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Feb 11 2019

Grammy Winners List.Is Anyone Closer to an EGOT?

by Nathaniel R

Lady Gaga won 3 more Grammys tonight (her total is now 9),one of which was shared by Bradley Cooper

In answer to the title question,well yes,technically.After all,any first time Grammy winner is closer to the EGOT now.But let's look at the more visible people in the mix...did anyone take a step closer than they already were?Actor/rapper/writer Donald Glover,BlacKkKlansmancomposer Terence Blanchard,and actress/singer Lady Gaga all won Grammys tonight but none are closer to the EGOT since they have previous Grammys at home.Glover has two Emmys (forAtlanta) and multiple Grammys (for "This is America"and the previous statue for "Redbone") but he was already halfway to the EGOT before tonight.Blanchard,nominated at the Oscars this year for the first time,亚博主页now has six Grammys. Lady Gaga now has nine Grammys,but that's the only one of the four major showbiz prizes she's won.We suspect she'll get the Oscar part of the equation in just two weeks time,though.Gaga's singing and co-starring partner in crime Bradley Cooper also picked up a Grammy,sharing the Pop/Duo prize.Yes,absurdly,he got the Grammy before the Tony (where he's been nominated once)orthe Oscar (where he's been nominated 7 times across multiple categories) even though he's an A list actor and only a novice singer but showbiz can be so strange like that.One imagines he'll pick up an Emmy with ease should he ever deign to do TV again but he's steered mostly clear sinceNip/Tuck.Once movie stardom hit,he was big-screen only apart from thatWet Hot American Summersequel series.

But there are four people who did take an actual step closer to EGOT,since they added a Grammy to take another step closer...

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May 06 2017

Q&A: The Force is With Reader Questions

by Nathaniel R

I got a little verbosely carried away whilst answering reader questions so you get two Q & A columns from your last batch of questions.Thanks for playing.This week I asked for a few Star Wars Questions but that's just three of the six questions answered here.Ready,let's go!

TROY: Within the past year Cynthia Erivo has won a Tony,Grammy,and Daytime Emmy for her work in the recent Broadway revival ofThe Color Purple,making her only one step away from completing the EGOT.Which type of project do you think would giver her her best chance at winning an Oscar?

NATHANIEL: I hate to get nitpicky but technically should Daytime Emmys even count with the EGOT?If you count any old Emmy as towards the EGOT than about 100,000 people you've never heard of who have local Emmies (seriously they give those statues out like candy) are 1/4th of the way to that showbiz goal.It's only Whoopi Goldberg,Robert Lopez,and their fans that would argue that Daytime Emmys count.No shade!

Anyway my dream for Erivo is that they give her either the film version ofThe Color Purplemusical,though I fear they'd just hand it to a bigger less worthy star (like,oh,Jennifer Hudson,who she and Danielle Brooks,the other Tony nominee from that show,both ran circles around onstage) or a film version ofCaroline or Change(if they won't rehire the incredible Tonya Pinkins) as those two roles are powerhouse vehicles for a black woman with giant pipes.But any musical role would be dreamy.That voice!

PEDRO: What is your favorite Star Wars character?And your favorite Star Wars actor?

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Dec 06 2016

Grammy Nominees...As They Relate to Movies,Theater,and TV

Nominations have been announced forthe 59th annual Grammy Awardshonoring the year in music (sort of..their timelines can be very confusing).More than any of the other big 4 awards shows (Tonys,Emmys,Oscars) Grammy nods are largely based on financial success so it's usually the superstars in the major categories and that's true again this year with Beyoncé leading with 9 nominations and other superstars not far behind.亚博主页The surprise this year was country star Sturgill Simpson (A Sailor's Guide to Earth) sharing the most coveted category "Album of the Year"category with Beyoncé (Lemonade),Adele (25),Justin Beiber (Purpose),and Drake (Views).

Adele's "25"is so great.But if she loses everything she can console herself with her 10 previous Grammys

But since the Grammys have over 80 categories (we are not exaggerating) here at TFE we just focus on those in which film,tv,or stage types are in play.i.e.the ones that can  sometimes lead to EGOTing are after the jump.

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Nov 04 2016

Tweetweek: ABBA in a White Room,Carrie Gifs,1999 Supporting Actress

In today's tweetweek,the 1999 supporting actress race,mindy project A+ joke,ABBA,Lindsay Lohan's new accent,and the last few days of political anxiety (in this phase at least).It's all after the jump...

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Nov 01 2016

Beauty Break: Adele Covers Vanity Fair

Chrishere with some diva worship - nothing like detoxing from the spooky excess of Halloween with something truly otherwordly.Before she (likely) earns another heap of grammy nominations for her third album25,Adele is on the December cover of Vanity Fair.

Per her hilariously glib usual,Adelegives great quote in the interview,off-the-cuff with everything from her post-partem depression to money to finding levity in a tour of "miserable"songs.And the buried gem of the article is her aspiration to play Mama Rose "like when I'm 50."

I mean,with combined powers her voice,chutzpah,and intensity: why not?After all,Adele is a likely future EGOT - an Oscar forSkyfall,10 Grammys (and counting) and an Emmy nomination already on the books,so Tony could easily be in the cards for her songwriting or thisGypsypipe dream.In fact,it's a little surprising her sense of humor hasn't yet brought her some comedic bit part or sketch piece - she'd have been a hoot in the string of cameos in last summer'sAb Fabmovie!

Take a look at the gorgeousness from the photo spread:

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Aug 04 2016

Born in 1984?Oscar doesn't love you (yet)

Since 1984 is our Year of the Month I was prepping a "vintage"list of the people,places,and things birthed that year and was alarmed to realize that I could findZEROOscar nominees born that year.Not a one.And I've spent all too much time scouring the web for it.

Actors born in 1984are 31 or 32 years of age which is plenty of time to secure an Oscar nomination,at least for women.For comparison sake consider that a very quick glance at 1983,no more than one minute of research,turns up at least 5 nominees one of whom won (Lupita N'yongo).The same speedy glance at 1985 reveals 4 nominees instantly.Even 1986 has one that immediately pops out (Lady Gaga for Original Song) though the more recent years naturally have less as the field of contenders gets younger and younger.Unless I'm missing some fast-rising sound editor or makeup artist or some such,Oscar has yet to loveany1984 babies.Poor Millenial babies.If you were born in 1984 does this make you grumpy?

So who do you think will be first?Some options after the jump as well as the saving grace of Tony,Emmy,and Grammy nominees from that 1984 crop.

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