writers on movie culture and the awards beat in general (if for some insane reason you haven't read his first bookPictures at a Revolution,it's the most invaluable Oscar book since "Inside Oscar") but I think his latest column for Grantland is one of his all time finest.He goes deep on "HowSelmaGot Smeared: Historical Fiction And Its Malcontents"I only wish this essay had broken sooner before Oscar nomination voting.Now you may be thinking 'please,Nathaniel,I have read enoug about Selma's LBJ problem' and you may even be thinking (as I have been) that complaints about Selma's "Oscar snub"are starting to feel weirder and weirder as the season progresses.Fact:Selmawill now go down in movie history as a Best Picture nominee,something only 8 movies from hundreds and hundreds released in 2014 can claim.But trust me you need to read this anyway.

Here's a part I particularly love (bold is mine) that is really illuminating about historical fiction:

About a third of the way intoSelma,Coretta Scott King (Carmen Ejogo) has a private meeting with Malcolm X (Nigel Thatch) in an Alabama church (this is not an invention of the movie;the two met in Selma on February 5,1965,two weeks before Malcolm X was assassinated).The scene is introduced with a shrewd recurring device — an onscreen teletype legend that tells moviegoers what's happening,but only through the warping prism of FBI surveillance."C.King in Selma to meet with Negro militant Malcolm X.03:46 p.m.LOGGED."The description denotes the assumption of white law enforcement that a conspiracy of one kind is taking place — a clandestine meeting in which King may be moving closer to throwing in with a more militant,potentially violent faction of the movement.In reality,the "conspiracy"that's unfolding is exactly the opposite;Malcolm tells the wary Coretta that he is not in Selma to impede her husband's work,but to allow himself to be used,even to be misrepresented,to further King's goals.


DuVernay's view of the uses of history and of (mis)representation is not careless in this scene or in the movie;it's clearly thought through.The onscreen typed summary is a perfectly deployed example of how something can be factually correct (meeting with a "Negro militant"is,literally,what Coretta King is doing) without being true;the movie,by contrast,finds many ways of being true without being strictly factual.That is exactly what good historical drama must sometimes do,and must be given permission to do,including in this scene itself,in which DuVernay has a character express an understanding that his presence and his motives may have to be slightly distorted in order to achieve a greater truth and justice.

And Harris illuminates it,strategically,in a scene not even involving LBJ.