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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 06 2018

Good Morning,Charlie!

By Spencer Coile

It's been 18 years since the film remake ofCharlie's Angelswas released and 7 since the failed television reboot aired – not to mention over 40 years since the original television series premiered.But as time has shown us in the past few years,nostalgia sells.And so we have news of a newCharlie's Angels.

With Elizabeth Banks set to direct and star in the film and the three leads rumored to be played by Lupita Nyong'o,Naomi Scott,and Kristen Stewart,our anticipation escalates.A story about strong women told by women!Although casting is still in the works,the film is rumored to be looking at the summer of 2019.

Does this news excite you,or have you had enough of reboots?Who will voice Charlie (fingers crossed on Judi Dench or Viola Davis)?But perhaps most importantly,is anyone else a huge fan of 2003'sCharlie's Angels: Full Throttle?

Jul 25 2017

Would you rather...?


...model rompers with Taika Waititi? tribute to Antonio Banderas with Miguel Angel Silvestre?
...soak up some sun with Elizabeth Banks? a screenplay with Saîd Taghmaoui?
...have a peroni with Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glumsan?
...appreciate your sycophantic base with Charlize Theron? a slice with Laura Dern and Jim Sturgess?
...or do some facepainting with Paul Bettany?

Photos are after the jump to help you decide...

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Jul 27 2016

Meryl Streep's "Fight Song"and Female Biopics

Meryl Streep for President in 2024!We're with her.

In case you missed Meryl Streep's "Grit & Grace"speech at the DNC last night,please enjoy the reappearance ofher tacky but adorable American Flag dressand catch up.I thought I'd share it with a little movie angle since it's all about Trailblazing Women...

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Apr 20 2016

Lukewarm off the Presses: Hamilton,Banks,Anastasia,Cloak & Dagger.Plus Tony Buzz!

Nathaniel,back from the Nashville Film Festival where I juried on the "New Directors"competition.More on that once our awards are announced.Until then,I'm under hush order.But let's catch up on all sorts of movie & entertainment news that happened over the past handful of days that we didn't cover here.

• Lin-Manuel Mirandawon the Pulitzerfor his Broadway smashHamiltonand,giddy squeal,The New Yorker's television goddess Emily Nussbaum won the Pulitzer for criticism.If you haven't read her,you must.She's just wonderful.
The Golden Globes have clarified their rulesfor what drama and comedy mean in a probably futile attempt to get campaigns to stop trying to game the system.
• I forgot to mention that teen superhero duo Cloak and Dagger are getting their own TV show (yay!always loved them in the comic books) but Kate Beaton hastwo words for you "tit windows"
• Elizabeth Banks plans to directa revival of the Charlie's Angels franchiseand she's also playing the villain in the new Power Rangers movie resulting ina horrifying photo.
• Beloved bossy TV momDoris Roberts has died.The supporting actress won 4 Emmys for her role onEverybody Loves Raymondand also had memorable roles onSt.Elsewhere(another Emmy win),Remington Steele,andAngie.She was not only well loved by audiencesbut co-stars too.
• Carrie Fisher has officially blamed George Lucasfor inspiring her writing careerbecause hisStar Warsdialogue was so terrible
• Johnny Depp and Amber Heard madesome sort of weird apology videofor that dog business in Australia
• Adapting animated features into Broadway musicals isn't just for Disney anymore.Anastasia(1997) becomes a stage musical this summer in Londonand is eyeing the 2016/2017 Broadway season
• There are some who are suspicious that this news is not really official butNicole Kidman is supposedly returning to Broadway this fall with Photograph 51,after its London run
• Industry people got really excited about 3D high frame rate footage from Ang Lee'sBilly Lynn's Long Halftime Walkat a Future of Cinema Conference
• The Academy is STILL trying to explain their new voting rules.So do we get it now?

No links just news ICYMI: Daisy Ridley will headline a new film from Marielle Heller,director ofDiary of a Teenage GirlcalledKolma,a 'mystical' romance;Willem Dafoe joinedJustice League(role unknown);Walton Goggins has replaced Joe Manganiello (they're so in History Channel's forthcoming Navy SEALs seriesSix;Naomi Watts will headline the Netflix psychological thriller seriesGypsy(not the musical!) in which she plays a therapist who gets mixed up in her client's lives;Kurt Russell & Kate Hudson will star in the TV series Barbary Coast,a period drama about the gold rush in the 19th century;Kate McKinnon may star in the new back-to-school comedySenior Year;Nicole Beharie,who was so amazing inShame(2011) and then starred in TV'sSleepy Hollow,will play the lead female role in the remake of 90s thrillerJacob's Ladder;The Golden Globes will take place on January 8th,2017 this coming awards season.

Slightly fresher news before we go

Two of Broadway's Funniest Ladies: Laura Benanti & Jane Krakowski,in "She Loves Me"

• Doug Kraner,a production designer on TV's "Gotham"and several movie hits including Uncle Buck,Sleeping with the Enemy and Enough,has passed away.
• A24 is on board a new James Ponsoldt (Spectacular Now) project a true story dramabased on the book "I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution"
• The Tonys are coming.The Tonys are coming.That means precursor madness.Yes,as with the Oscars there are many precursors to the Tony Awards.亚博主页The Outer Critic Circle Nominees andDrama Leaguehave already announced their nominees (with Drama Desk to come next week).Since all the groups have slightly different rules for eligibility Hamilton is out of the way for some of the precursors (though obviously not for Tony) since it was eligible while it was Off Broadway last season.With the 800 lb gorilla caged (for the moment) that means good news for other musicals:She Loves Me,American Psycho,Bright StarandThe Color Purpleall appear strong going into the Tony nominations.The schedule is as follows:

April 28th.Drama Desk Nominations
May 3rd.Tony Award Nominations
May 20th.Drama League Awards(Hosted by Megan Hilty & Zachary Levi)
May 26th.Outer Critics Circle Awards
June 5th.Drama Desk Awards(Hosted by Michael Urie)
June 12th.Tony Awards(Hosted by James Corden)

Meryl Streep also recently spoke at the "Women in the World"summit and at the end of her speech she sings a snippet fromHamiltonmaking this an even better week for Lin-Manuel Miranda and the upcoming Tony Awards.

Nov 23 2015

Beauty vs Beast: Give Thanks For Christina Ricci

Gobble gobble folks,Jason fromMNPPhere starting off Thanksgiving week wishing you and yours a happy holiday if Turkey (or Tofurkey) Day is your jam.Whenever I think of this holiday I feel a warm feeling in my belly,and it ain't from phantom mashed potato memories - it's because this holiday makes me think of Christina Ricci,and thinking of Christina Ricci always makes me feel warm and happy inside.I'm not the only one who associates the day with her - Nathaniel himself has done a post abouther twin Turkey Day speechesinThe Ice StormandAddams Family Valuesbefore.It's a tradition,and it should become an annual association as far as I'm concerned.So pass that stuffing and let's spread the Ricci love...

PREVIOUSLYWe're getting over our Hunger pains this week in more ways than one - theHunger Gamesfranchise is finito and as far aslast week's Beauty vs Beastis concerned hand Effie the Victor Crown.She sashayed right over top of President Snow with over 80% of your votes.Saiddenny:

"As much as I think Sutherland is aces as President Snow,Banks was a downright revelation as Effie,completely disappearing into the role in a way that was so unexpected.So she gets my vote.Plus: " MAHOGANY."

Nov 16 2015

Beauty vs Beast: An End To Hunger

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's edition of "Beauty vs Beast"bidding a...somewhat...sad farewell to a movie franchise that's been kicking for several years now.This weekendThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2(gahhhh,that lumbering title) is released,surely set to stomp over the Thanksgiving competition box-office-wise with its stlylishly Fascistic boots.But do we still care?I was a big fan of the books and the movies have all been pretty good but man I am feeling Katnissed out at this point;I'm still not convincedMockingjaycouldn't have been just one movie.

But I've already got my tickets for Thursday's night's show,natch,just like most of the rest of you.We are too small to fight.As for this week's competition I'm putting up my two favorite casting decisions from book to screen,both of whom knocked these roles outta the park...

PREVIOUSLYI think y'all were much more enthusiastic about voting onour poll pitting the Pitts-Jolieagainst each other last week than you were about actually going to see the new movie they were starring in,judging by its miniscule box office.In the end it was Mr.Smith who came out on top with about 60% of your vote.Wait did I say you were "enthusiastic"More like whatSTinGsaid:

"Fuck you for making us have to choose.They're both a perfect fit for each other and their actor.They're both too super cool.They're both the last of the great screwball couples.How can you do this to us?!"

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